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Mock Quiz

1. Identify the condition

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

2. Identify

Ferruginous body

3. A child suffered fever with rash. Developed sepsis and died. Autopsy revealed adrenals

waterhouse friderichsen syndrome

4. Identify the reaction

Nagler reaction

5. Identify condition associated with lady

Mary Malon / Typhoid Mary

6. Diagnose

Multiple myeloma

7. Identify

schiller duval bodies

8. Diagnose


9. Name this drug


10. Identify the person or the disease

Carrion / Carrions disease/ Oroya fever

11. Identify

Placenta succentuariata

12. Identify

Arsenic poisoning Aldrich Mees lines / Raindrop pigmentation

13. Identify

Filigree burns/arborescent burns

14. Name the metabolic disorder

Gunthers disease / CEP

15. Diagnose


16. 57 yr old patient with c/o recurrent skin infections for past few years- also has confusion, polyuria

Multiple myeloma

17. Patient had pharyngitis 2 wks earlier Now has non-specific symptoms like malaise, fatigue etc


18. Patient c/o rapidly enlarging thyroid swelling

Papillary ca thyroid Psammoma body

19. What is the normal value of A/B?


20. Diagnose


21. Name the test

0 MIN After 30 MIN

Tensilon test/ Edrophonium test

22. Diagnose


23. A south African boy presented with fever, night sweats & weight loss. Histology from cheek swelling shown

Burkitts lymphoma

24. Identify


25. Diagnose

Hereditary Elliptocytosis

26. Diagnose

KlippelFeil syndrome

27. Identify

Reynolds Braude phenomenon

28. A 35 yr old man developed cough with expectoration with mild hemoptysis. Sputum exam revealed

Paragonimus westermani

29. Identify the person or the condition hes treating

James Lind / Scurvy

30. Asplenic patient

Howel Jolly bodies

A1. Which structures in an embryo develop into the tongue

Occipital somites

A2. Taste sensation from the floor of the mouth is carried by?

Chorda tympani

A3. Which is the only UNPAIRED internal laryngeal muscle?

Transverse arytenoid

A4. Diagnose

Poland syndrome

A5. She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her

What does To stand for?


A6. Name the largest bursa in the body

Subacromian bursa

B1. FIGLU is formed as an intermediate product in the metabolism of which amino acid?


B2. Bromsulphalein test is used in the diagnosis of ?

Dubin Johnson syndrome

B3. Blue diaper disease?

Hartnup disease

B4. Treatment for multiple carboxylase deficiency ?


B5. Carnosine is formed by two amino acids. Name them.

Beta-alanine & histidine

B6. Name the 21st amino acid


P1. Aquaporin-5 is located in which part of the body?

Lacrimal glands and Salivary glands

P2. In the presence of ADH, maxim water absorption occurs in which part of the nephron?


P3. Resting membrane potential of cardiac muscle is ?

-90 mV

P4. Organelle involved in ubiquitin tagged protein degradation is ?


P5. State bell megendie law

Dorsal roots are sensory and ventral roots are motor

P6. Orexin receptor mutations leads to


F1. Which poisoning results in high chills & rigor resembling malaria

Zinc (Metal fume fever)

F2. Name the active principle


F3. Which poisoning causes pink tears?

Organophosphorous poisoning

F4. Yellow hypostasis is caused by


F5. Barberios test is used to detect


F6. The street name for which recreation drug is Angel dust


Path1. Name the characteristic glomerular finding in HIV/AIDS patients

Collapsing variant of GN

Path2. Patient with PAN are more prone to develop which type of lukemia?

Hairy Cell Lukemia

Path3. Diagnose

Turcot syndrome

Path4. Spider cells are classical of which tumor ?


Path 4. Antimitochandrial antibodies and lipocortin X are seen in

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Path5. Causative organism of whipples disease

Tropheryma whippelii

Path6. Donath-Landsteiner antibodies are seen in

Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria

Path 7. Koilocytes are caused by the infection of


Path 8 . Crescents In Bowman's Capsule is pathognomic for?


Path 9. Clue cells are seen in

Bacterial vaginosis

Path 10. Cold agglutinins are seen in infection due to

Mycoplasma/ EBV

Path 11. Diabetes insipidus + exophtlamos + lesions of skull

Hand-Schueller-Christian disease

Path 12. Pawn ball megakaryocytes are found in

Myelodysblastic syndrome

M1. Tropical Spastic Paraparesis is caused by which organism?


M2. Identify

Cutaneous larva migrans.

M3. Only toxin producing Mycobacterium species?

M. ulcerans

M4. Which structure in a bacterial cell is also called as episome?


M5. L forms are found in many bacterial species, especially when there are grown in media containing cell wall synthesis inhibitors. What does L stand for?

Lister Institute, London

M6. Name the infection that causes MEGA disease

Chagas / Trypanosoma cruzi

Phrm1. Drug of choice for Dermatitis herpatiformis


Phrm2. Teratogenicity of which drug causes?


Pharm3. Long term metformin can cause anemia. How?

B12 deficiency

Pharm4. Name the anti-parkinsonian drug causing cardiac valvular defects.


Pharm5. Paradoxically, warfarin can cause cutaneous thrombosis & necrosis in a subset of population

Deficiency of Protein C

Pharm 6. Name the tetracycline used in SIADH



Ring of lymphoid organs Fascia

Pathognomic finding in the heart

Finding in the Gallbladder

Ring-a-ring-a-roses, A pocket full of posies; Hush! hush! hush! hush! We're all fall down.