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PH 303 Final Wrap

Good-bye to a Good Man

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy ?

Suicide Points
Sequence of Suicide-Related Behavior Passive-Active Ideation-Planning-Preparation-Previous Axn Risk factors PTSD, depression, unemployment, substances, brain trauma Difficulty of assessing Acute Risk who & when will actually take action ? ??? Most are ambivalent. What to do with them ? Hidden risk factors
feeling hopeless/trapped lack of structure and social network developmental trauma - Caprysha

Jobes Suicide Assessment

How much you want to die ? 1-7 How much do you want to live ? 1-7

List Reasons for living/dying

What is the one thing that would keep you from taking this action ?

Behavioral Coaching Project

A Job Well Done ! Both coaches & coachees
Walking in their shoes Power of listening/talking out loud Personal contact helpful Client may have best solns Go beyond the surface - find the motivation, which may differ for the same behavior in different people It takes courage

Issues : cheat days, wt. as goal, rewards Further suggestions

Keep track in writing -plan ahead for low structure/summer Take a little more time -be creative with rewards Be patient with ups and downs - find some support/even if app, see wikis

PH 303 Grading
Coaching project Quiz 2, Exam 1 Objective points you earned/total points for assignments, according to cutpoints in syllabus Subjective class attendance/participation, quality of work, extra effort

Summer PHun
Rest, relax and enjoy your accomplishments ! Make summer count for your career
Get some technical training Start a website or blog Volunteer to get experience Explore mindfulness training Do something unexpectedly different

Project U Touch
San Diego based start up Putting digital libraries computer centers in refugee camps in Uganda LRA War & PTSD Giving people internet access & computer training Email mentors needed Openings to do public health projects with Utouch Team See facebook or let me know of interest & I will pass you on to Deb Plotkin, director

Meaning & Commitment

Life only makes sense in community Each person must find their own meaning, their own way of being part of that community Dedication & effort are needed to work consistently over time to achieve meaningful goals

Towards a Healthier, More Peaceful World

Walk the wholesome path, be careful what you do Find your inner peace Do whatever you can to contribute to the world, one person at a time Meaningful work & relationships keep us alive Meaningful work & relationships are what makes us thrive

It All Starts with You : Make Every Day Count