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Society has become a prime importance in todays world in every bodys life. Thought processes of people have changed with respect to time and era. People now believe more in qualitative aspect of a person than the quantitative aspect. Mostly in the corporate firms. To make ourselves able for this kind of society , we need to follow TEN RULES FOR SOCIAL SUCCESS, which are encapsulated in this book.
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to the

BY: Suhel Seth.

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About the book

Title : Get to the Top.

Author : Suhel Seth.

Publisher: Random House India.

Genre: Non- Fiction.

Pages : 208.


The book is mainly divided into four parts which consist of 10 rules for social success. The book is oriented in an interestingly sequential fashion: PART ONE: How to draw people to you. PART TWO: How to make friends. PART THREE: How to keep your friends. PART FOUR: In Conclusion.

Each of these parts have sub rules in them.

Lets have a look!!


This rule is concerned with the self development, i.e. being interested and interesting. What this rule teaches?

Develop the habit of reading, as it helps to gain knowledge in all aspects. It helps to participate in discussions. Being an interesting person. (Golden Rule) Develop a circle consisting of interesting people. Develop interests in various aspects, and get involved with them. Public speaking, it makes you famous in your circle. Get yourself a mentor, as he acts as your benefactor.


This rule is named as the Impact rule.

Leave an opinion (be that right or wrong), and have the courage to face it. Having an opinion is the key to social success. (Golden Rule) Answer to questions with rock solid evidence, dont deflect from your views. Always make it a point to be polite and not hurt others feelings. To get someones attention is to have a strong stand on the issues. (Golden Rule) Personal & professional issues should be strictly kept at a distance. Your opinions should not be malicious so that your relationship with others comes to a stage of




What this rule teaches?

Dont post wrong opinions about others out of shear personal grudge. Opinions should be posted, not to make enemies, but friends. Opinions are not provocative statements, but are deeply rooted in ones belief. Opinions should never sound like judgments or planted statements.




Bitch is boomerang: One should not circulate around the confidential news or issues all around. Bitching has existed since ages...no one can deny its existence. Practice Effective Flattery: Never praise a person on his face rather praise him at his back. Rather criticize him on his face. This shows that you are resolute to your issues.



Conversation Rule

Dont try to impress people, it will be eventually done. Be forthright in your principles, no matter you may be pilloried. Short lived impression are of no use, because people move on. If you want to impress people, 2 things are necessary: 1. Having an opinion. 2. Being witty. 3. Have a good sense of humor. 4. Be a good listener, that impresses



no topics


Avoid gossips on negative topics. Never talk about religion, pretty sensitive topic. Its also a private matter. Never talk about money matters..who spent how much in their brats wedding. Thats really weird. Avoid topics such as illness or disease.if you need to know how any one of your friends relative is coping up wth health, ask him in private. If you think you are being caring, you are being indiscreet.


Critical Appreciation The author has taken the ground reality into account. He has noticed the flaws which people have in this societyThese flaws are responsible for irreparable breakages in relationships. This is a straight from the gut book on values, should be mandatory reading for young, aspiring executives.