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AMERICA MUST CHANGE The July 6/July 13 double issue, about America’s failure to live up to its ideals, was educational for a wide range of readers. “Thank you for opening my eyes to the horrors that decent human beings are enduring in these times,” J
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‘Karen’ And The Violence Of White Womanhood
WHEN YOU LOOK UP THE HASHTAG #KAREN ON INSTAGRAM, a search that yields more than 773,000 posts, the featured image is a screenshot of a white woman staring into the camera, pursing her lips into a smile as she touches a finger to her chin, a movement
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We Must Act As One To Preserve Our World
This planet is our only home. Environmental experts say that over the next few decades, global warming will reach such a level that many water resources will go dry. So ecology and combatting global warming are very important. For example, my country
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For the Record
Distance from Earth, in light-years, to the first exposed planetary core—a dense object without a gaseous atmosphere—ever observed by scientists, according to a paper published July 1 Number of hot dogs consumed by Joey Chestnut at this year’s Nathan
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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Is Raising Expectations That The Pharma Giant Will Deliver A COVID-19 Vaccine This Fall
PFIZER IS INCREASINGLY CONFIDENT that its efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine will be successful. In a July 7 interview with TIME, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said he believes that Food and Drug Administration approval could come as soon as October
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Too Blue?
ON THE CUSP OF DONALD TRUMP’S SENATE IMPEACHMENT trial in January, Val Demings went to dinner at a Washington seafood joint, the Salt Line, with her colleague Hakeem Jeffries. The two Representatives had recently been chosen, with five other House De
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Security Law Brings A Chill To Hong Kong
FOR MONTHS, THE MOSAICS OF STICKY NOTES, posters and artwork that dotted Hong Kong told a story of resistance. Pro-democracy protesters and supporters affixed messages of hope, solidarity and demands for greater political freedom to so-called Lennon
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Standing At A Climate Crossroads
The Last Exit Before Catastrophe BY JUSTIN WORLAND Forestalling a Sea Change BY ARYN BAKER A Rebellion Tries to Avoid Extinction BY CIARA NUGENT The Environment Needs Racial Justice BY JUSTIN WORLAND Stacey Abrams Greta Thunberg The Dalai Lama … and
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Pandemic Schemes
When Christine Baker, a financially strapped stay-at-home mom to two little girls, made up her mind to lose 30 lb., she took a cue from a friend who’d gotten fit with Beachbody. The company’s online workouts and diet products cost Baker about $160, b
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In Turkey, Remaking A Museum As A Mosque
SERAFFETTIN WAS AT HOME UNDER CORONAVIRUS lockdown on May 29 when Quranic verses were recited beneath the normally silent minarets of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia. The reading, to mark the 567th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of the city, lingered in
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The Defining Year
FROM OUR VANTAGE POINT TODAY, 2020 looks like the year when an unknown virus spun out of control, killed hundreds of thousands and altered the way we live day to day. In the future, we may look back at 2020 as the year we decided to keep driving off
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For Greater Empathy, Read Black Fiction
ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME WILL TELL you that I love being the center of attention. But for my fifth book, Party of Two, I was compelled to write about a character who shies away from the spotlight. Yes, she’s a Black woman like me, and yes, she’s a lawyer,
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News Ticker
With monuments a flash point in the conversation about inequality in the U.S., President Trump called for the construction of a “National Garden of American Heroes.” His July 3 Executive Order mandates that the park include statues of historical and
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We Must Be Antiracist In Our Fight Against Climate Change
As a Black scholar, I am usually one of the few dark-skinned people in scientific, educational, communication and policy spaces searching for natural solutions to climate change. Demographics of a group are a window into its culture, equity and inclu
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In Peacock’s flagship, a Brave New Westworld
CONSCIOUSNESS DEFINES HUMANITY. IT GIVES US EMOTIONS and choices, allows us to form societies, create art, understand the world around us. But it also opens the door to inequality, war, genocide, environmental destruction. It’s what makes us dream of
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As COVID-19 Soars, Miami Resists Reclosing
IT HAD BEEN BARELY SIX WEEKS SINCE MICHAEL Beltran and his staff reopened his Miami restaurants when he had to sit them down again and tell them the bad news. Despite all their efforts, working feverish, 20-hour days to reconfigure the spaces for new
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Take Climate Action At The Ballot Box
Halfway into the year, our nation has reached a precipice: a criminal-justice system infected by racism that continues to take Black lives, avoidable deaths that keep climbing as COVID-19 sprawls, the scourge of voter suppression, and an economy that
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Swift Change Is Possible
WE HAVE OFTEN BEEN PLACATED WITH THE NOTION that real change takes time. But this is only true where apathy is its main resistance. Change can come suddenly too. Western society saw change occur at breakneck speed in the 1950s, when we went from the
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Cinematic soundscaper THE 20TH CENTURY WAS THE ERA OF FILM MUSIC, AND THE world just lost one of that century’s true giants. Ask a dozen film composers to name their heroes and you’ll get many different answers, but I would confidently bet that one n
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The Four-year Plan For America
DONALD TRUMP HAS smashed a lot of environmental china in four years. To name a few instances: he pulled out of the 2015 Paris Agreement (a move that becomes official on July 6, 2021); loosened automotive-mileage and power-plant-emission standards; an
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Why We Still Don’t Know How Often Police Kill People In America
ONE: GET POLICE DEPARTMENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO report when their officers use lethal force or seriously injure someone. Two: Collect that information in a national database. Three: Release those statistics to the public. That simple formula has be
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Turn The Tide
FOR MICK BARON, THE GIANT KELP forests of Tasmania were a playground, a school and a church. The former marine biologist runs a scuba-diving center on the Australian island’s east coast, and rhapsodizes about the wonders of the seaweed’s dense habita
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How School Reopenings Became Political
THE PRESIDENT PRACTICALLY SNARLED AS HE made the accusation. “They think it’s going to be good for them politically, so they keep the schools closed,” Donald Trump said in the East Room of the White House on July 7, referring to Democratic governors.
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We Need To Trust The Locals
As the COVID-19 pandemic and police-brutality protests heat up metaphorically, we can’t forget that the earth is still heating up literally. Because of systemic racism, these crises are hitting communities of color especially hard. At the same time,
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Best-selling Novelist David Mitchell Visits The Age Of Rock
IN DAVID MITCHELL’S NEW NOVEL, UTOPIA Avenue, a member of the 1960s psychedelic folk rock band that gives the book its name is asked by an interviewer which category its eclectic music falls into. “You’re like a zoologist asking a platypus, ‘Are you
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Q+A: Angelina Jolie Interviews Vanessa Nakate About Activism And The Power Of African Voices
CONCERNED ABOUT HER COUNTRY’S rising temperatures, Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, 23, spent months protesting alone outside the gates of Parliament in Kampala. Her Rise Up Movement seeks to amplify voices from Africa. The work you’re doing
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Remembering Her Name
A Breonna Taylor mural at Chambers Park in Annapolis, Md., is captured by drone on July 5. Future History Now, an art nonprofit, partnered with the Banneker-Douglass Museum and the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture to create
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The Climate Fight Cannot Be Partisan
The COVID-19 crisis has been a reminder to all of us that when it comes to getting things done, pragmatism trumps ideology. Yet the public debate around climate change is often polarizing and oversimplified. We are frequently told that we face a choi
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The Power Of Masks
At long last, we have made a truly game-changing scientific breakthrough in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We have found a disease-control tool that, when used properly, can reduce transmission by somewhere between 50% and 85%. The tool is cheap
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A Revolution’s Evolution
THE HONEYMOON FOR EXTINCTION Rebellion, the hugely influential climate activist group, ended on Oct. 17, 2019. From its launch, a year earlier, until that day, it seemed like the group might have cracked the formula for saving the planet: its strateg
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