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Tokyo Olympics Will Open Its Doors To A Small Fan Base — COVID Permitting
Up to 10,000 domestic fans will be allowed at events, or 50% of the venue's capacity, whichever is less, Olympics organizers said Monday.
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UNC Journalism School Tried To Give Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure. A Top Donor Objected
The star New York Times reporter's bid for a tenured professorship has run aground on racial politics and an approach to journalism that runs counter to the donor whose name adorns the school.
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Sweden's Prime Minister Has Lost A Confidence Vote In Parliament
The loss for Stefan Lofven, Sweden's Social Democratic prime minister, comes amid a housing crisis and skyrocketing real estate prices that have made buying property increasingly hard.
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The Supreme Court Sides With NCAA Athletes In A Narrow Ruling
The court ruled that NCAA rules are not reasonably necessary to distinguish between college and professional sports. Still, the ruling could be potentially transformative.
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Iran's New Hardline President, Ebrahim Raisi, Will Present New Challenges For Biden
The election of a cleric with allegiance to Iran's Supreme Leader will pose unique challenges for the Biden Administration. Most notably, when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal.
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Ethiopia's Abiy, A Nobel Winner Tarnished By The Violence In Tigray, Is Facing Voters
The Ethiopian prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner has come in for increasingly criticism for his handling of the breakaway region.
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Inside Merrick Garland's Vision Of Justice
Three months into the job, we take a close look at the DOJ under Attorney General Merrick Garland. From the ballot box to domestic terrorism: what is Garland’s vision of justice?
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A Russian Man Has Been Charged For The Death Of U.S. Student Catherine Serou
The 34-year-old student and former U.S. Marine went missing last week and was later found dead. Her mother says she received a text reading, "In a car with a stranger. I hope I'm not being abducted."
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New Zealand Weightlifter Will Be The First Openly Trans Competitor At The Olympics
But her selection is not without controversy. Some argue that because Laurel Hubbard went through male puberty, she will have an unfair advantage over her competitors.
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Julius Eastman, A Misunderstood Composer, Returns To The Light
A visionary who died young and alone in 1990, Eastman is making a slow but richly deserved comeback thanks to a curious younger generation. A new interpretation of his 1974 work Femenine is out now.
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Lumber Prices Are Finally Dropping After They Soared During The Pandemic
Demand for new homes and a rise in DIY renovation projects ate up the lumber supply during the pandemic. Meanwhile, sawmills struggled to keep pace amid COVID-19 setbacks.
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White House Says Democrats Might Revisit Filibuster Rules If Voting Rights Bill Fails
The controversial practice to stop a Senate proposal from being brought to a vote has caused some infighting among Democrats.
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Cleveland Wants 'Climate Justice.' Can The Biden Administration Help?
The White House wants to fight climate change in ways that also remove economic and racial disparities. The city of Cleveland has a plan that describes what that might mean.
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Carl Nassib Is The First Active NFL Player To Come Out As Gay
"I just want to take a quick moment to say that I'm gay," he said in an Instagram video. "I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but I finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest."
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6 Books To Help Your Kid Take The Next Steps Toward Social Justice
Ibram X. Kendi has been reading a lot of books about "the human rainbow" to his daughter — so we asked him to recommend some books kids can read to gain a better understanding of race in America.
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Los Angeles County Says Stop Feeding The Feral Peacocks
There's been an increase in wild peacocks in Southern California. Many people hate them; many people love them; and many hear their piercing screams.
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Cargo Is Piling Up Everywhere And It's Making Inflation Worse
A surge in imports is overwhelming transportation networks and testing supply chains, making life hard for small business owners.
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Europe Watches With Worry As Delta Variant Spreads Fast In The U.K. And Lisbon
Cases remain low in Spain, Germany and France, but health ministers there say the fast spread of the Delta coronavirus strain elsewhere shows a serious threat.
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Netanyahu To Leave Prime Minister's Residence By July 10
Netanyahu served for 12 years as prime minister. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett succeeded in cobbling together a government after Israel's fourth election in two years.
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Life-Threatening Flash Flooding Rises In Claudette's Path
Claudette was declared organized enough to qualify as a named tropical storm early Saturday morning, well after the storm's center of circulation had come ashore southwest of New Orleans.
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'Widespread Panic' Might Be The Most Ellroy Book James Ellroy Has Ever Written
The Demon Dog of Crime Fiction is back, with more boocoo bad business, pervs, prowlers, and putzo politicians than ever in this story of a real-life cop who knew it all (and had the pictures, too).
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How Many Dads Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb? Father's Day By The Numbers
Father's Day happens each year on the third Sunday in June. Here are some fun facts — and a few groaners — to celebrate the day we honor all the dads out there.
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Sunday Puzzle: Hidden Cities
Efrem Mallach plays the puzzle with puzzlemaster Will Shortz and NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro.
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A Hopi Artist Grapples With His Complicated Legacy And Learns To Be A Better Father
Duane Koyawena quit drinking 12 years ago after his own dad died from alcoholism. At the same time, he learned he was going to be father and wanted to stop the cycle.
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A Driver Crashed Into The Crowd At A Pride Parade In Florida, Killing One Man
Some witnesses said the crash in the city of Wilton Manors appeared to be an intentional act, but authorities told reporters that they were investigating all possibilities.
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Enthusiastic Amateurs Advance Science As They Hunt For Exotic Mushrooms
Scientists who study mushrooms get a boost from a network of sophisticated aficionados who tromp through the forests observing oddball species and sharing valuable information about their finds.
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A 15-Vehicle Crash On An Alabama Highway Has Left 9 Children Dead
Eight of the children were traveling in a van belonging to a youth ranch operated by the Alabama Sheriffs Association for abused or neglected children. A 9-month-old baby died in a separate vehicle.
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Claudette Downgraded To Tropical Depression, Will Strengthen As It Nears East Coast
Tropical Depression Claudette is expected to return to a tropical storm status before it hits the North Carolina coast. The storm will bring torrential rain and high waters.
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Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced he would travel to space earlier this month. Shortly after, a petition began circulating asking that he not come back.
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As Brazil Tops 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths, Protesters Blame President
Anti-government protesters took to the streets nationwide as Brazil's death toll reached a grim benchmark — a tragedy many critics attribute to President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic.
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