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Key Managerial Operation Introduction about Insurance. Introduction About Aegon Religare Life Insurance. Business Manager Advisor Research Topic Conclusion Recommendation

Introduction About Insurance

Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for a premium, and can be thought of as a guaranteed and known small loss to prevent a large, possibly devastating loss.


AEGON Religare life insurance is the joint venture of three companies.
-AEGON , one of the largest insurance and pension group. -Religare, one of the India leading integrate financial services group. -Bennett & Coleman & Company, India largest media house. Products

Who is Business Manager?

Business manager is a person who manages the work of others in order to run a business efficiently. He or she should have working smarts of the following areas, and may be a specialist in one or more: sales, marketing, and public relations.

Role Of Business Manager

Recruitment of quality Advisor Development of Agents Production

What is an Advisor??
An insurance advisor/agent can play the part of the direct link between the insurance company and the insurance seeker i.e. you. He is the one who can help you select the right policy i.e. one which can help you fulfill your insurance needs. But for this, it is important that you connect with an expert and qualified insurance advisor/agent.

What qualities should be in an Advisor??

Self confidence. Patience. Connivance Power. Will Power. Whole knowledge of products. Socially connected. Listening skills.

Role of an Advisor
Make a List of the people he/she know Analyze need/ Problem Design the present solution Help customer to decide & documentation

Take refernces of friends, family & colleges

Why people become an Advisor?

Unlimited income potential Extra income Very low investment Flexible working hours Social service Meeting new people Be your own boss Become famous

What do they do??

Help your plan for your child education. Help your plan for your daughter Marriage. Help your plan for your Family. Help your plan for your Old Age.

career path of an Advisor

Zonal manager Regional manager Branch head Business manager


Recruitment process of advisor

Prospecting Taking appointment through tele calling

Training & development IRDA exam


Prospecting is collecting names and personal details of potential buyers who can be contacted for sales appointments. Prospecting is listing their names and personal details systematically in a register or record base. Prospecting is preparing written records of all such persons who can be potential/prospective buyers.

Tele calling script

Greet & Confirm: Am I speaking to Mr./Ms. __________? Good ___________(morning / afternoon / evening) Introduce yourself & take permission to proceed: I am Avinash Kumar, a Business Manager with AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company. Is this the right time to speak to you? Interest Benefit Statement: Insurance is one of the fastest growing industries. AEGON Religare is a new entrant in this industry promoted by 3 strong partners: AEGON, Religare and Bennett and Coleman (Times Of India Group).

Purpose of Call

We are looking at potential people like you who can join this business. Mr. Mathur strongly recommended your name and suggested that I should discuss this business proposition with you.
Confirm time, date & place of COP Will Tuesday 11am be convenient for a meeting or Monday 4pm be better? Acknowledge & Close Thank you. I will see you at _____ on _____.

In the screening check the mental ability, qualification, character ,past work experience and social network of the prospects. Select the prospect of Q-score Basis.

Training & Development

Provide 100 hour training to prospect.50 hr. training Mandatory according to IRDA Personality development and grooming. Selling skills. Motivation

Ic 33 book(insurance institute of India.) Objective type questions 50 questions in a paper Each question is one marks Passing marks is 25 out of 50

Research comprise defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions; collecting, organizing and evaluating data; making deductions and reaching conclusions; and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating Hypothesis.In short, the search for Knowledge through Objective and Systematic method of finding solutions to a problem is Research.

Research topic

Brand awareness and consumer perception about AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company

Research objectives
1.To study the tastes, preferences, and buying behavior in urban area consumers in case of ARLIC 2.To analyze buying behavior of Middle Class People segment of consumers. 3.To create awareness about ARLIC in urban Area people.

Descriptive Research
Descriptive research includes Surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. The main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables; he can only report what has happened or what is happening.

1. Sample size -Consumers of life insurance, 50 nos 2. TIME FRAME I conducted my survey for 6weeks from 25th may to 14th august 3 . SAMPLING TECHNIQUE Connivance Sampling

Are you an agent of any of the insurance company?

If Yes which of following company you are working for?

Do you have any sales related experience?

Are you interested in being / getting more information about financial advisor?

If Yes how would you like to be contacted through?

Do you have insurance policy of any of the company?

Which company ad you find mostly by internet, news paper & T.V?







Which of the Insurance Policy would you like to buy?


at AEGON RELIGARE LIFE INSURANCE Company Ltd. Jalandhar. I observed very systematic and professional approach toward marketing. People are engaged in compulsory task, relates themselves to reach other systematic establishment & accomplishment of the Marketing Process. After studying various theoretical approach of company. I have come to a conclusion that AEGON RELIGARE LIFE INSURANCE is a profit making company and gradually the demand of the product is also increasing. The main areas of company are: Well defined objective. Well organized and co-ordinate group of people. Clear & well defined policies & responsibility. An effective system of the company.

The suggestions have been classified into two categories.

Action oriented suggestions People oriented suggestions


AIRDA MODEL PRINT & ELECTRONIC MEDIA PEOPLE ORIENTED SUGGESTION Creating offers like lucky draws for the users of Internet. Giving free gifts for the customer.