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Reading the First Drafts of Anna Karenina
We know that Tolstoy’s reading of a collection of Alexander Pushkin’s fiction on March 18, 1873, brought on an urge to write; sometime later that day, his right hand picked up his pen and, instead of trying again to inspire himself about the court of
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In Honor of the #BlackoutBestsellerList, 5 Audiobooks by Black Women
In June, the editorial director of Harper Collins’s Amistad Press imprint, Tracy Sherrod, started the #BlackoutBestsellerList challenge to amplify black voices in publishing. The hope was that, with a bigger audience for African American authors, sys
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On Flannery O’Connor’s Chronic Illness… and Chronic Racism
Our stories about illness are imprinted with the words of those who suffered before us. These writers—be they among the dead, like Audre Lorde, Susan Sontag and Virginia Woolf, or among the living, like Anne Boyer, Esmé Weijun Wang, and Sonya Huber—s
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The Trailblazing Black Models of Miss America
When would a woman of color become a finalist? Miss USA was already way ahead of Miss America in embracing diversity; its first Asian American winner, Macel Wilson of Hawaii, took that crown in 1962. Jayne Kennedy, the first black Miss Ohio USA, was
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Letter to a Daughter Who Will Wear Two Masks
Maybe I’ll be wrong about this whole thing. It’s possible. So, alright, here goes… Hi there. I realize you don’t know me and perhaps never will, but I’ve always wanted a daughter, a little girl like you. Heck, I spent my life preparing, nervous about
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On The Great And Terrible Hurricane Of 1938
It had been exceptionally rainy during the summer of 1938 in the Northeast, but Wednesday, September 21 was shaping up to be a nice reprieve, starting out warm and mostly sunny, promising to be a beautiful day. Despite the pleasing weather, however,
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It Takes Many Voices to Find the Truth
Yesterday I stopped in at my local bookstore in London. It’s a small shop, but a good one, and seeing its doors open again was like hearing an ice-cream truck from a block away as a kid. I walked straight into traffic to cross the street to get there
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How Similar Are the Hot, Historic Summers of 2020 and 1968?
The early spring of 2020 saw defiantly unmasked, gun-toting crowds loudly demanding state legislatures and governors not close anything down because of the virus. A month or so later millions of people took to the streets much more loudly to chant th
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Garth Greenwell on Being Patient AND Indulgent
Writing can be lonely work; WMFA counters that with conversation. It’s a show about creativity and craft, where writer and host Courtney Balestier talks shop with some of today’s best writers and examines the issues we face when we do creative work.
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Valeria Luiselli: My Problem With Magic Realism
Damian Barr’s Literary Salon tempts the world’s best writers to read exclusively from their latest greatest works and share their own personal stories. Star guests include Jojo Moyes, John Waters, Yaa Gyasi, Mary Beard, Diana Athill and Louis de Bern
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“In This Phase In The 58th American Presidentiad (United States)”
. . . in this phase of the American experiment acts of systemic oligarchic thievery crushed into the body of a child in a chain-linked cage in a row of tents in an old warehouse clutching a copy of her mother’s ID card; amped- up signs. Whitman’s To
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We Need to Treat Artists as Workers, Not Decorations
Art and money: the great taboo. Art, we’ve been taught to believe, has nothing to do with money, must have nothing to do with money, is defiled by contact with money, is degraded by the very thought of money. Those ideas, articles of faith today, are
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Nothing Scares Congressional Lobbyists Like Rats in a Toilet Bowl
It was one of those uncomfortable morning strategy sessions with his senior staff. For House Speaker Reginald Blamer, the discomfort was in having to figure ways to continue blocking a long overdue raise in the federal minimum wage for many millions
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WATCH: Jazz Pianist Marcus Roberts Get the Blues and Talks Musical Influences
This episode continues our video series at Lit Hub to benefit the wonderful Mighty Writers, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that teaches reading and writing to thousands of low-income and marginalized students every year and is seeing more need than
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Encounters With The Black Madonna Of Lake Ohrid
“I’ll leave you alone with her,” the keeper said, laughing away my protestations that I wasn’t here to ask for help, I just wanted to see the icon. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “She doesn’t discriminate.” The flagstoned terrace of the monastery was
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Eight Books You Should Read This August
Lina Wolff (trans. Saskia Vogel), Many People Die Like You (And Other Stories) Lina Wolff’s The Polyglot Lovers (translated by Saskia Vogel) was one of my favorite books of 2019, an absolutely savage and brilliant novel that pivots around each turn
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Even When Records Fall Short, Black History Must Be Told
I grew up with my family speaking through circumlocution. I knew other Black families who didn’t speak about the past or present due to trauma. These omissions were inspiration for writing a book in the first place. I traveled across the country to c
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Learning To Write From Willie Nelson And One Of The Greatest Albums Of The 1970s
I like to play an old vinyl copy of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger for my child. She’s six, and she perks up with the song “Hands on the Wheel,” which I have forever sung as her lullaby. She doesn’t understand that the full weight of the concept
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Zephyr Teachout: Has the Entire American Economy Become Monopolized?
The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically disrupting not only our daily lives but society itself. This show features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the deeper economic, political, and technological consequenc
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How White Supremacists Used Mardi Gras to Enforce Racial Division
The stage is arranged, the Ku-Klux pageant begins. On March 4, 1867, a Monday at 10 am, 2,000 firemen jostle left and right into parade columns on Canal Street, near the levee of the river. Their costume is full dress uniform. Marshals from the Firem
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Postcards From A Quarantined Paradise
March 13, 2020 It’s the last day of my “Food Writing” class before spring break. Several students are out sick, and those present look exhausted. Hawaiʻi may be one of the most isolated places in the world, but it’s also an international hub. All the
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Cautionary Lessons From Turkey’s Slide Into Totalitarianism
“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” I’ve been thinking about that famous snippet of Hemingway dialogue recently, not as it applies to finances but rather as it applies to life in a free society
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Susan Orlean on Our Collective Desire For a Little Levity Right Now
Hosted by Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes chronicles shifting paradigms in the age of social distancing. Each day, Paul calls a guest for a brief discussion about how they are experiencing the global pandemic. Today on episode 90 of The Quara
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Navigating The Dual Nightmare Of An Opioid Epidemic And A Global Pandemic
The liquor stores never closed during quarantine. I thought the designation of liquor stores as “essential” was a recognition that alcohol was a quasi-food product—after all, many grocery and convenience stores sold it. Even if liquor stores closed,
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Reading the Planet’s Future in Hawai‘i’s April Rains
In the evening it started to rain, pooling in the backyard until the earth couldn’t swallow it anymore and the grass went under, a jade gleam like a rice paddy. Then it started coming in, finding the weakness under the sliding doors, seeping and spil
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With Pandemic Information Overload How Can We Tell What is Real?
“When the brain is hurt by an accident, or the mind disordered by dreams or sickness, the fancy is overrun with wild dismal ideas, and terrified with a thousand hideous monsters of its own framing.” –Joseph Addison We know next to nothing. That’s how
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The Natural World Can Teach Us a Lot About the Ancient Art of Bulls**t
We would like to understand what bullshit is, where it comes from, and why so much of it is produced. To answer these questions, it is helpful to look back into deep time at the origins of the phenomenon. Bullshit is not a modern invention. In one of
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Headed North: What to Pack for Siberia
With travel writing my profession, I’ve learned to pack for work trips with just a few hours to spare before leaving for the airport. I’ve usually got it right: a uniform drilled down to absolute essentials be it an assignment for the Financial Times
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Leigh Stein on Satirizing Her Real-Life BinderCon Experience
Leigh Stein is the guest. Her new novel, Self Care, is available from Penguin. From the episode: Leigh Stein: At the time I was running a conference for women writers called BinderCon, and we did one event in New York every year and one event in Los
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“We Will Have Wanted to Have”
I said trouble. I meant summer. I can’t wait For summer to be over. Just because you’re Sitting tucked up under a bridge doesn’t mean You’re in a tunnel, doesn’t mean the weather Won’t find you, doesn’t mean the train Villains up the story just becau
…Или откройте для себя что-то новое