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$19.1 Billion Disaster Aid Bill Stalled After Republican Blocks House Vote
Rep. Chip Roy objected to a procedural vote on a bipartisan $19.1 billion disaster aid bill, forcing Congress to wait until June to finish work on the legislation.
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Amy Poehler Leads A Girls' Trip With 'Some Of The Funniest People In The World'
For Rachel Dratch's 50th birthday, Poehler gathered her friends and fellow SNL alumni for a vacation to the Napa Valley. For her directorial debut Wine Country, she basically did the same thing.
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Kenya's Judges Uphold Laws That Criminalize Gay Sex
A three-judge panel made a unanimous ruling on Friday that outraged the LGBTQ community. People convicted of homosexual acts will continue to face the threat of up to 14 years in prison.
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Julián Castro Wants To Redefine Which Immigrants Have 'Merit'
The Democratic presidential candidate wants to decriminalize border crossing and argues that President Trump's proposed "merit-based" immigration system "says that only certain people have merit."
NPR3 min read
How Disney Princesses Influence Girls Around The World
A researcher wanted to see how girls of different nationalities perceived the idea of a princess.
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Survivor Of Deadly 1983 Beirut Bombing: 'We Don't Talk About It Much'
Navy hospital corpsman James Edward Brown wasn't far from U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 that were the target of a terrorist attack. At StoryCorps, Brown remembers what he saw that day.
NPR4 min readSociety
At $2.1 Million, New Gene Therapy Is The Most Expensive Drug Ever
The Food and Drug Administration approved a new gene therapy for a rare but devastating genetic disorder. The drugmaker says the cost is worth it because it's a one-time treatment that saves lives.
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Theresa May Likely To Resign As U.K. Prime Minister Next Month, Reports Say
According to several U.K. media outlets, May is expected to say Friday that she will step down June 10, when a new contest to replace her will begin in her Conservative Party.
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As Allies See Nationalism Rise, Germany Sees Threats To Alliances It Champions
The worldview that nations should promote their interests over those of the international community poses a challenge for Germany, a country built on partnerships.
NPR4 min readFood & Wine
OPINION: Why Ditching Processed Foods Won't Be Easy — The Barriers To Cooking From Scratch
Though a new study shows that eating unprocessed food is healthier, home-cooked meals require resources that food experts take for granted, such as money and time, the authors of a new book argue.
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'Booksmart' Director Olivia Wilde: Teen Movies 'Made Me Excited To Be Young'
Wilde says her directorial debut is a "love letter" to the '80s and '90s movies that defined her adolescence. She hopes this film will help Generation Z "celebrate being young."
NPR5 min readPolitics
Biden, Sanders Highlight Familiar Split In Democratic Party
The former vice president is calling for unity and compromise, a restoration, of sort, of what Democrats view as normalcy. For Bernie Sanders and his supporters, that's hardly enough.
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Trump Orders An Additional 1,500 Troops To The Middle East
The Pentagon would not say where the troops would be sent, other than that they would not be heading to Iraq and Syria. Some of the forces have already arrived in the region.
NPR2 min readSociety
Harvey Weinstein 'Reaches $44 Million Deal' With Accusers
About $30 million would compensate women who have accused him of sexual misconduct as well as former employees of Weinstein Co. and studio creditors, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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'Two Wings: The Music Of Black America In Migration' Celebrates A Journey Millions Took
Singer Alicia Hall Moran and pianist Jason Moran mix original music works with 20th century spoken word to reflect on The Great Migration, when African Americans moved from the South to the North.
NPR3 min readSociety
Trump Administration Proposes Rule To Reverse Protections For Transgender Patients
A federal agency issued a proposed rule Friday that rolls back Obama-era protections for transgender patients. Advocates for transgender people say the rule leaves them vulnerable to discrimination.
NPR3 min readSociety
Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pays At $100 For Insured Residents
A new law, signed by the governor earlier this week, is aimed at helping diabetics afford the lifesaving medication.
NPR1 min read
Ed Sheeran's 'Cross Me' Links Up With Chance The Rapper
As the guest-heavy No. 6 Collaborations Project approaches, we ask: Is Ed Sheeran coming for DJ Khaled's throne?
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Police Say They Have 'Subway Brake Bandit,' Who Stopped Trains Without Reason
New York transit officials think he would surf on top of a train, get into the operating cabin, and then yank the emergency brake. The train would be delayed, along with others on that line.
NPR4 min readPolitics
Missouri Governor Signs Ban On Abortion After 8 Weeks Of Pregnancy
The bill makes no exception for cases of incest or rape and follows the approval of similar restrictions in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio.
NPR3 min read
Optimism After Daylong Meeting On Efforts To Fix Boeing 737 Max
The head of the Federal Aviation Administration hinted it could recertify the plane to fly passengers again by as soon as late June, but he would not commit to a timetable.
NPR5 min readSociety
In Midst Of Opioid Crisis, FDA May Block New Addiction Drug From Market
A quirk in the law gives an older opioid addiction treatment "orphan drug" status — and a period of exclusive market access. That may prevent some new therapies from reaching patients for years.
NPR2 min readSociety
Chef Mario Batali Pleads Not Guilty In Boston Assault And Battery Case
Batali stepped away from his restaurants and TV appearances after accusations of sexual harassment. He's now facing a charge he forcibly kissed and groped a woman at one of his restaurants in 2017.
NPR5 min readPolitics
Barr Is Investigating The Investigators: Will He Find Wrongdoing Or Political Fuel?
Attorney General William Barr may reveal what he discovers as he looks into the origins of the Russia investigation, the president says. Democrats complain about information being "weaponized."
NPR2 min readTech
The U.S. Postal Service Wants Your Mail Trucks To Drive Themselves
The USPS launched a self-driving truck program to move mail over a 1,000-mile route between Dallas and Phoenix.
NPR4 min read
Joel Ross And His (Exceptionally) Good Vibes
The vibraphonist has a "love-hate relationship" with his instrument that has been helpful in perfecting his craft — but it wouldn't mean much without the deep emotional well he pulls from.
NPR5 min readSociety
What One Doctor Is Doing To Fight Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs'
A doctor’s story of what it takes to save patients from increasingly deadly pathogens. As drug-resistant bacteria spread, can new genomic science battle back?
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Botswana Lifts Its Ban On Elephant Hunting
Fewer than 400 licenses will be granted annually, the government of Botswana said Thursday. Conservationists are decrying the decision as horrific and unethical.
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As Employment Rises, African American Transplants Ride Jobs Wave To The South
At a time of low unemployment for African Americans, educated, well-connected professionals are starting new lives in cities such as Charlotte, N.C.
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Amid Impeachment Cries, Pelosi Speaks: President Trump 'Engaged In Cover-Up'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she believes the President engaged in a "cover-up" as the call for impeachment gets louder from some Democrats.
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