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A Look Back At The Mayan Languages Digital Activism Summit 2023
From January 11-15, 2023, the Mayan Languages Digital Activism Summit convened digital activists and their communities to explore how the internet, digital media and technology are helping to revitalize Mayan languages in digital spaces.
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Turkey Rocked By A Series Of Devastating Earthquakes
The aerial footage from the locations hit the hardest show destroyed residential buildings, hospitals, municipalities, and many other buildings, including Gaziantep Castle, which was more than 2000 years old.
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Queering The Internet: Anonymous Online Spaces For LGBTQ+ People
The threat of persecution, violence, and judgement is why many queer people turn to anonymous online spaces to build community and relationships, seek support, and share their experiences.
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Togolese Music Scene Embraces Globalization Without Abandoning Its Roots
Rich in musical and linguistic diversity, Togo is embracing the globalization of its music, which is being recognized on a national and international level alike.
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In Togo, Singer Elias Atayi Uses Music As A Vehicle For Human Rights
In Togo, the promotion of human rights is not only the work of civil society organizations. Artists also contribute to the cause.
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An IPhone Perspective Of Trinidad & Tobago's Panorama Competition
Wanting to travel light, I decided my smartphone would have to suffice for photo-taking. The results offer an on-the-ground view of the 2023 Panorama experience.
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The Main Effort Of Russian Propaganda Language Is To Give The Impression That There Is Still No War
What does Russian propaganda do? It replaces the associations of words so that we perceive the world as better and safer, as a world in which there is no war
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Reel: The Beauty Of The Obatala Festival, An Orisha Tradition In Trinidad & Tobago
Each year, Orishas participate in the Obatala Festival, which pays homage to the figure in Yoruba mythology who was charged with the task of creating the earth.
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Slovenia Law Enables Full Equality For Same-sex Marriages, Including Allowing LGBTQ+ People To Adopt Children
“From today, all same-sex marriages enjoy the same rights as everyone else. There are no losers, rather a minority that was oppressed throughout history is now a winner.”
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Pakistan Suffers Widespread Power Outages Amidst Financial Crisis
In January, Pakistan suffered a major power breakdown, plunging major cities into darkness and impacting millions of people. The disaster occurred amidst a rolling blackout meant to save costs.
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Undertones In Nicaragua: Where Parallel Realities Coexist
Originally published on Global Voices This story is part of Undertones, Global Voices’ Civic Media Observatory‘s newsletter. It features a summary of a year-long research on media ecosystems from Nicaragua and what we can expect in 2023. Whenever yo
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Czech Roma Need Political Representation: Interview With Journalist Patrik Banga
To understand how Roma people assess their situation in the Czech Republic, Global Voices interviewed Patrik Banga, a Roma journalist who recently published his autobiography.
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Rwandan President Kagame's Flickr Account Begs The Question: Can Africa Reclaim Its Visual Identity?
Renowned Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has spoken of how stories can influence identity, shape stereotypes and build paths to empathy. How about images? What is the danger of a single image?
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Azerbaijan Evacuates Its Embassy Staff After Deadly Attack In Tehran
A gunman stormed the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran, Iran's capital city. This is the latest attack on the country's diplomatic missions abroad.
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Ukrainian Linguistic Battlefields
A recent Facebook dispute about gendered names of professions in the Ukrainian language is about far more than gender.
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Viral Video Shows Alleged Human Rights Violations By Military In Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
In the video, people dressed as military personnel with the South African flag can be seen throwing bodies into the fire.
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Amid Fears Of Contamination, Japan Will Soon Dump Treated Water From Fukushima Nuclear Plant Into The Pacific
"(The plan) shows direct disregard for the sovereignty and self-determination of Pacific peoples and the ocean their livelihoods depend upon."
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Public Self-immolation Puts The Spotlight On Mental Health Issues In Nepal
A Nepali entrepreneur set himself on fire in front of the federal parliament building to bring attention to the challenges in Nepal's private sector and the state's mental health crisis.
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First Victims Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Law In Russia Are Trans Persons And Books
Openly trans Tiktokers, a publishing house, movies and TV shows feel the weight of the Russian anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda law.
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The ‘Sinking Of Joshimath’ Leaves Thousands Homeless In An Indian Hill Town
People face displacement in Joshimath, a Himalayan town in India due to added burden of anthropogenic activity in an earthquake prone zone.
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There Are Almost 1,500 Political Prisoners In Belarus
The main tools for repressing critics of the regime and dissidents in Belarus are still criminal and administrative prosecution, arbitrary arrests, dismissals from work and de facto deportations
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Social Networks Make Civil Society Voices Heard In Togo
Internet in Togo enables influencers to make social networks effective promotion platforms. Journalists and civil society activists take advantage of this to make their voices heard.
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How Military Supporters Are Using Telegram Channels To Suppress Dissent In Myanmar
Pro-military people are urging the military authorities to take action against those who are pro-democracy, calling for detention, imprisonment, property seizure, revoking citizenship and travel documents — even the execution of political prisoners a
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Georgia Facing Backlash Over Possible Flight Resumption With Russia
Flights between Georgia and Russia have been banned since 2019, on President Putin's orders. After Russian lawmaker, Sergey Gavrilov, visited the country in June 2019, and a bout of violence followed.
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Professor Gordon Rohlehr, The ‘Finest Mind Regarding Calypso,’ Dies At Age 80 In Trinidad
Rohlehr's dedicated much of his life to to researching and writing about the significance of Caribbean culture — particularly calypso — as well as its literature, oral tradition, and cricket.
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Vetiver: One Of Trinidad & Tobago’s Neglected Climate Solutions
Vetiver is one of the greatest, cheapest, and most eco-friendly solutions to flooding, landslides, slope stabilisation and erosion control.
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‘This Arab Life': A Personal Excavation Of The ‘Silent’ Arab Generation
In an interview, author Amal Ghandour discusses her latest book, This Arab Life, and provides a rich and illuminating examination of the Middle East's dynamic past and present.
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New Era In Czech Politics As Petr Pavel Wins Presidential Election
General Petr Pavel, a former NATO official, won the presidential election in the Czech Republic. He will strengthen ties with Brussels in contrast to current president Miloš Zeman.
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Anti-zero-COVID ‘White Paper’ Protesters Face Forced Disappearance In China
An unknown number of anti-zero COVID policy protesters were forced into disappearance during Christmas and Lunar New Year break in China.
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Where Will Prague's China Policy Go With The New President?
As the Czech Republic chooses a new president for the next five years, the pro-Beijing policy embraced by current president Miloš Zeman is likely to come to a halt.
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