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The world chlor-alkali industry is growing faster as any other industries in the world. In International scene, increased production of papers, aluminum, soap, and detergent naturally leads to increased requirements of caustic soda. In the world scenario, the Green Peace movement was seeking the phase out of chlorine usage, especially the CFC compounds. This has resulted in closing down in Europe and restricted the production in North American Plants. With the drops in international production, the international price of caustic soda was steadily rising. The caustic which was sold for a more 50 $ per tones has gone up to 300 $ per tones. Today there are about 38 chlor- alkali units in India.

The Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd, popularly known as TCC Ltd is a state public sector undertaking owned by the government of Kerala. Incorporated in 1951, TCC is one of the oldest chlor-Alkali unites in the country.TCC is a large chemical industry engaged in the manufacture and marketing of caustic soda, chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid , Sodium Hypochlorite, soda bleach and related chemicals. TCC is employing 786 persons directly and many more indirectly. At present TCC has production capacity of 175 tonne caustic soda per day.



Human resource department is headed by manager (HRD). He is responsible for training and development activities in the organization.

Main Functions
Identifying training needs Arrangement requirement training Maintaining the training record

Deputy finance manager is having the overall responsibility of the finance department, which include co-ordination of audit, Board meeting and company taxation. Deputy finance manager co-ordinates the function of bill passing establishment section, debt collection, cash and bank. Main Functions Generation of funds and utilization of funds Financial book keeping and finalization Cost recording Sales accounting Bill passing Budgeting and financial control Preparation of wages bills

Operations department carries out the manufacturing of all the products. The company carries out continuous productions and hence this department plays a very crucial role in TCC. This department is headed by Deputy General Manager Operations who is reporting to General Manager Technical. Duties & Responsibilities Of Deputy General Manager Operations: He fixes the monthly target of the product based on the market requirement He is responsible for modification in the production process and responsible for the affluent discharge He is the designated emergency controller during any hazardous incident of leakage & emission of toxic gasses/ fluid etc.


TCC is the only Chlor-Alkali unit in Kerala and the only one under public sector has more or less monopoly in Kerala market. Deputy marketing manager is concerned with office section of the dept.He has the responsibility for tender issue process Duties and Responsibilities of the Deputy General Manager Marketing

DGMM is responsible for sale and distribution of the product

DGMM is responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction DGMM is responsible for energizing, coordinating various aspects of marketing including market research, sales forecast, advertising, sales promotion and transportation DGMM plays crucial role in price fixation DGMM has responsibility regarding after sales service and complaint handling

There are two main sections in this department 1. The technical service section 2. Safety & Pollution control system

The Engineering department has been divided into four sections. 1. Electrical Department 2. Mechanical Department 3. Instrument Department 4. Civil Department


The main function of the projects and systems department is capacity addition and implementation of new technologies. Main functions of Project Department Evaluation of tenders Invitation of tenders through advertisements Agreements Hand over the new projects to operations department

Functions of Systems Department Maintenance of website Maintenance of all computers Maintenance of all printers and peripherals Maintenance of all networking systems Management of broad band and internet connections

Materials department is divided into three sections 1.Purchase Section 2.Stores Section 3.Inventory Control Section


Strength Only Chlor alkali unit in the state Good record of physical and financial performance in the past. Qualified work force, brilliant engineers, managers and skilled workers. No strike reported for the last few years. Companys products are basic chemicals and are considered to be the building blocks of chemical industry. The company has 80% market share for its products in Kerala. The company is a feeding industry to other companies. Excellent management labour relation. Availability of water in abundance as TCC is situated in the banks of river Periyar. Excellent transport facilities and proximity to national highway, railway line, seaport, and airports as well.


Employee cost is high compared to other firms (competitors) Large consumption of energy , 60% of manufacturing cost is electricity Raw salt is not available in vicinity so transportation cost is very high

Opportunities New project of synthetic rutile plant. Rutile companies are reaping big profit in the state due to the availability of raw material within the state. There is a high price in the international market for rutile and related products. Economic development of the country may results in higher demand for the product especially for chlorine in near future Proposal for a hydel project will benefit TCC and the power so obtained can be utilized for running the plants of TCC. Thus reducing the cost incurred on electricity.

Threat High cost of production Higher in price of electricity The infra structure of the company is obsolete compared to others