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Dulce Sheena Dela Pena Shara Mae Villar Jenelyn Gelvezon

Lariza Raymundo

Yves Klien San Luis

History is from the Greek word historia which means inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation. It is a branch of

knowledge dealing with past events. History is a field of research

that objectively examine and analyze a sequence of events and it also attempts to investigate the cause and effect of the said event.

It can also mean the period of time after writing was invented.


History is a science:
History aims at discovering facts of the past events and interprets them objectively. It uses various traits of enquiry such as observation, classification, formulation of hypothesis and explanation of evidence before reconstructing the past. History seeks to tell the fact by giving a scientific method, hence, it is a science.

History is a art:
History deals with sequence of events, each of them unique while science is

concerned with the routine appearance of

things and aims at generation and the establishment of regularities, governed by laws (Rickman). It is an art only. It cannot

be called science. It is not based upon certain

concepts and ideologies.

Primary Sources:
Primary sources are interesting to read for their own sake: they give us first hand, you-are-there insights into the past. They are also the most important tools an historian has for developing an understanding of an event. Primary sources serve as the evidence an historian uses in developing an interpretation and in building an argument to support that interpretation. You will be using primary sources not only to help you better understand what went on, but also as evidence as you answer questions and develop arguments about the past.

Secondary Sources:
There is a strong temptation in a history class to believe that the
answers to all the questions are found in the textbook and that the object of the course is to learn the textbook. While it is certainly possible to approach this course in that manner, you will not learn as much since you will be a passive recipient of knowledge, rather than an active participant in the learning process, and it will actually mean more work for you since you will be doing more than you need to. This section is designed to help you use the textbook more efficiently and effectively.

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