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Unlocking the Mystery of Doors and Codes

Program No. DSS410 Presented By: Katie Flower AHC/CDC, CSI


Who is ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions?

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions provides architects and owners with security and life-safety solutions, and support services to ensure complete doorway systems, including specification consulting, jobsite inspection, submittal review and complete coordination. This is all accomplished by combining the strengths of thirteen industry leading door and hardware brands.


Doors and Frames Architectural Hardware Electromecha nical Hardware


Represented Nationally..
National Coverage Local Territory A 27

ClickDoor Security Solutions of the A27Administration Architectural Team

Southwest User Development End

Mel Ray Grant Loring, AHC/CDC, CDT Halverson Off/Com Jeff David Peters, CSI Dalton Kadleck, AHC, CSI George Vaulot K-12 Renee SutherlandChris Bianco, CSI Jack Street K-12 Michelle Mellone Jeff Plymire, CSI Dwayne Bianco Facilities Butch Enterline, CSI (OK) Larry Love University Russ Britt, AHC (AR) Jay Shutler (OK)
Paul Farmer (AR)

Katie Flower, AHC/CDC, CSI (Regional Spec Consultant) Association with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mary Helen Nesmith; ISS Access Control Specialist - Mark Brewer, AHC; ISS Sales Representative Gene Conley, PSP


This program is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed or construed to be an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any material of construction or any method or manner of handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any material or product. Questions related to specific materials, methods, and services will be addressed at the

Click Program Todays

Brief overview of the origin of the IBC Fires and disasters that have affected code development through the years Doors, frames, and hardware: complying with IBC 2003
Focus on side swinging door openings

Click of IBC Origin

International Code Council
Formed in 1997 to consolidate three model building codes into one

IBC 2000
Combined BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI Can be adopted into law by local jurisdictions or internationally Updated on a 3 year cycle

Click of Codes Purpose

Provide better building construction with greater safety to the public Provide uniformity of building laws Provide a method for policing building materials and methods Provide minimum requirements safeguarding life, health, public welfare and property protection

Click Fires of the 20th Century Tragic

July, 1944 (168) Ringling, Barnum & Bailey Circus, Hartford, CT May, 1977 (165) Beverly Hills Supper Club, Southgate, KY Mar. 1911 (146) Triangle Shirtwaist Co., New York, NY Dec. 1946 (119) Winecoff Hotel, Atlanta, GA

Click Shirtwaist Factory, 1911 Triangle

Click Fires of the 20th Century Tragic

Dec. 1903 (602) Iroquois Theatre, Chicago Nov. 1942 (492)

Coconut Grove Nightclub, Boston April, 1930 (320)

Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus

Click Grove, 1942 Coconut

Click Grove, 1942 Coconut

Click Grove, 1942 Coconut

Click Fires of the 20th Century Tragic

April, 1940 (207) Rhythm Club, Natchez, MS Mar. 1908 (175) Lakeview Grammar School, Collinswood, OH Jan. 1908 (170) Rhoades Opera House, Booyertown, PA

Click Fires of the 20th Century Tragic

Mar. 1990 (95) Happy Land Social Club, New York, NY Nov. 1980 (85) MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Recently: Feb. 2003 (100) The Station Nightclub, Warwick, RI



46 58 91 79


Click Timeline: A Partial

1913- Safety to Life committee is formed 1927- 1st edition of the Building Exits code 1934- Egress doors are required to swing out, 50 + people 1966- Exit devices are required in places of assembly and educational with 100+ occupant load. 1981- Delayed egress devices allowed 2000- Positive pressure fire testing in U.S. 2006- Annual inspection of fire doors 2006- Exit device requirements will change to 50+ people

Click IBC 2003 Section 715

Section 715 Opening protectives
715.3 Fire door assemblies installed per NFPA 80 and this section 715.3.1 Side hinged or pivoted swinging doors tested in accordance with NFPA 252 or UL10C = positive pressure
All other doors can be tested under UL10B = neutral pressure

715.3.3 20 minute door assemblies

Must also meet requirements for a smoke and draft control assembly Louvers are prohibited

Click IBC 2003 Section 715

TABLE 715.3 FIRE DOOR AND FIRE SHUTTER FIRE PROTECTION RATINGS REQUIRED MINIMUM ASSEMBLY FIRE TYPE OF ASSEMBLY RATING DOOR (hours) AND FIRE 4 3 3 3 Fire walls and fire barriers having a required 2 1 1/2 fire-resistance rating greater than 1 hour 1 1/2 1 1/2 Fire barriers having a required fire-resistance rating of 1 hour: Shaft, exit enclosure and exit passageway 1 1 walls Other fire barriers 1 3/4 Fire partitions: Corridor walls 1 1/3 0.5 1/3 Other fire partitions 1 3/4 3 1 1/2 Exterior walls 2 1 1/2 1 3/4

Click Fire Test: Old vs New

Click Fire Test

Two basic test procedures included in all referenced test methods
Fire Endurance Hose Stream

Click Fire Endurance

Evaluates fire resistance of doors and frames conducted for specified period of time pressure (inside furnace)
Neutral Pressure: Maintained equal to atmospheric Positive Pressure: 40 neutral plane

Click Fire Endurance

Neutral Plane UL 10 B UBC 7-2-94 Neutral Plane UL 10 C UBC 7-2-97

Click Fire Endurance

Click Stream Hose

Evaluates structural integrity of doors and frames pressure 30 PSI (@90 min) or 45 PSI (2-3 hr) nozzle size 1 1/8 inch diameter 20 feet from assembly Duration based on area of assembly
3 Hr 3 sec sq ft (5 minutes/100 sq ft) 90 Min 1.5 sec sq ft (2.5 minutes/100 sq ft) 60 Min 0.9 sec sq ft (1.5 minutes/100 sq ft) 20-45 Min 0.6 sec sq ft (1 minute/100 sq ft)

Water usage 250+ gallons per minute

Hose Click Stream

Click IBC 2003 Section 715

Fire rated assembly main components:
1. Labeled frame (715.3.5.4) 2. Labeled door (715.3.5.1) 3. Steel, anti-friction hinges or pivots (NFPA80 2-4.3.1) 4. Self or automatic closing device (715.3.7) 5. Labeled latching device (715.3.7.1)

Click frame (715.3.5.4) Labeled

Label must show:
Name of frame manufacturer Name of third party inspection agency
UL Underwriters Laboratories WHI Warnock Hersey

Note that the label does not need to indicate an hourly rating

Click frame (715.3.5.4) Labeled

Labeled frames can be:
Wood composite up to 90 minute Aluminum up to 90 minute Hollow metal up to 3 hour Other 3 sided Transom Sidelite Transom and sidelite

Various configurations

Click door (715.3.5.1) Labeled

Label must show:
Name of door manufacturer Name of third party inspection agency
UL Underwriters Laboratories WHI Warnock Hersey

Fire protection rating

Where required must also indicate:

Temperature rise rating for doors in a vertical exit enclosure S for doors that must comply with smoke and draft control

Click door (715.3.5.1) Labeled

Labeled doors can be:
Wood composite up to 90 minute Aluminum up to 45 minute Hollow metal up to 3 hour Other

Various configurations
Wire glass sizes per table 715.4.3 Other types of glazing size per NFPA80 table 1-7.4

Click Examples of Fire Labels


Doors R Us US92

Click or Pivots (NFPA80 2-4.3.1) Hinges

Sizes per table 2-4.3.1 2 hinges for doors up to 60 in height
1 additional hinge per each 30 or fraction of

Where spring hinges are used, at least 2 shall be provided

Note 1: Spring hinges must be labeled

Click automatic closing device Self or

Fire doors shall be self-closing or automatic closing
In accordance with NFPA 80 2-4.1 Note that a closer does not need to be installed on the inactive leaf of a pair to a mechanical closet, storage room, etc as noted in the exception. On pairs of doors with an astragal or automatic flushbolts, a coordinator must be used to

Labeled Click latching device (715.3.7.1)

Unless permitted elsewhere, active latch-bolt shall be provided:
On all single doors On both leaves of a pair
One exception is pairs of doors into storage (or like rooms) not normally occupied, the inactive leaf can be secured using manual flush or surface bolts

Click of Egress Section 1008 Means

1008.1 Doors
Meeting requirements of this section and 1017.2 Doors provided for egress over and above the minimum must also meet these requirements

1008.1.1 Door size

Minimum width sufficient for the occupant load 32 minimum clear, 48 max leaf width

IBC 2006 Pairs with no mullion at least one leaf shall comply

80 minimum height Note that there are several exceptions to door size

Egress Calculator

Click Width Measurement Clear

Note: a 36 door leaf that is 1 thick will provide 33 of clear width

Projections into Clear Width Click 1008.1.1.1

ClickSwing 1008.1.2 Door

Egress doors shall be side hinged swinging unless by exception Must swing in the direction of egress travel where serving an occupant load of 50 or more people Must swing in the direction of egress travel in any group H hazard occupancy

Access Click Controlled Egress 1008.1.3.4

Entrance doors and entrance to tenant spaces in use groups A, B, E, M, R-1, or R2 are permitted to have access controlled egress provided that ALL of the following are met:
A sensor unlocks the lock Power loss to system locking door unlocks door Manual release (with sign) unlocks door for 30 sec. Actuation of fire alarm/sprinkler system (if provided) door unlocks, doors to remain unlocked until alarm is reset Entrance doors in group A, B, E, or M cant be

Click and Latches 1008.1.8.3 Locks

Can prevent operation of door where:
Detention or restraint Use group A with occupant load of 300 or less, groups B, F, M, S, and in churches the main exterior doors can have a key operated lock from the egress side provided:
The lock is readily distinguished as locked A sign is posted on door Can be revoked by AHJ for cause

Pairs of doors with automatic flushbolts Doors to individual sleeping units in use group R can have 1 additional device as long as not keyed

Click Egress Locks 1008.1.8.6 Delayed

Permitted on any occupancy except A, E, and H A building occupant must not pass through more than one in any path of egress The building must have an approved automatic sprinkler system or heat/smoke detection system installed

Click Egress Locks 1008.1.8.6 Delayed

The door unlock upon system Alarm Unlock upon power loss controlling lock Unlock by signal from command center Unlock after 15 seconds if exit attempted for 1 second or more alarms, relock manually

Click Doors 1008.1.8.7 Stair

Must be openable from both sides without a key except:
Stairway discharge doors Stairway doors specifically addressed in 403.12 Stairways serving not more than 4 stories

All of the exceptions can be locked from the non-egress side provided they are openable from the egress

Click Rise Stair Doors 403.12 High

Other than the stairway discharge doors can be locked from stairway side provided:
They are capable of being unlocked simultaneously (without being unlatched) upon a signal from fire command center

Communications system 403.12.1

A telephone or two way communications system connected to an attended station must be provided

Click Hardware 1008.1.9 Panic

Panic and fire exit hardware
The actuating portion must extend at least the width of the door The force to unlatch cant exceed 15 ft lbs

Required on means of egress doors

In use group A and E with an occupant load of 100 or more In use groups H-1, H-2, H-3, and H-5 regardless of occupant load

Click Hardware 1008.1.9 Panic

Operating part at least Half the width of door.

Located between 34 and 48 above the finished floor in new construction.

Click 70 National Electrical Code NFPA

For equipment rated 1200 amperes or more and over 60 wide that contains over current devices, switching devices, or control devices, there shall be one entrance to the work space not less than 24 wide & 80 high. Where the entrance has a personnel door, the door shall open in the direction of


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The ASSA ABLOY Group is the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

Electrification Click
Running low voltage wires through a frame or door is hard work and riskyand maybe even is fragile and best Thin gauge wire illegal
crimped into a connector rather than to point wiring diagrams Point twisted or soldered become very complicated where one color wire from one product connects with another color from another product UL listings are very specific about doors and frame requirements and any modifications made in the field

ASSA ABLOY SolutionClick Features ElectroLynx

Common Number Of Wires Common Wire Colors
Designed with the installer, integrator, architect and end-user in mind

Common Connector (Standard Molex)

Snap-In Place Quick Installation Single Point Wiring Quick Troubleshooting Reduced Errors Fool- and Future-Proof Before After

Electrified Pre-Wired Click Hardware Door &


IMPORTANT Hardware uses female connectors that mate with the Doors and Frames that use male connectors

ElectroLynx Update Click


The ASSA ABLOY Group is the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

LiteGuide SystemTM

Click History The

February, 2003: 98 people died 200 people injured when they couldnt find the exit in a nightclub fire in West Warwick, RI Non-compliant building materials mixed with pyrotechnics

Click Effectiveness of Exit Signs

ASSA Click ABLOY Solution

SARGENT partnered with EMS* to provide technology a linkElectroluminescent to the door using

Followed by Ceco and Curries to provide a continuous pathway to the exit

LiteGuide EL Click
3 to 5 times more visible than any other light source Provides an even field of light Operates during a power failure Long life - 30,000 hours Durable-flexible material, no filament to break Eliminate cost of junction boxes located on each side of frame Eliminate cost of conduit around frame Eliminate labor cost to provide wiring around frame Easy to retrofit and simple to install

ASSA ABLOY Click Solution

Photoluminescent EXIT Technology

Corbin Russwin (PathLite) Sargent (SARGuide) Yale (Lumi-Lite)
Illuminated Exit Device Illuminated Exit Device Illuminated Exit Device

Ceco (Sight Light) Curries (CURRIElum)

Illuminated Frame and Exit Sign

Illuminated Frame and Exit Sign

LiteGuide PL Click
No wiring or maintenance Unaffected by heat, cold, explosion or vandalism Recharges from ambient light Simple and economical to install in any building Non-toxic, will not rub or fade Cost effective Fire-resistant and non-radioactive

Click Low Level Exit Door Flush

EL and PL
Recent code changes California, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York Located in bottom 10 of door Flush with door skin EL with polycarbonate cover over FLATLITE lamp and powered by E-Lum-A-Path EL is prewired in factory (potential for factory installation)

Click PL Exit Sign Effectiveness


ASSA ABLOY is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, meeting tough end-user demands for safety, security and user friendliness.

ReadySet Door & Frame System

Click ReadySet System

Complete Integrated Opening Solution
ReadySet Door
Pre-assembled door & hardware unit Ready for field install in frame

ReadySet Door and Frame

Pre-hung door, frame & hardware Special welded, two piece frame
Designed with the installer, contractor and end-user in mind


Complete Turn-Key Opening

Click ReadySet Frame

Two-piece assembly No exposed fasteners Welded mitered corners Seam at natural break point Pre-finished
Pantone colors

Click ReadySet Update

Samples Drill Bit Holder

Click ReadySet Update


ASSA ABLOY is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, meeting tough end-user demands for safety, security and user friendliness. The Group has some 30,000 employees and annual sales of about EUR 3 billion.


Windstorm Testing and Click Certification code Understanding changing

requirements (local, state, federal, AHJ) Working with agencies to create and update Hurricane and Tornado standards Largest group ASSA ABLOY Americas project Assembly vs. component approvals millions of windstorm-certified openings Testing in groups:
Completed 7 out of 20+ groups Planned 3 4 groups in 2006




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