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Electrical Estimation

Steps to carry out interior wiring estimation

Height of meter board & distribution board 2m Height of light fitting and horizontal run - 3m Height of switch board 1.5m

Calculate total load lighting load and heating load separately

Assume the loads if not given, incandescent lamp60W, Fluorescent lamp-40W, Fan-80W, Socket 5A-60W, socket 15A1000W.

Determine the number of sub-circuit

Separate circuit for lighting and heating load For lighting load 800W for single sub-circuit & For heating load 3000W & 2 sockets


Complete the wiring diagram Determine the size of wire

To calculate size of wire from meter board to distribution board :
Calculate total load current Current rating = load current X 2 (factor of safety) Determine the size from table

To calculate size of wire for sub-circuit

Calculate sub-circuit current Current rating = load current X 2 (factor of safety) Determine the size from table
SWG Cable size 1/18 3/22 3/20 7/22

Rating in A 5 10 15 20

SWG Cable size 7/17 7/16 19/18 19/17

Rating in A 43 53 62 74

Calculate the same for each sub-circuit separately





Calculate the length of conduit for (PVC conduit wiring)

Location Horizontal run Vertical rise/drop Wall crossing Total in m

Vertical rise/drop are for DB to horizontal run, horizontal run to SB and horizontal run to ceiling. If not specified ceiling height can be taken as 3.5m. Length of wall crossing = 0.5 X no of wall crossing For other types of wiring, (e.g. wooden casing and capping ) wall crossing should be excluded for calculation of wooden casing and capping required. PVC conduit is required for wall crossings Wastage of 10% should be included while calculating total conduit/wooden casing-capping required PVC conduit 19mm dia, 2mm thick (current < 15A) , 25mm dia, 2mm thick for current>15A

Length of PVC copper wire required would be 3 X length of PVC conduit required Length of Earthing wire is equal to that of conduit Other accessories ICDP switch
Factor of safety 3. Load current X 3 => 250V, 5A /250V 15A

Distribution board switch

1way/2 way depending on no of sub-circuit MCB for heating circuit 15A rating

Porcelain fuse Single pole switches = no of loads Number of Tee, elbow, bends, 4way junction box Angle holder, Fan/tube fitting, sockets Switch boards [100X150X45mm, 150X200X45mm, 200X250X45mm, 250X300X45mm] Saddles (one in every 0.75m) Labour cost depends on no of points = no of load + 2 for DB + 2 for MB (if applicable)

Cost Estimation
Particulars Unit Quantity Rate Cost

PVC accessories like blade, gum, tape etc 10% of cost of conduit Labour cost point 60

Miscellaneous items like screw, J hooks, nails etc

Contingencies @ 5% of total cost


Approximate rates
Materials ICDP switch 15A, 250V fuse unit ICDB switch 250V, 15A/way with fuse unit 1way 2 way 3 way MCB 5A, 250V MCB 15A,250V Switches flush type 5A 250V/15A, 250V Flush type switch 15A Bed switch 5A Bell switch (push button type), 5A Rates 200

100 125 150

150 175 10 / 12 25 8 10

Lamp holder - Batten type Lamp holder - angle holder

Socket 2pin, 5A, 250V Socket 3pin, 5A, 250V Socket 3pin, 15A, 250V

15 20
12 15 25

Approximate rates
Materials Tube fitting/fan fitting 4way junction box Rates 20 6

Elbow / Tee
Porcelain fuse unit 5A/15A Switch board 100X150X45mm, 150X200X45mm, 200X250X45mm, 250X300X45mm, 300X450X65mm, 450X600X65mm Earthing Copper wire 1/18 SWG Copper wire 3/22 SWG Copper wire 3/20 SWG Copper wire 1/18 SWG

10/15 20 25 35 45 55 75 1250 4 6 10

Estimate the quantity of material required and their cost for the residential building shown