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Mozambican Contestant Won World Bodybuilding Competition In Hong Kong
Bruno Saraiva won an award in Hong Kong | photo provided by Bruno (20.04.2019) On 17 April, the Mozambican athlete Bruno Saraiva won an international bodybuilding competition in Hong Kong. After beating five competitors, the athlete won first place i
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A Tale Of Two Parents: Georgian Drag Artist On Hostility, Acceptance And Learning To Love Life
‘I’m proud that I have come so far being who I am and didn’t give in’, Drago says. (Tamuna Chkareuli / OC Media) The following is a version of a partner post by Tamuna Chkareuli that first appeared on the website OC Media. Drago — a stage pseudonym —
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Western Balkan Countries Look At The Past And The Future At The Venice Biennale 2019
Among the participants at the Venice Biennale are the Western Balkan countries, which see it as an excellent opportunity to showcase the art and promote their artists, beyond their borders.
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Why Are Colombian Indigenous Peoples Protesting Against President Ivan Duque?
Indigenous people in Colombia have organized national protests against President Duque's new development plan, joining forces with other civil society groups like afro-Colombians, small-scale farmers, labor unions and students.
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30 Years After The Tiananmen Massacre: An Interview With Survivor Zhou Fengsuo
"It is becoming more and more difficult to demand responsibility for June 4th. Do you still have any hope?"
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Brazilians Took To The Streets To Protest Bolsonaro's Education Cuts
From São Paulo to the Amazon, thousands of Brazilians went out on May 15 to defend public education.
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Anti-Muslim Attacks Stoke Tensions And Incite Fear Amongst Mourning Sri Lankans
On 12 May Sunday, anti-muslim violence started over a Facebook post by a Muslim trader in coastal Chilaw town in Puttalam District, North Western Province of Sri Lanka.
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In Hong Kong, The Sexual Connotation Of Ikea's New Tofu Ice Cream Ad Creates Controversy
Online campaign #we love holding hands and hate eating tofu. Photo via Scholars Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity's facebook page. An online advertisement about tofu ice cream released by Swedish furniture company Ikea in Hong Kong has stirred
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Jamaica’s ‘Voices For Climate Change’ Spreads Its Message With Music
One forward-thinking NGO is promoting smart environmental practices by harnessing artistic talent to do outreach and raise awareness about climate change.
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Netizen Report: Amid WhatsApp Attacks, Advocates Launch Legal Challenge Against Israeli Malware Maker
Spyware makers exploit a security flaw in WhatsApp, Singapore bans false information and Somalia plans to shut down social media during school exams.
Global Voices4 min readTech
Facebook Posts Trigger More Arrests In Bangladesh, Worrying Netizens
Two people were arrested on May 14 and 15, for comments they had posted on Facebook. The arrests have sparked indignation and concern on social media in Bangladesh.
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Global Voices Is Seeking An Advocacy Director
Global Voices is seeking an Advocacy Director to guide our reporting, activism and research on freedom of expression and the digital rights field.
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Singapore Parliament Approves ‘Anti-fake News’ Law — Will This Curtail Free Speech?
The law gives broad, unchecked powers to government ministers to determine what online information is "false" and should thus be censored or corrected.
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Dear European Commission: Don't Let Political Parties Use Our Data To Manipulate The Vote
Rather than protecting individuals’ rights, exceptions to the GDPR in some countries are limiting freedom of expression, eroding privacy, and abetting the spread of disinformation.
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Hong Kong Multimedia Project Commemorates The 30th Anniversary Of June 4 Massacre In Beijing
"Facts are being distorted [...] No journalist should let this happen. Not only should they retell the tragedy but also their insights into it. That's the obligation of every witness of history."
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Chased By Dogs On Google Street View Japan
A cute dog on Google Street View has gone viral on Japanese Twitter, resulting in more than 100,000 retweets.
Global Voices4 min readSociety
Bolsonaro's New Gun Decree Could Put Reporters In Danger, Says Journalism Association
Bolsonaro signs gun decree on May 7 while congressmen celebrate with finger-gun gestures. Photo: Marcos Corrêa, Brazil's government press, CC-BY 2.0 Long before he launched his presidential bid, Jair Bolsonaro's trademark gesture was making imaginary
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Trinidad & Tobago Promotes Equality, But Politicians Often Can't Resist Talking Race
Trinidad and Tobago's Equal Opportunity Act has provisions against offensive behaviour, but when it comes to politics the race card gets played time and time again.
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‘No Votes Until The Road Is Built': Why Some Goan Villagers Are Boycotting The Indian Elections
Bad roads, lack of water and electricity supply pushed these Goans to boycott the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Marlem village in the Indian state of Goa.
Global Voices3 min read
Looking Back At Feral Tribune, Croatia's Doomed But Legendary Satirical Newspaper
Feral Tribune was known for its impartial coverage of war in the Balkans and caricatures that ridiculed the nationalist leaders in former Yugoslavia.
Global Voices6 min read
Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina: ‘Even In Russia, Social Media Is Still An Effective Method For Uniting People’
Masha Alyokhina talks art, activism, and feminism in Russia -- and why a new cold war is coming.
Global Voices4 min read
The Road Signs That Stirred Up Albania-Greece Relations Yet Again
Authorities have stated that the signs violated legislation regulating the order, size, and font in which Albanian and minority languages should be displayed.
Global Voices2 min read
Tencent's New Game Shows How Censorship Rules Are Implemented In China
The new regulation compels game publishers to promote Chinese values, culture and images through their games.
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In India, Rooh Afza Lovers Rejoice As The Drink Returns To Shelves In Time For Ramadan
After months without the beloved drink Rooh Afza, Muslims in India can now breathe a sigh of relief as it returns to shelves just in time for Ramadan.
Global Voices4 min readSociety
How The Word ‘Gender’ Became A Slur In Bulgaria
Homophobia and transphobia are widespread in Bulgaria, whose government has recently cozied up to the extreme right.
Global Voices4 min readSociety
Is Stella Nyanzi ‘Weaponizing The Vagina'? Ugandan Feminist Goes To Court In Free Speech Case
On her quest for good governance, Stella Nyanza is "unflinching in her criticism of the Ugandan government" and unafraid to tackle taboos around sex, gender and LGBT rights.
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The Police Were The ‘Surprise Guests’ At A Fundraiser At Budapest's Aurora Community Center
Community center managers say the local municipality has been trying to shut Auróra down for years.
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Brazilian Indigenous People Buy Shares In Railway Company To Denounce Its Failed Environmental Obligations
Their shareholders' goal isn't to profit, but to have their voices heard by the company's investors.
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Mauritanian Blogger Escaped The Death Penalty, But Remains Behind Bars
Ould Mkhaitir was prosecuted for writing an article in which he criticised the role of religion in Mauritania’s caste system.
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Despite The Release Of Detained Reuters Reporters, Free Speech Remains Under Threat In Myanmar
"...the case of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo is proof that journalists are in constant risk of political reprisal for keeping power in check."
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