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Chanru Manickam s/o Omandran, Managing Director Annand a\l Arivalagan, Project Manager Yu Di Kang, Technical Manager Hong

Zhan Wen, Project Advisor Yim Kheng How, Secretary

Inefficiency of internet services Lecture effectiveness Food quality and services Air conditional Hygiene of washroom Expensive study material Total

Numbers of complaint
5580 2280 1314 290 600 250 10314

Percentages, %
54.1 22.1 12.7 2.8 5.8 2.4 100


Fast-speed internet services so staff and students could work faster and save time. Smoother access to the internet anywhere in the campus. Greater connectivity to the internet, enabling students to access their lectures and seek for consultation.




Build a mini astro-satellite at open space .


Subscribe to an exclusive internet plan package. Install more Wi-Fi routers.

Implement a new software/program



Relocation of the astro-router Construction of the astro-router Expansion of the coverage area of the internet signal Installation of the Wi-Fi router in the campus Implementation of new web browser Conduct a talk about internet services

Time Required (Days) :

2 10 5 3 2 1 23


Red square Wi-fi routers Blue Square Mini Astro-router

Chanru Manickam

Managing Director Project Manager

Bachelor of Business and Administration, University of Warwick Bachelor of Business and Management, City University London Bachelor of Computer Engineering, University of Manchester

Annand a/l Arivalagan Yu Di Kang

Technical Manager

Hong Zhan-wen
Yim Kheng How

Project Adviser

Bachelor of Business Studies, University of North Carolina

Bachelor of Business and Management, University of Bradford

Experienced and professional workers who have been in this field for at least 4 years. Organized plan - Just 4 weeks needed for a brand new experience while using the internet! Material and stuff supplied by trustable factory.

Construction Fees : Construction of the astro-router

Cost(RM) 4000

Labor cost(4 person)


Designation Fees : Program (Web browser) 3400

Labor cost


Installation Fees : 6 Wi-fi routers Labor cost

Cost(RM) 400/each 700

Talk Conduction Fees : Speaker allowance

Set-up of talk venue Booklet for students

500 320 400

Total Fees mentioned Additional long-term cost : - Maintenance fees

RM 14220

RM 1500/ week


RM 20220

The students benefit depends on the action and initiative of your university. Our company will be the best option to fix such problems in order to increase the standard of UTAR and fulfill the goals set by your university. Please sign the enclosed duplicate copy of this letter and return it to us with a retainer of RM30 500, so that we may begin working on the upgrade activity to improve the internet services immediately. Thank you for giving us chance to enhance your university facilities.