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The National Interest: Jonathan Chait
OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS, the Democratic Party has seemed to race leftward so fast that its recent standard-bearers are considered no longer qualified to lead it. Bill Clinton? An embarrassment not welcome on the campaign trail. Barack Obama? A neoli
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From the Cut: Airport Runway
On the eve of its reopening as a boutique hotel, Eero Saarinen’s TWA terminal hosted a fashion show.
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How to Write a Jonah Insult
WRITING COMEDY is not a scientific or mathematical endeavor—except, perhaps, when it comes to devising ways to insult Jonah Ryan, who is played by the extremely tall (six-foot-four) and thin Timothy Simons. “The Jonah insults are probably the most m
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Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again
DEPENDING ON HOW you count, I’m in up to 18 active group chats, across a half-dozen different apps, that occupy most of my time on my phone. Right now, I’m in one called “Ramius’s Boys,” which is devoted to sharing quotes from the film The Hunt for R
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1 For New York’s cover story, Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh reported on a group of college sophomores who fell under the destructive influence of their classmate’s father after he moved into their dorm (“The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence,” April 29–
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Finally, Aperol Spritzes Sparkle Up Seventh Avenue South
Via Carota’s long-awaited sister bar brings Italian drinking culture to a bustling West Village corner.
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The Urbanist: Palermo
UNTIL FAIRLY RECENTLY, tourists treated the somewhat crumbling seaside city of Palermo as a mere touchdown between other Sicilian destinations: the volcanic Aeolian Islands; the coastal, cobblestoned city of Cefalù; the Greek temples of Agrigento. Sp
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An Education
THE SOUVENIR DIRECTED BY JOANNA HOGG. A24. R. THE BRITISH writer-director Joanna Hogg has the courage of her incoherence. Her scaffolding is shaky and her vantage often oblique. She cuts from foggy panoramas to tight close-ups with no evident patt
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126 MINUTES WITH … Ani DiFranco
LESS THAN TWO MINUTES into our interview, Ani DiFranco says the word fuck for the first time, and it sounds like music. Her f is fricative and percussive, much like DiFranco’s habit of thwacking the side of her acoustic guitar as she plays it. Then c
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Lost Weegee Crime Photos Revealed! Unseen For 82 Years
IN 1970, AN ARTIST named David Young bought a box of 1930s news photos at a secondhand store in Philadelphia. He just liked the look of them, he says now, and he stuck a couple on the wall of his studio with masking tape. Eventually, he moved to Seat
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Wedding Party
FATHER OF THE BRIDE VAMPIRE WEEKEND. SONY MUSIC. GROWING UP MEANS mellowing out. You reach a point in your 30s when the reckless habits and patterns of your 20s become impossible to maintain. Either you get wise to the changing rhythms of your bra
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Veep Is Over. Is America Next?
THE TABLE READ for the final episode of Veep hasn’t started yet, but the cast is already in tears. It’s the first Monday in December, and Anna Chlumsky, who plays Amy Brookheimer, the perpetually stressed-out political adviser, is weepy as she hugs
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A Guide To The Seven Seasons Of Veep
SEASON ONE Selina Meyer is early in her term as vice-president under President Stuart Hughes, with whom she has little contact. When she fires a Secret Service officer for smiling, the White House investigates, prompting Selina’s staff to release a
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What Is It Good For?
CATCH-22 HULU. MAY 17. THE CULTURAL DEBT owed to Joseph Heller’s antiwar satire, Catch-22, becomes clearer when you watch Hulu’s handsomely produced miniseries. It feels familiar, even old hat, because so many subsequent works have borrowed from i
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On May 2, thousands of fans streamed into Barclays Center for the Brooklyn leg of Cher’s “Here We Go Again” tour to see her for the first—or the 30th—time.
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Walking Time Bomb
The director Stacy Title is paralyzed and cannot speak. But she is determined to make one final movie.
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Los Angeles Fire Season Is Beginning Again. And It Will Never End.
YOU COULD SEE THE SMOKE FROM SPACE. The plume from last November’s Woolsey fire swept out toward Catalina and into the Pacific beyond by the same Santa Ana winds that had carried the flames all the way down the Malibu mountainside to the beach. The a
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Sundown on Deadwood
DEADWOOD: THE MOVIE will air on HBO on May 31. DEADWOOD CREATOR David Milch says he always had faith that his HBO Western would someday get to wrap up its story, even as more than a dozen years have passed since its surprise cancellation in 2006. Bu
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Streets Paved With Silicon
IF AN INSTRUMENT could measure the level of New Yorkers’ complaints about their city, it would probably register a constant, four-century-long roar increasing with the population. Vocal discontent is an unreliable indicator of how we actually live. S
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Indie Rockers and Their Side Hustles
ONE OF THE common misconceptions of music in the social-media age—a time when you can watch your favorite indie musicians partnering with brands, playing festivals, and posting selfies on tour as if they were on some endless vacation—is that the foot
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So the National, Alicia Vikander, and Mike Mills Made a Movie Together…
… And it also became the band’s newest album, I Am Easy to Find, which comes out on May 17. Here’s how it all happened.
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The Stolen Kids Of Sarah Lawrence
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The Fulton
89 South St., nr. Fulton St. 212-838-1200 DOWN IN THE PART of town recently rechristened the Seaport District, Pier 17 continues its evolution from megamall to event space and concert venue with a “Pier Village” of ground-floor restaurants. Where o
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Anjelica Huston
The actress on growing up in Hollywood, the price of beating Oprah at the Oscars, and why Jack Nicholson doesn’t make movies anymore.
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Get Snippy
WHO KNOWS WHERE Emily Post or Martha Stewart would stand on the subject of scissors in a place setting. But their advice on the topic might be helpful right now. Great whacking supersharp scissors not unlike the ones you’d see on some old-school besp
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1 In New York’s latest cover story, Olivia Nuzzi asked whether “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is a plausible candidate for 2020 (“Wonder Boy,” April 15–28). The Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby wrote, “@Olivianuzzi’s new cover story—in which Buttigieg admits that ‘
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Rupert, Hillary, Tootsie, and Beetlejuice
BURN THIS HUDSON THEATRE TURNS OUT THAT Kylo Ren is immensely compelling onstage. Michael Mayer’s revival of Lanford Wilson’s 1987 play Burn This may not be a flawless show, but it’s a pretty dang good one—mostly because, playing the human furnace
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How Much Does An Indie Band Make In A Year?
TOURING → “In 2017, when we did our last headline-ish tour, we probably made $20,000, though a lot of this was made through weird one-offs, private events, and corporate gigs. In 2018, we did a handful of one-offs that made us around $10,000 to $12,0
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The Family Business
How did Megan Thee Stallion become the hottest rapper out of Houston? She got it from her mama.
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Soup On A Schedule
O:N 110 Madison Ave., nr. 30th St. 917-261-4326 WHAT STRANGE ALCHEMY of ingredients goes into creating the kind of buzzy mainstream moment Korean cooking seems to be enjoying in New York (and therefore the world) these days? It help
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