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The Mangrove Moment
ON A RECENT TUESDAY MORNING, SEVERAL dozen Pakistani schoolchildren barreled down a wooden walkway into a thicket of mangroves. They jostled for space at a small viewing platform and eagerly pointed out fish darting between the exposed tree roots. As
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A Billionaire’s Starter Wife Starts Over
MAYA RUDOLPH IS THE KIND OF STAR YOU BUILD a show around. A warm, charismatic performer who has jokingly described herself as a “2¾ threat,” the SNL alum has pipes that can belt out “Purple Rain” and win Emmys for voicing Big Mouth’s Hormone Monstres
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What Does The Bear Market Mean For Investors And The U.S. Economy?
IF YOU INVESTED PANDEMIC-ERA GAINS in the stock market, or have a 401(k), get ready for an anxiety-inducing ride. For the first time in nearly two years, the stock market crossed into bear-market territory in June. Concerns about inflation have sent
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An Lgbtq+ Reading And Streaming List
This modern take on Jane Austen relocates Pride and Prejudice from Georgian-era England to the titular gay vacation spot off the coast of Long Island. Joel Kim Booster and SNL’s Bowen Yang play roles akin to the Bennet sisters. Adapted from a beloved
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Wonderland Washout
After historic floods forced Yellowstone National Park to shut down temporarily—and washed out this road in the park, seen June 18—thousands of visitors were forced to evacuate. The extreme weather, which experts warn will likely become more common b
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Dr. Ashish Jha
You’ve gained quite a following on Twitter, but social media also spreads misinformation about COVID-19. How do you separate the reliable information about the pandemic from the noise? I think Twitter has been a net positive because it brings people
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Disciplining Your Toddler At The End Of The World
IN EARLY MARCH 2020, AT FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT, I switched my 2½-year-old from a crib to a toddler bed. He’d always struggled with transitions, so I was ready for a battle, and determined not to let my own feelings about the seismic shift he didn’t kno
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Waiting For The Green Ship To Come In
CONTAINER SHIPS TRANSPORT JUST ABOUT everything. The world wants more of all of it. So the ships are getting bigger, as are the shipping channels, port complexes, and loading cranes. “All over the world they’re expanding and expanding, and building m
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Becky With The Bad Habit
BECKY GREEN DOESN’T WANT TO BE Becky Green anymore. And who could blame her? The protagonist of Chloe is a study in abjection. Played with protean inscrutability by Erin Doherty (The Crown’s Princess Anne), Becky works a demeaning temp job and lives
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Blake Crouch
Where did the inspiration for Upgrade come from? We’re at this point in time where genetic engineering is on the precipice. Having complete control over the total human genome is a little bit out of reach—but it’s right on the horizon. You did a ton
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Elvis Has Not Left The Building
IN 2022, THERE IS NO ONE ELVIS PRESLEY. The One True Elvis is actually many Elvises, a deity with an infinite number of faces, refracted into an ever shifting pattern of pleasure and frustration, of contradictions and delights. For every Elvis myth,
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The D.C. Brief
Nevada Republicans voted on June 14 to nominate an election denialist as the state’s top elections official, an outcome that would be worrisome even if it were an isolated incident. It is not. Jim Marchant beat out six other Republican candidates vyi
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Wheels Of Fortune
DURING HALFTIME AT A BROOKLYN Nets game in December, a cluster of 20- and 30-something women made a beeline for the court. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were there, sitting in prime seats, but the couple wasn’t their target. These women were hoping
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Space TIME
NASA HAS SPENT MORE than 60 years flying UFOs. Every spacecraft that ever ventured out into the solar system would be a decidedly unidentified flying object to any alien intelligence that might encounter it. UFOs—or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomen
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Jan. 6 Hearings Could Spur Update Of 19th Century Law
FOR SIX MONTHS, A BIPARTISAN GROUP IN CONGRESS HAS been quietly working to overhaul the Electoral Count Act, the 1887 law that Donald Trump and his allies tried to exploit on Jan. 6, 2021, to overturn the presidential election. Advocates are hopeful
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The Reverend Senator
RAPHAEL WARNOCK UNDERSTANDS HIMSELF AS A MAN born of a mighty lineage that he regards a “moral tradition.” He begins with his father, a self-taught metal worker, collecting cast-off vehicles, disassembling them, and selling them for parts. Recalling
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The Education Of David Hogg
A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE I FIRST met David Hogg in 2018. He has a beard now, and a girlfriend. He’s about to be a senior at Harvard, studying the history of conservative political movements. There’s a new President, and a new party in control of Congr
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A Refreshing Take On A Tried-and-true Trope
THERE’S A REASON THE FAKE RELATIONSHIP has had such longevity in fiction. The trope, in which two people feign being a couple before falling in love for real, is a predictable journey. But just because a happy ending is guaranteed doesn’t mean the st
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Turning The Beef Around
As nonfiction food shows continue to flourish, it’s a mystery why we so rarely see the restaurant world depicted on narrative TV. When these stories do make it to the small screen, from Fox’s watered-down adaptation of the classic Anthony Bourdain me
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Emmanuel Macron’s Uncertain Path
EMMANUEL MACRON has had quite a ride the past few weeks. In April he scored a resounding 17-point victory over far-right opposition veteran Marine Le Pen to secure a second five-year term as France’s President. Then, on June 19, his political allianc
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More Summer Must-reads
Ottessa Moshfegh transports readers to a medieval land where a shepherd’s son faces a power struggle that exposes human depravity (June 21) Sayaka Murata’s 12 engrossing short stories translated from Japanese subvert norms in order to probe intimacy
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Waves Of Change
RAIN FORESTS MAY BE known as the planet’s lungs, but it’s when standing before the seas, with their crashing waves and ceaselessly cycling tides, that we feel the earth breathe. The ocean, say scientists, is the source of all life on earth. It is als
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Our Broken International System
More than two children are killed every day, on average, in the conflict in Ukraine. Four more are injured. After over 100 days of war, almost two-thirds of Ukrainian children have been displaced. Conflict exposes the vulnerability of children, and g
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Compromised State
THE FIRST ALARM BELL WENT OFF IN Ashley’s head when no one at the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center was wearing a mask. No one was in scrubs, no one’s hair was tied up, and every staffer was wearing a visible cross. “I should have noticed all the red flag
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Rock Star And Poet Serhiy Zhadan Is Fighting For The Future Of Ukrainian Culture
AS RUSSIAN SHELLS RAIN DOWN ON UKRAINE, the country’s most beloved poet cannot write. The inspiration is there: the tale of a schoolteacher who shepherded 10 children away from the front line after being told by the Ukrainian military that there was
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Natural Law
In 2016, a federal judge ruled that since he was not human, Naruto the macaque could not own the copyright for a selfie he snapped using a photographer’s camera. A court in California ruled on May 31 that through a wording loophole, bumblebees can qu
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Billions Spent On ‘Hardening’ May Not Make Schools Safer
Beside pencil sharpeners and calendars in classrooms throughout Minnesota’s Lakeville Area Schools, there are now big blue boxes with a red button and the word POLICE. The button sends a text message to emergency dispatchers, alerts the rest of the s
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A Bittersweet Pride In Florida
IT’S BEEN POURING FOR TWO DAYS STRAIGHT, BUT WE’RE on our way to Wynwood for Pride. The Lyft driver complains continuously as he navigates traffic on the gridlocked highway. He says he hates living in Florida, notes that he and his wife both want to
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Country In Crisis
Afghans survey the destruction caused by a powerful earthquake that struck the eastern province of Paktika on June 22, leaving at least 1,000 people dead and many more injured. The 5.9-magnitude quake—the country’s deadliest since 2002—is the latest
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Earth And Water
TIME HAS COVERED THE PLANET AND THE dramatic damage done to it by human beings for more than a half century. With the rise of modern environmentalism came a double-width foldout on water use in 1965 and, two years later, a cover photo of polluted air
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