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Presentation by Nabh Spandan

Google Chrome OS is : Latest Operating System by Google, initially designed for

netbooks Released in second half of 2010 Google chrome browser on Linux kernel. Inbuilt features of antivirus & antimalware

Chrome OS is an extension of the Android mobile operating system.

Android is a Mobile OS running on a Linux kernel Developed by Google later taken by Open Handset Alliance

High Speed Downloadable Free-of-Cost Dependable Stability Large Size Wide scope for Compatibility

Supports both X86 &ARM processor X86 Commercially successful instruction-set architecture. It is implemented in Intel,AMD,Via etc ARM(Advanced RISC Machine) Advanced RISC Machine Mainly utilised in Mobile Phones.

Open source Uses Web Kit layout Engine Written in C++ & Assembly. Size 8.43 MB Available in 50 languages Features GUI Java script processing speed Security Speed Its a Multithread browser

Google Chrome utilises the security provisions of Novell :Novell is a global software corporation in USA specialising

in Enterprise OSs.

Novell developed first networking OS NetWare Security features Firewall Encryption Authentication.

It offers mainframe-level security with the cost

benefits of a network. It creates administrative tools to maintain controlled access protection. It meets corporate data security and audit requirements. It provides directory, authentication, security, and audit APIs for developers. It enables organizations to build trusted, reliable, auditable enterprise networks.

Advantage It is mainly used for web application. This

application will run on any platform that support Google chrome browser Protect against Malware and Fishing Gmail ,Google calendar ,Google Docs, Google Gears features are available Disadvantage Limiting access to Netbook hardware 24 Hours internet connection needed

Ghost has a Vista look--but with clunky graphics,

garish colors, and lots of lag. EyeOS is a cross between OS X and Windows, with a toolbar instead of a dock. It runs slowly, too, and apps take a bit too long to load, but files upload from your computer to the EyeOS server swiftly, and its design is much more streamlined than Ghost's. XIOS/3's icloud is the prettiest of the three--its interface looks like the default Vista interface--but it's also slow to open apps and to minimize.

Intel developing its own lightweight ,Linux based Netbook platform Windows XP is 90% in Netbooks Windows 7 is designed for future version of Netbooks

Chrome OS is a version of the Linux based Android OS with a new graphic subsystem and optimized for running Google Chrome on big screen devices. This is not really a new OS, just a new way to run a web browser without having to fork out for a full OS. Chrome OS is also a brand that Google can push to get devices in the hands of consumers and ultimately on it's search engine. It is good to see Linux being adopted though, and it will maybe put an end to the "Microsoft tax" problem. I would have liked to see the "Linux brand" pushed a bit more in Google's marketing however, it will be a good choice to the customers for both web and windows application in future