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Goal: Feeling and understanding Googles incredible growth A quick overview of Googles history Foundation, milestone

Presentation of Googles numerous services Search,webmail,maps and more

Compition zone
Who are they? How does Google compare to them? Microsft, Yahoo

Organisation, evolution Recent company, rapid growth

How is Google likely to evolve from now? Concerns, hopes, expectations

History Foundation
An ingenious student project 1996: The foundation of Google
University project of Larry Page & Sergey Brin. Low means, started in a garage. Signification of Google googol = 1 followed by 100 zeros Refers to the infinite amount of information available on the Web The companys mission Organising the worlds information. And deliver it to end users in a simple way Main idea The more links point to a page, the more important that page is Complex algorithm, based on PageRank



A rapid growth of information and services

1998: First investment Creation of Google inc. at that occasion $100 000 from one of the founders of Sun Microsystems 1999: A service in great demand Removal of the beta label, clients such as AOL 3 million searches per day 2000-2001: More and more information Google Images, Usenet, Catalogs 3 billion searchable web documents 2002-2004: New services Gmail, Compute, AdWords, Labs, News, Froogle, Adsence, Blogger And winning of many awards 2004: Public offering on Nasdaq Initial share price $85 Today: more than $500 => Googles value nearly doubles every year

An incredible amount of services


Google: only a search engine? Search is the main service, but there are many others Many services rely on the search ability Innovation and creation of new services Nearly a service a month coming out from Google Labs More than 520 domain names registered by Google Many takeovers To enhance Googles services YouTube, KeyHole for Google Earth

Services for the Web and many platforms


Web applications Advertising, aggregation, communication, developpment, search Blogger, Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets, Gmail, Picasa, Book Search, Maps DesktopApplications Standalone applications, desktop extensions Desktop, Earth, Talk, Toolbar, SketchUp Mobile applications Accessing Google services via your mobile phone Maps, Gmail Acquisitions Each time bigger ($1.6 billion for YouTube in 2006) Deja, Applied Semantics, Blogger, Picasa, Keyhole, YouTube

Services -


What do Google services make you capable of?

Searching many sources of information Web pages, documents, books, images, discussions, videos, locations, code Search, YouTube, Images, Book Search, Earth, Maps, Code Search Communicating Through email, instant messaging, weblogs, video casting Gmail, Talk, Blogger, YouTube Keeping up with the news Browsing many online newspapers, subscribing to RSS feeds, Financial news Doing desktop tasks online Creating documents online, organising your timetable, reading your emails Docs & Spreasheet, Calendar, Gmail And much more Advertising, buying online, creating web pages, 3D objects Adsence, AdWords, Base, Payment, Page Creator, SketchUp

Compition zone

Global Market Share in Search

13% 13.60% 53.30% 20.10%

Google Yahoo MSN Others



How does Google earn money? From online advertisement through its AdWords service Represents 95% of the companys revenus Consist of targeted links displayed on googles pages + Adsence pages Attracting new users Thanks to innovative, clear and free services created rapidly Google creates new needs Googles philosophy Their god is called Algorithm Users interest, mobility, taking things easy



Googles incredible evolution since its creation From a student project to an international company in less than 10 years Revenue 2004/06: $440/$10 674 million, share price 2004/07: $85/$500 Bigger than Yahoo or Ebay, but still far from Microsoft Some more figures Today: 10 000 employees, 450 000 computers

1. PAGE RANK. Page rank manipulation. Page ranking related lawsuits.


Google bombing.

COPYRIGHT ISSUES. Google print. Copyright problems.



4. POTENTIAL FOR DATA DISCLOSURE. Gmail. Google buzz. Street view.



Google will keep on growing but competition will sharpen Still growing up According to current trends The amount of information is raising and internet is widespreading A sharper competition Rivals are starting to respond to Googles services Microsofts Live.com An unstable market Only one source of revenue: online advertising, rapidly changing Unstable like any technological market

Conclusion The end

A blurred future An incredible growth of users, services, revenues In less than 10 years But it is hard to say what is going to happen Technology is evolving too fast to make any conclusions In the short term Google will still grow