The Atlantic5 min read
The Problem With the SAT’s Idea of Objectivity
Faced with the messy realities of entrenched privilege, the College Board is trying to find a quantitative solution.
The Atlantic5 min read
Busy Tonight Ended Just as Its Host Was Finding Her Voice
As soon as E! canceled her late-night talk show Busy Tonight, the host and actor Busy Philipps addressed the news—where else?—on Instagram. It’s where she thrives, as one of the first and most prominent celebrities to have capitalized on social-media
The Atlantic4 min read
The Change That Could Make the NBA Playoffs Watchable
The NBA postseason needs to be shorter. This year’s playoffs started on April 13 and won’t end until sometime in June. Last year’s playoffs similarly lasted 55 days. That’s longer than NCAA basketball’s entire March Madness tournament, which runs for
The Atlantic7 min read
I Ran a Backstreet Boys Website for Superfans
Twenty years ago, as the group’s Millennium album topped music charts, one writer found belonging in an online community she unwittingly helped create.
The Atlantic2 min read
I’ve Never Watched Game of Thrones. But Here’s What I Know
Hello. I’m a person who has never watched Game of Thrones. You’re a person who has watched every episode. Here is what I have learned about you through the cultural osmosis of seeing random tweets and eavesdropping on writers at The Atlantic. You are
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
To China, All's Fair in Love and Trade Wars
Just how bad are things between the United States and China? Over an evening beer in Beijing this week, a friend and I debated which prominent American company China would whack first. It’s a serious question—and the answer could be the next ugly ste
The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Self-Limiting Revolution
Knock Down the House set out to show an inspiring political movement—but instead revealed its boundaries.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
The Partisan Divide On How To Read The Intelligence On Iran
Adam Schiff lays out his worries on the intelligence, but the Trump administration is pushing back.
The Atlantic10 min read
How to Change Policy Without Politicians
As Arkansas politics becomes more conservative, voters are using the ballot for progressive ends.
The Atlantic3 min read
The Family Weekly: Gay Rats (And Gay Rights)
Mr. Ratburn from Arthur gets married. Plus: A reality-TV contestant says he has 114 kids via sperm donations, and how long-distance relationships are thriving in the digital age.
The Atlantic4 min read
Flying Cars Are Real—And They’re Not Bad for the Climate
It has a sleek black pill of a body, with two rigid, white arms sprouting from its sides. It looks, in other words, like an iPad had a baby with a crop duster, or like a Volkswagen Bug from a future designed by Bjork. In the video, it sits on a small
The Atlantic6 min readTech
The Groups Bringing Forum Culture to Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for communities on his platform is very different from how users are gathering there organically.
The Atlantic7 min read
A Waste of 1,000 Research Papers
Decades of early research on the genetics of depression were built on nonexistent foundations. How did that happen?
The Atlantic4 min readPsychology
The Misplaced Fears About the United States’ Declining Fertility Rate
America’s fertility rate is in steady decline: In 2018, it dipped to an all-time low, down 2 percent from the year before, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report published Wednesday. American women are now predicted to have
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
America Needs a Permanent Anti-war Movement
Public apathy toward relatively small-scale military actions makes war with Iran more likely.
The Atlantic7 min readPolitics
The Search for Progressive Judges
Activists have swept a new wave of prosecutors into office. Is the focus now shifting to the judiciary?
The Atlantic4 min read
Carly Rae Jepsen Is Getting Weirder—And It’s Brilliant
Update your glossary: Pop music no longer means “music that’s popular.” Clubby thump, breathy wails, mathematically engineered hooks, rhyming fire and desire and higher—the bundle may be going the way of big-band or nu metal, from central to niche. T
The Atlantic6 min readSociety
The Reasoning Behind the SAT’s New ‘Disadvantage’ Score
The CEO and vice president explain what they’re hoping to accomplish by factoring adversity into the standardized test.
The Atlantic7 min read
The U.S. System for ‘Skilled’ Migrants Is Broken
Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel took a winding path to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She began by studying politics and philosophy in her native Britain, then trained as a singer, before getting a doctoral degree in medieval music and literature. Worki
The Atlantic4 min read
The Books Briefing: War, and What Comes After
The end of May in the United States is a time for memorializing the impact of war—in particular, the sacrifices made by service members and their families. Yet the ultimate costs of war—to individuals, communities, and countries—are in many ways inca
The Atlantic7 min read
Why Do Schools Read Everyone’s Name at Graduation?
Members of the audience care about their loved one’s brief moment of glory—and no one else’s.
The Atlantic4 min read
Catch-22 Mines Madness and Magic From a Classic
George Clooney and Grant Heslov’s six-part Hulu adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel is a surprising success.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Yes, Trump Can Invoke the Insurrection Act to Deport Immigrants
One of the most interesting legal phenomena of the Trump administration has been the increased use of—and public focus on—previously obscure federal statutes that delegate surprisingly broad power to the president. From using the National Emergencies
The Atlantic2 min read
How I. M. Pei Shaped a Change-Resistant Paris
Parisians hated Pei’s pyramid when it first opened. It is now as synonymous with the Louvre as the Mona Lisa.
The Atlantic6 min read
The Houston Rapper Taking the Industry by Storm
Megan Thee Stallion’s much-anticipated debut album, Fever, is a remarkable mix of braggadocio, lyrical acuity, and self-awareness.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Subpoena-na-na-na
Hey, hey, hey, I won’t comply, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wrote the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee about its subpoena for Trump’s tax records.
The Atlantic5 min read
Viceland’s Dark Side Of The Ring Shows The Sleaze And Humanity Of Wrestling
Pro wrestling: Is there a deeper homage to the innocence of the American character? Around these gifted performers, these godlike men with their huge and brilliantly crude personas, spreads the American public at its most medieval, its most pageantry
The Atlantic3 min read
The Atlantic Daily: Putting a Number on Disadvantage
The College Board will add a measure of students' life circumstances alongside test scores. Plus: faulty foundations of the research linking genes and depression, and more
The Atlantic11 min read
Two Boy Scouts Met in an Internment Camp, and Grew Up to Work in Congress
“Out of that short experience came this wonderful, beautiful relationship. I just love Alan.”
The Atlantic6 min read
The School Shooting America Forgot
In the year since 10 people were killed at a Texas high school, the press mostly stayed away. That’s what community members wanted.
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