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Memes, Mourning And Metaphors As Hong Kong's Iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant Sinks In South China Sea
Hongkongers have been sharing memes and metaphors, as well as conspiracy theories in reaction to the sinking of the city's iconic floating restaurant in the South China Sea.
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A Corny TV Exorcism Possesses Turkish Social Media
In Turkey, a woman named Pelin Hürman who describes herself as metaphysics expert, performed an exorcism on a TV show and quickly became a laughing stock on social media.
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In Tbilisi, Thousands Attend The ‘March For Europe’ To Support Georgia's EU Bid
The march comes days after Georgia's bid for the EU membership was deferred by the European Commission.
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Undertones: Is There A Perversion Of Decolonial Narratives In Mali?
With the military junta and Russia's increasing presence in the region, Mali is undergoing an information warfare
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Amanat Anthology: Women Writers From Kazakhstan Make Their Voices Heard In English
Women writers from Kazakhstan seldom get their voices heard in English, but a new anthology in translation, called Amanat, opens the door for anglophone readers to an often ignored literature.
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Ending Violence Against Women Across The Peacetime–wartime Continuum
In armed conflict, women are deliberately targeted with the specific intention of harming the societies they belong to, or opportunistically harmed, outside of a campaign, with no fear of sanction.
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Decoding Chinese Online Lexicon: How Jade Came To Represent The Chinese President Xi Jinping
Overseas Chinese dissidents have successfully reinterpreted the term “Fei Cui” (jade) to mean “negating Xi” and “Xi dies.”
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Illegal Timber Trade Persists In The Gambia's Upper River Region
A large number of trees were illicitly felled in Kundam, a village in Tumana District in the Upper River Region, by 'unknown culprits' allegedly working with forestry officials, who denied the claim.
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In Sri Lanka, State-sponsored Disinformation And Suppression Of Dissent Taint COVID-19 Response
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sri Lankan government has used the digital space to further an authoritarian agenda, affecting the digital rights and freedoms of citizens.
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I Did Not Come To Flirt, But Only To Buy Lemons
"I hope the day comes when buying lemons is just that and the shop is not another place where individuals are treated according to what they are supposed to have under their skirts."
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New National Park In North Macedonia Plagued By Continued Development Projects
One year after officials announced they would establish a new national park in North Macedonia, the land is under siege as developers push to construct hydro plants in the park.
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The Battle Of Crypto Dreams In Myanmar
Myanmar’s crypto revolution is at the beginning of the tug of war between repression and resistance, and will play a critical role in Myanmar’s political revolution.
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How Flavour And Phyno Pioneered The Revival Of Nigeria's Igbo Highlife Music
Flavour revolutionized highlife by adapting it for dancing in nightclubs and parties. Phyno successfully fused hip-hop and pop into highlife with such finesse.
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Brazilian Indigenous Group Univaja Demands Probe Into Murders Of Dom Phillips And Bruno Pereira
Ten days after they went missing while working in the Javari Valley, a remote corner of the Amazon in Brazil, the Brazilian Federal Police confirmed the murders of the two men.
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Meet The Team Behind The Bangkok Pride Parade
After a hiatus of nearly two decades, the Pride Parade returned to Bangkok, Thailand, on June 5, drawing crowds of LGBTQ+ community members, sex workers, feminists, political dissidents, and corporate advocates.
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Pacific Groups Celebrate Ocean Week By Opposing Deep Sea Mining
Various Pacific groups celebrated Ocean Week and Ocean Day on June 8 by calling on officials to reject deep-sea mining (DSM) in the region.
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Brazilian Facial Recognition Ruling Can Set An Important Precedent For Country-wide Use
This lawsuit could generate a "process of recognition that this is a wrongful practice, both on the side of the public authority, as well as the private enterprise."
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Women Refugee Claimants Are Disenfranchised By Gender-blind Screening In Hong Kong
Refugees in Hong Kong face discrimination, a biased claimant process, and social pressure — particularly among women and vulnerable populations.
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Four Years On: Saudi's Movie Market Is Of Humble Local Productions, Massive Sales And Censorships
Four years after Saudi overturned a four-decade ban on cinemas as part of "a reform package", many ask how tolerant officials really are to diversity amidst tight censorships.
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In A Post-COVID Workplace, Is A ‘Professional’ Dress Code Still Relevant?
Adopting a gender-neutral, less restrictive, and diverse dress code style will open the doors of opportunity for employees coming from underrepresented groups such as people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ employees.
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A Mayan Spiritual Guide Accused Of ‘Witchcraft’ In Guatemala, Later Released
Adela Choc Cuz, ancestral authority and member of the anti-mining resistance of El Estor, was accused of witchcraft and later released.
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Understanding India’s Central Media Accreditation Guidelines 2022
A new guideline for media accreditation has drawn a negative response from the Indian press community, activists, and concerned citizens as it provides sweeping power to the authorities.
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China's Wavering Position On Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Threatens Its Legacy At Home And Abroad
As Beijing struggles on policy in Eastern Europe, its ambiguous support of the Russian invasion is threatening peace advocates in Ukraine and China.
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Equality For Transgender Ukrainians: A Long Way To Go, Now Complicated By The War
Russia's invasion has affected the life of the Ukrainian transgender community: many have lost jobs, access to safe medical care. They are also exposed to humiliating gender questioning.
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Celestine Ukwu: The Nigerian Philosopher-musician Who Left His Mark On Igbo Highlife
Celestine Ukwu’s soulful songs contemplated and portrayed complicated experiences that were deeply rooted in his Igbo identity.
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An Ice Cream Treat Exposes The Paradoxical Nature Of June 4th Censorship In China
The censorship of Li Jiaqi has indicated a paradox: If one wants to stay away from politically sensitive topics, he has to learn all the forbidden topics.
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The Sitakunda Fire Tragedy And The Surge Of Humanitarian Acts In Bangladesh
The recent deadly Sitakunda fire and explosion in Chittagong saw unprecedented casualties and damages and ordinary people came forward to help the victims of the tragedy.
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Croatian LGBTQ+ College Student Association Normalizes Differences At Zagreb Law Faculty
In less than two years, Croatian gay–straight alliance student association ZA-Pravo has gained the attention of LGBTQ+ students and the general public by creating a safe space for all.
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How Artificial Intelligence Could Influence Zimbabwe’s 2023 Elections
When technologies are adopted in the absence of a solid legal framework and strict safeguards, they pose significant threats to privacy and personal security.
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Please Don't Call The Myanmar Military ‘Tatmadaw’
"I humbly ask international readers to make an effort to understand the current situation. And the first step in doing that is to use the correct terms for the military."
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