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Work In Progress
HIGH-PROFILE ATHLETES AND ENTERTAINERS HAVE INCREASINGLY been speaking out about their struggles with mental well-being in recent years. Very few business leaders have done the same. There’s a simple reason for that: There’s still a stigma associated
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Fast Company US
Partnership has always been a world-changing idea. And as Fast Company launches its sixth annual World-Changing Ideas recognition program—a celebration of bold innovations aimed at changing our future for the better—we’re already thinking about how w
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Off-road Evs
A RIDE ON A SNOWMOBILE OR JET SKI is less of a thrill knowing that you’re polluting pristine locations. “People want to be able to go explore outside without compromising the environment, ” says Samuel Bruneau, CEO of Quebec-based Taiga, a company th
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Write This Way
When San Francisco cybersecurity company HackerOne got serious about its written communications, its concerns went far beyond pesky split infinitives. For example, much of its messaging is aimed at hackers—not online criminals, but the kinds of ethic
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Safer, Faster, And More Ethical Drug Development
For nearly a century, the drug trial process has remained the same. Researchers use animal testing before advancing drugs to human clinical trials. But this method is imperfect. Animal models are not replicative of the human body, so the failure rate
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A New Approach To Enterprise Software
Most Innovative Companies At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as governments struggled to disperse information and aid, Unqork, an enterprise-software development platform, was ready to lend a hand. The company, often given deadlines of only a fe
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Bringing Data To The Operating Table
Most Innovative Companies For many patients, orthopedic surgery is a quality-of-life saver. It can relieve pain and restore function to their bones and joints, helping keep them active—whether it’s running a 5k or simply getting dressed by themselves
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Medicating Contact Lenses
WHETHER IRRITATED BY POLLEN OR DOG hair, ocular allergy sufferers are all too familiar with inflamed eyes and the painful routine of rubbing, reddening, and soreness. When contact-lens wearers get those allergies—and 40% do—a quick rub can risk joggi
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Tunnel Vision
The Presidio Tunnel Tops, opening to the public on July 17, caps more than 25 years of transformation at the Presidio, a 1,500-acre national park set on a former military base. Since the mid-’90s, the land (which includes the Crissy Field recreation
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Making Genetic Testing More Inclusive
Most Innovative Companies For the past 30 years, Myriad Genetics has been involved in genetic testing to help women determine their risk of breast cancer. Typically, about 5% of women test positive for a high-risk genetic mutation. For them, heighten
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Meet The Team
KROLL SHOW “Let’s make her the CEO. You think she’d be doing publicity, but really, she’s a strong woman who knows how to run a business.” KROLL SHOW “He’s the one who coined ‘Good at Business.’ He’s probably very into crypto right now, in a very dan
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Favorite New York Spots
This quiet zone feels like a daytime version of Ed Hopper’s Nighthawks. The saturation of street signage reminds me of Taiwan, where I came from. It’s the best place to let your body and mind wander. We take our two Shih Tzu dogs here on weekends. It
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Leagues Of Their Own
Title IX prohibits sexbased discrimination in schools and educational programs, including sports that receive federal funding. At the time, there are just over 300,000 women and girls playing college and high school sports in the U.S. Ninety million
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Grande Strategy
Starbucks’s workforce is growing globally. Half of its U.S. employees work in stores the corporation licenses but doesn’t own (e.g., in airports and bookstores). • Worldwide • U.S. •In company-operated stores Companies have been required to report th
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My Operating System.
What’s your best habit, and what’s your worst? They are one and the same: the urge to solve problems, all problems. The great thing about solving problems is that it brings satisfaction when tasks are complete; on the other hand, I tend to take on to
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Reinventing Game Night
Most Innovative Companies Tommy Palm founded Resolution Games in 2015 with a mission: to create a studio focused on expanding the boundaries of immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to build games in which connection,
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New Bank For Old Stuff
FOR GERI CUPI, FOUNDER AND CEO of Twig, a U.K. startup building financial solutions for the circular economy, the main challenge facing his business is the landfill—the tendency we have to toss out old stuff. Cupi launched Twig’s “Bank of Things” in
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The Radar Advantage
Most Innovative Companies The monitoring of vital signs is an essential component in a patient’s healthcare. But numerous factors can diminish their accuracy and usefulness. In a hospital, for example, constant monitoring involves both time- and labo
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Where To Go In L.A.’s Koreatown
This food is prepared by a grandmother whose authentic cooking tastes like what you would get at a Korean home. The galbi jjim and kimchi jjigae are superb. There are private rooms upstairs for larger parties. I love the spicy yook gae jang for a han
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Monetizing Influence
Most Innovative Companies At age 18, Cole Mason left Texas to pursue a modeling career in New York City. He had a hard time gaining traction in the fashion industry and was forced to come up with a Plan B. While working as a nightclub promoter, Mason
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Building A Better Chocolate Bar
Most Innovative Companies Tim McCollum didn’t set out to reinvent the craft-chocolate value chain. He simply wanted to create a value-added product in Madagascar, an island country off the coast of East Africa, plagued by one of the world’s highest p
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Nailable Solar Roof Shingles
THE NEW SOLAR SHINGLES FROM GAF Energy, a spin-off of the world’s largest roofing company, can be nailed directly to the roof like ordinary shingles. Since the roofing industry is 20 times larger than the solar industry, the company hopes it can spee
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My New York City Soundtrack
FRANK SINATRA My wife, who is from France, had to learn it in school. It’s also the first karaoke tune I ever sang. SUGAR HILL GANG This song expresses the energy, joy, and rise of rap in the ’70s and ’80s. It was the soundtrack to my childhood in th
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Streamlining The Post-COVID Hiring Process
The pandemic devastated the U.S. job market. Millions lost jobs in the spring and summer of 2020, as consumer spending plummeted in a stay-at-home landscape. Over the following two years, a historic labor shortage—partially fueled by the Great Resign
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Empowering The Public To Take On Big Tech
Most Innovative Companies Global trust in Big Tech, long plagued by issues of privacy and overreach, hit a record low last year. Yet technology continues to dominate our lives, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only magnified its influence. “As algorithm
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Brand-new Me
YOU DON’T GARNER 15 GRAMMYS ACROSS A TWO-DECADE-LONG CAREER without a strong work ethic. Alicia Keys, the artist with the dynamic voice and extraordinary songwriting and producing talent, developed hers at an early age. Her role model was her mother,
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Animal-free whey protein Perfect Day A bioreactor-grown milk protein that uses up to 99% less water and reduces emissions by up to 97% Salla 2032 Africa A campaign in which an Arctic city bid for the Summer Olympics to raise awareness on climate chan
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When Sound Saves Lives
Most Innovative Companies Cardiologists have long been confounded by a particular problem in treating patients with buildups of hard calcium—a condition that can shrink and stiffen their blood vessels. In the past, operating on those with calcified b
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What to Download
This app is great for getting off the beaten path in more than 65 cities around the world. It offers hundreds of recommendations from locals. It lets users share passwords to networks, as well as tips on how to connect to local Wi-Fi. It works offlin
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Contracts Made Smarter
Most Innovative Companies The world runs on contracts. They’re the basis of uncountable deals and collaborations that allow businesses to thrive and grow. They’re also wildly time-consuming, requiring considerable resources to draft, analyze, organiz
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