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Going Postal
H. Drew Galloway, executive director of MOVE Texas, spends his life trying to register young voters. Typically, in the spring of an election year, Galloway would be overseeing a staff of about four dozen who, before classes end for the summer, regist
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“Workers Are Being Sacrificed”
On her phone, Crystal Rodriguez keeps a photo of her father hooked up to a ventilator. Nurses at the hospital sent her the image after he’d spent close to a month in the intensive care unit at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Color
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The End Of Empire
The fall of an empire is supposed to be a dramatic thing. It’s right there in the name. “Fall” conjures up images of fluted temple columns toppling to the ground, pulled down by fur-clad barbarians straining to destroy something beautiful. Savage inv
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Corruption Kills
This issue of Mother Jones was going to look very different from what you’re holding in your hands—and at the same time, it hasn’t changed very much at all. Here’s why: We were planning a big package of stories on corruption, a major theme that has i
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Et Tu, USA?
Are we Rome? It’s a question people in the United States have been asking for almost as long as there’s been a United States. It’s also the title of a 2007 book by Cullen Murphy, editor-at-large of the Atlantic and—full disclosure—my dad. The book st
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Covid Pro quo
The fundamental purpose of government is rather simple: protect the citizenry. Any deliberate perversion of this priority is an exercise of corruption—especially when that basic aim is supplanted by the goal of personal gain. That’s why Donald Trump’
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Learning Curves
1. The first version of the now-ubiquitous “flatten the curve” chart appeared in a 2007 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The image, titled “Goals of Community Mitigation,” accompanied a list of radical recommendations to swif
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The Prince Of Ppe
On March 29, President Trump held a press briefing to tout Project Airbridge, his administration’s new effort to organize and pay for airlifts of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies from abroad. The first of the “big, great plane
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Carried Interest
The plastic Industry is not going to let a crisis go to waste. In early February, when most Americans were just learning about the coronavirus, the bag manufacturer Novolex reported that the outbreak in China had caused paper bag shortages and specul
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Failed State
On January 22, two days after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States, President Trump breezily declared, “We have it totally under control.” Over the next four months, more than 1.4 million Americans would become infected, nearly 1
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Plot For America
Locked in the worst economic slump in its history, Detroit is beset by unemployment and covered in abandoned lots. Surveying the ruins of a boom gone bust, an innovative mayor envisions a blooming city while a diverse population gets busy tilling the
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Socially Distant
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Black Deaths Matter
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Rep. Matt Gaetz: The Trump loyalist showed up on the House floor wearing a gas mask as he voted on Congress’ emergency spending bill in early March. Less than a week after pulling this stunt, the Florida Republican went into self-isolation after disc
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False Positives
PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERTS agree that the country can’t safely reopen without massive testing—anywhere between 500,000 and 35 million tests a day. Getting there has been a slog, yet the president has been insisting for months that there are enough tests f
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Death and taxes
In 1980 the federal deficit was soaring and Ronald Reagan campaigned on a singular promise: He planned to cut taxes on everyone, but especially the rich. He insisted that those benefits would quickly trickle down to everyone and supercharge the econo
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Debt Collector
Win or lose in November, one thing won’t change for Donald Trump: Over the next few years, his company must settle a series of whopping debts. Before the end of a theoretical second term, his company will have to refinance—or, in a far less likely sc
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Cruise Control
If Donald Trump could build a city from scratch, it would have a casino and a golf course and all the cheeseburgers you could eat. The city’s residents would be old, with money to spend and nothing but free time. The workers would be poor, foreign, a
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Escape Artist
Few people in the United States had heard of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)—the high-security biolab in Wuhan, China, that does cutting-edge research on coronaviruses—until mid-April, when the Trump administration began to imply that it might
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Bitter Pill
Amid the flood of bad news about the coronavirus, in April there was a buoy: A major clinical trial showed that an antiviral medication called remdesivir shortened the length of time that patients are sick with COVID-19, from a median of 15 days down
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Papers Please
1. Beginning October 1, if the coronavirus doesn’t interfere, the Department of Homeland Security will require anyone who wants to board a flight within the United States to produce “Real ID”–compliant identification like this driver’s license. The b
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“You Can Tell Me Anything”
CINDY BETHEL WAS 6 when her babysitter’s neighbor started molesting her. Worried what else would happen if she told her parents, she confided in her stuffed panda instead. Sometimes she acted out the abuse with Barbie and Ken dolls. A few years later
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Plan Bee
SINCE THE post–World War II rise of suburbia, the great American lawn has beckoned with the promise of a grassy, orderly Eden surrounding a single-family fortress. For just as long, lawns have been sending bees and other pollinating critters the oppo
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Reporting on the rough edges of a vaunted rehabilitation program in San Francisco (“The Toughest Love”) took Mother Jones senior reporter JULIA LURIE to the San Francisco courthouse, a diner in Los Angeles, and the California Institution for Men. On
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Building a Social Immune System
A MAGAZINE IS A postcard to the future, a message in a bottle—choose your vintage metaphor, because there’s something decidedly analog about the three-week gap between when we send these pages to the printer and when they show up in your mailbox. The
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Point of No Entry
SAN DIEGO IMMIGRATION COURT, COURTROOM #2 Judge Lee O’Connor has been in his courtroom for all of two minutes before a look of annoyance washes over his face. Eleven children and six adults—all from Central America, all in immigration court for the f
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Border Boondoggle
“WE NEED THE WALL more than ever!” President Trump tweeted on March 10—one day before the WHO declared the coronavirus a global pandemic—just another of his more than 400 tweets about his dream of building a wall along the US-Mexico border. According
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California’s Uber Allies
CARDELL CALLOWAY WAS at an Uber Eats Driver Appreciation Day pizza party when he realized he was getting screwed. It was just before Christmas 2017, and Calloway, who spent up to 80 hours a week delivering food for various gig companies including Ube
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None of My Business
Audi: “We are a tech company that happens to make cars.” Zappos: “We’re a service company that just happens to sell shoes.” Big River Steel: “At our core, we’re a technology company. We just happen to make steel.” Shea Homes: “We’re a service company
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We Are Huron
The transformation from fowl to meat begins with carbon dioxide. The gas knocks the turkeys out; a blade finishes the job. It’s all surprisingly clean, down to the vacuums that suck out their lungs. Stripped of organs and feathers, the line of identi
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