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Supply and Demand Model for Seawater Desalination Powered by Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste to Complement The Freshwater Supply in Drought Affected Area

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Gold Coast (Eastern city of Australia) is : The driest continent of the earth The Hinze Dam fell below 30% (2003) Recovery by rainfall past two years Fastest growing cities in Australia

Gold Coast

Hinze Dam

Seawater desalination for freshwater production is successfully practiced in Japan, USA, Middle Eastern Increasing water shortage crisis
Sustainable waste incineration successfully practiced in Europe and Asia Waste is being incinerated to produce energy

The Supply and Demand Cycles of Water and Energy

Dynamic Model

Incinerate Waste And Combination with Wind Energy

Energy for Seawater Desalination

Energy Supply/Demand Population Water Supply/Demand

Alleviate the Water Shortage Reduce Amount Waste

Dynamic System Models

Dynamic sistem models are time dependent systems that use state variables to predict how the system behaves under different conditions or policy decisions. Modelmarker, STELLA, Matlab/Simulink Artificial Neural Networks/ANN

About ANN
Is a technique to obtain a model that analyzes and classifies the information by learning from a set of examples. Suitable tools for establishing the mathematical model between 2 entities when it is difficult or not possible to derive a cause effect model, despite of an apparent link of 2 entitities

The Supply and Demand Cycles of Water and Energy

Comprehensive Model in Matlab/Simulink Combining with ANN Dam Storage And Water Demand Dynamics Freshwater Demand and Supply Dinamic by Incorporating Population Growth
Fresh Water Supply Complemented by Desalinated Water, which in turn is produced using energy from incinerating waste generated by the inhabitants of the city

Comprehensive Model

Water Dynamics

Energy Dynamics

Comprehensive Model
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Simulink Model

Water Dynamics
Determine dam storage level

O = v x (tan sig((w + I) + B)) + b DSL(T) = DSL(T -1) + DSL(T) WC(T)

Determine desalination Desalination is function of waste energy Using RO 5,18 kWh/m3

Energy Dynamics
To calculate an amount of daily energy yield from incinerating waste of the city and consequently to examine daily amount of waste incineration energy
Amount of waste : 3,01 kg/person/day (GCCC) Heating value : 9142,02 kJ/kg (Qudais and Qdais)

Thermal energy to generate electricity : 16.857 kJ

(Morris dkk) Alternative energy :600 kW wind turbines (AWEA)

Population Dynamics
Data population of 20 years Water demand simulation using ANN

Population Dynamics

Distribution of Simulated Water Demand Fulfilled by Different Sources

Example Required Alternative Energy

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