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Worker participation in management

Participation means sharing the decision making power with the lower ranks of the organisation in an appropriate manner. DefinitionThe participation resulting from practices which increase the scope for employees share of influence in decision making at different tiers Of organisational hierarchy with assumption of responsibility.

It is the way of sharing information with workers. It is joint consultation prior to decision making. Active involvement of worker ,where they are treated as member of decision making team. Worker participation may implies self mgt. & self- control.

Forms of participation
Informative participation: It refers to sharing of information with workers regarding economic position of firms,production,work methods etc.. Consultative participation:It involves higher degree of sharing of views of the workers & giving them a chance to express their views on various issues concerning work, working conditions, financial status etc..

Associative participation: here the council is not purely advisory. the mgt. is under a moral obligation to accept & implement the unanimous of the council. Administrative participation: greater degree of sharing authority & responsibility of managerial work, allowing worker little more autonomy in excising administrative & supervisory powers in respect of welfare, safety. benefits, rewards etc.

Decisive participation: highest form of participation where decisions are taken jointly on matters relating to production ,safety welfare etc.

Works Committees(1947):Industrial dispute act 1947 provides setting up these committees. Aim of setting up of these bodies is to promote measures for maintaining harmonious relations in the work place. The function of this body includes discussion of condition of work like lightining, ventilation, sanitation etc..amenities like water supply for drinking purpose ,provisions for canteen , medical services ,administration of wlfare funds. & educational & recreational activities.

Various committees

Joint Mgt. council(1958)

Recommendations: -WPM schemes should be set up in selected undertakings on a voluntary basis. -Sub committees consisting of representatives of employers , workers & govt. should be set up for considering the details of WPM schemes. this committee should select undertakings where WPM schemes would be introduced on an experimental basis.

To increase assosiation of employers & employees To improve the operational efficiency of workers. To provide welfare facilities To educate workers To satisfy psychological needs of workers.

Criteria for JMC

Unit must have 500 or more employees Fair records of industrial relations Mgt. & workers agree to establish JMC

Workers directors(1970)
Govt. has accepted that the representatives of workers be taken on the board of directors of public sector undertakings. The worker director was supposed to be elected by all the workers of the company through secret ballot.s