Union of Concerned Scientists7 мин. чтенияDiscrimination & Race Relations
Reflections on Black History Month—and the Present for Black Scientists
Are Black scientists welcome and included in STEM fields and institutions? Senior Outreach Coordinator Tosin Fadeyi reflects on those who cleared the way for her to become a scientist, and what changes still need to happen for true equity and inclusi
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
What Can We Learn From the EU Battery Law?
Last December, the European Union (EU) agreed on a comprehensive battery policy that aims to make electric vehicles (EVs) more sustainable. Included in the regulation are requirements for mineral sourcing, life cycle emissions, information sharing, a
Union of Concerned Scientists6 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
EPA Can Save Lives with Tighter Protections on Fine Particulate Pollution
Given the deadly risks of soot, especially to communities assaulted by polluting industries and vehicle exhaust from highways and heavy trucking, there’s nothing fine about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) recent proposal to clamp down o
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
How Is Climate Change Affecting Winter Storms in the US?
With extreme winter weather breaking out across the United States this week, a question in many people’s minds is—how is climate change affecting winter storms? I had the good fortune to chat about this with world-renowned expert, Dr. Jennifer Franci
Union of Concerned Scientists7 мин. чтенияPoverty & Homelessness
A Hunger Cliff Is Looming: Time to Rethink Nutrition Assistance
Extended federal food assistance is set to expire next week, and millions of families are at risk of going hungry. Interdisciplinary Scientist Alice Reznickova explains why SNAP needs to be rethought and expanded.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
Oil Companies Plan to Take the Road Already Traveled
How will fossil fuel companies attempt to dodge responsibility for their contributions to climate change in 2023? Corporate Analyst & Advocate Laura Peterson is watching.
Union of Concerned Scientists2 мин. чтения
Minnesota: Will This Be the Year for a 100-Percent Carbon-Free Electricity Policy?
The Minnesota House has passed a 100-precent standard three times. Now it is again up to the Senate.
Union of Concerned Scientists2 мин. чтения
Six Ways Science Can Boost Climate Accountability in 2023
This year holds many opportunities for science-based accountability measures for Big Oil. Accountability Campaign Director Kathy Mulvey provides details on how these could play out.
Union of Concerned Scientists4 мин. чтения
Three Predictions for Climate Litigation in 2023
Science Hub for Climate Litigation lead Delta Merner offers her predictions for legal cases against the fossil fuel industry in 2023.
Union of Concerned Scientists4 мин. чтения
As Congress Prepares for a Farm Bill, Will There Be Justice for Black Farmers?
New legislation has been introduced that would support existing and aspiring Black farmers, and address anti-Black racism at the USDA.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 мин. чтенияWorld
Can Talks with China about Nuclear Weapons Be Constructive?
Politico reported US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is “under pressure” to “raise administration concerns” about the size of China’s nuclear arsenal when he travels to Beijing in early February. Constructive conversations on nuclear weapons policy
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
ESG Investing Fight Is Heating up in Kentucky and Could Cost Taxpayers
The image that comes to mind when I think of fossil fuel villains is Batman’s adversary Two-Face. To be two-faced is to be deceitful, and deception is what the fossil fuel industry executives excel in. One face flaunts how green, clean, and environme
Union of Concerned Scientists6 мин. чтения
Storm Elliott Knocked Out Fossil-Fuel Power. We’ve Been Here Before.
To reduce the risk of grid failures, the United States has to diversify its power system and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
Science and Politics Are Inseparable
On January 10th, I attended my first court hearing to observe a case in which the Louisville Gas and Electric company is suing the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation, so they can seize land to build a new natural (methane) gas pipeline. Dozens of people we
Union of Concerned Scientists7 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
Understanding The Science To Better Protect The Public From Cumulative Impacts
An interview with two leading scientists in the emerging field of cumulative risks and impacts.
Union of Concerned Scientists4 мин. чтения
ExxonMobil Accurately Projected Rising Temperatures While Publicly Disparaging Climate Science
New research verifies that the company knew decades ago that its products threaten the climate.
Union of Concerned Scientists7 мин. чтения
Confronting the Climate Crisis with Scientist Activism: the Essential Role of Rule Breakers
Our society generally agrees that in times of crisis, rules may have to be broken for vital causes by those willing to risk the consequences. But what of the climate crisis? What rules should scientists be breaking, repercussions be damned, to help s
Union of Concerned Scientists7 мин. чтения
Roundup: Congress Passes an Omnibus Spending Bill to Mixed Reviews
Science Network blogger Liz Borkowski offers her quarterly roundup of scientific integrity-related news, covering the last quarter of 2022.
Union of Concerned Scientists4 мин. чтения
Should New Gas Stoves Be Banned?
Gas stoves emit hazardous pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds, as well as methane, a potent global warming gas.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
Four Quotes From Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial Complex Speech That Still Resonate Today
Congress has failed to perform its oversight responsibilities over the military-industrial complex.
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
New White House Guidance Protects Federal Scientists and Their Work
The new framework helps protect science-based decisions from undue political interference at all federal agencies.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
In 2020 and 2022, Voting to Cut Pentagon Budget Didn’t Result in House Losses
The political class believes that being ‘strong’ on security means writing the Pentagon a blank check
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
Offshore Wind: What to Watch For in 2023
With strong attention to getting it right, we can make a lot of gains for realizing wind technology’s potential this year.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
Kishida’s Nuclear Conundrum
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is coming to the United States to meet with President Joseph Biden. His visit is part of a tour of the member states of the G7; an elite group among the world’s 193 nations that holds approximately 10% of the wor
Union of Concerned Scientists10 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
Ask a Scientist: Confronting Putin’s Nuclear Threat
To get a better understanding of the likelihood of Putin reversing his latest position on using nuclear weapons in Ukraine and the fallout—in every sense of the word—if he did, I turned to Eryn MacDonald, an analyst with the Union of Concerned Scien
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
Happy New Year, New England?
Happy New Year! According to the science, over the next 7 years we must focus on reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases significantly to halve emissions by 2030 and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Getting there requires an all-of-societ
Union of Concerned Scientists4 мин. чтения
Climate Change in 2022: Multiple Billion-Dollar Disasters and Unbearable Human Costs
Today the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its annual report on billion-dollar weather and climate-related disasters in the United States, which tells a grimly familiar story. In 2022, the nation experienced 18 disaste
Union of Concerned Scientists6 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
Two Years After the Insurrection, Democracy and Disinformation Continue to Collide
The fight is not over. The threat of disinformation, and the bad actors who trade in it, is as active as ever. Even as we celebrate the steps we’ve taken toward building a healthier democracy, we must remain vigilant against those who still seek to u
Union of Concerned Scientists5 мин. чтения
What Does Western Grid Regionalization Mean for California?
As California and other states begin to reach their broader energy goals, grid regionalization could be a golden opportunity to accelerate that progress.
Union of Concerned Scientists4 мин. чтения
Federal Progress on EV Charging in 2022
As we bid farewell to 2022 and look forward to 2023, I’ve been reflecting on progress made in the past year, particularly in the implementation of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. We had a strong start to 2022 when
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