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JCCS Vendor Training

Register as a Vendor

Benefits of Registering in JCCS

Review solicitations Bid on opportunities posted to JCCS Submit proposals online Access your companys previously submitted proposals Your company profile can be viewed by Contracting Officers looking for vendors to meet a specific need

Major Steps to Register in JCCS

1. Registration Instructions 2. Corporate/Financial Information 3. Point of Contact Information 4. Registration Confirmation

Access JCCS Web Page

1. Go to the JCCS main web page:
2. Click the Registration tab

1. Read Registration Instructions

3. Read the instructions

4. Click [NEXT]

Note: Do NOT register your company more than one time!

2. Provide Corporate & Financial Information

5. Fill in corporate and financial information fields

5a. Specify the number of employees from the host nation

Required Data Fields: Company name, address, country, and total number of offices; province and city may be required. Other fields are optional, but you should provide as much information as you can.

5b. Provide a brief description of your companys products and/or services


2a. Provide ID and Classification Codes

6. If applicable, specify an ID Type and Number, then click [SAVE]

Note: You will not be able to enter the Cage Code or Duns number. After you have completed your JCCS registration, e-mail your company ID, Cage Code, and Duns Number to

7. Click [SEARCH] and select a Classification Code. Then click [SAVE]

8. Click [SAVE] after editing the entire page

About Identification Codes

Mainly Iraqi and Afghani vendor-specific Codes are optional, but if any of these apply, please use them:

Chamber of Commerce Citizenship Contractors Union Iraqi Business Number (IBN) Ministry of Planning (MoP) Ministry of Trade (MoT) Ministry of Economy New

About Classification Codes

Multiple codes may be selected to describe the goods or services your company provides
4. Click [SAVE]

1. Click [SEARCH]

2. Select a Code Category 3. Select a code


2b. Corporate & Financial Information

Click [SAVE] at the bottom of the Corporate and Financial Information page.

A message at the top of the screen confirms your information has been saved. A JCCS-assigned Company ID is displayed.

Click [NEXT] to proceed to the Point of Contact web page.


2c. If EFT is the Method of Payment

If you selected EFT as the Method of Payment, enter your bank information on this screen Click [SAVE] at the bottom of the screen
Mandatory Fields: Bank Name, Address, Account Number, & Type of Account TIP: Mouse over a field to read its tooltip

3. Provide Point of Contact Information

1. The email address will be used to access your profile once you have submitted your registration and received a password 2. Enter contact information for a company representative who can be contacted for business opportunities


3a. Create Login Password

3. Select & answer 3 questions in case JCCS needs to verify your identity later

4. Create a login password. Follow the rules displayed here

5. Click [SUBMIT]


3b. Confirm POC Information

After clicking [SUBMIT], you will receive confirmation at the top of the web page that the point of contact user information has been saved. Click [NEXT] to proceed to the Registration Confirmation web page.


4. Confirm Registration

You will receive an email stating your registered full name, user name, company name and vendor ID


What Happens Next?

As a registered vendor with a user name and password, you may log on to JCCS view a readonly version of your profile. Vendor approvers will view your profile to verify that the information is correct and identify you as an approved vendor. As an approved vendor, you can update or make changes to your profile.