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Performance Appraisal

ACCORDING TO DALE S. BEACH performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to his or her performance on the job and his or her potential for development. Performance Appraisal (PA) refers to all those procedures that are used to evaluate the personality, performance, potential, of its group members.


To focus on employee contribution and not on effort. To open greater communication between superior and subordinate.

To encourage the employee for a particular job.

To provide the data of the employee. To ensure a realistic link between performance and reward.

RESERCH METHODOLOGY Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problems it may be understand as a science of studying how to research is done scientifically. In it, study the various steps that are generally adopted by researcher to know not the research methods / techniques but also the methodology. METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION The data so collected is primary and secondary in Nature: Primary Secondary PRIMARY SOURCES OF DATA COLLECTION The primary data is collected by the personal interview with senior officers, colleagues in the organization. SECONDARY METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION The secondary data is collected by the detailed study and critical analysis of the existing Annual report. The data can be collected through the magazines, internet etc.

The company is focus to agricultural sector.

Most of the workers are satisfied with their performance appraisal.

The workers really want that their performance should be appraised time to time in order to improve themselves where it is required. Workers are agreed that they have been provided with the opportunities for higher responsibilities. Performance appraisal in ESCORTS helps the workers to develop positive relation with their superiors as well as subordinates.

From the aggregate study of the companys polices & methods, I am able to conclude my report by summarizing into following points: A. The performance appraisal is not only helpful in the promotion decision but also in the career planning & the training need identification of the employee. B. The position seniority was the main basis on which the performance of the top level managers was judged.

C. The counseling and the feedback process plays an important role in the positive
relation between the superior & the subordinate. D. 50.6% of workers are satisfied and 20% are dissatisfied with their development


E. Regularly once in a year the performance appraisal of the employer is done. F. The managers are satisfied with the existing system and practices of the managerial performance appraisal.

Identification of objective. The appraisal. The time duration. Method & techniques adopted.

Training need identification.



Features of Performance Appraisal :

It generates useful information about employees. It is a step by step process. It examine the employee strengths and weaknesses. It forces superiors and subordinates jointly to investigate the problem.

Importance of performance appraisal:

Placement Training and development Incentive compensation Motivate the employee Provide feedback about employees Provide database

Process of Performance appraisal:

Taking corrective standards Setting performance standards Communicating standards

Discussing results Comparing standards

Measuring standards

Problems in performance appraisal :

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Incompetence Negative approach Multiple objectives Resistance Lack of knowledge