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Trump’s Misleading Comments On Biden And The Coronavirus
In July 14 remarks in the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump made a series of false, misleading and unsupported statements about the novel coronavirus and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's position on it. The post T
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Bogus Quote on Projected Deaths of Children Attributed to DeVos
Social media posts claim that Betsy DeVos said "only" 0.02% of children are "likely to die" of COVID-19 from schools reopening in the fall. There's no evidence she ever said that. The post Bogus Quote on Projected Deaths of Children Attributed to DeV
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Video Falsely Stokes Concerns About Voting in Louisiana Primary
A viral video falsely labeled "Registered Republican Not Allowed to Vote!" suggests that Republicans were kept from voting in Louisiana's recent primary. The person featured in the video -- which has been viewed millions of times -- was actually regi
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‘Face Mask Exempt Card’ Isn’t Legitimate
A "face mask exempt card" shared on social media invokes the Americans with Disabilities Act and claims to excuse people from wearing face masks. But the group behind the card -- "Freedom to Breathe Agency" -- is not a government agency, and federal
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Trump’s Misleading Spin on Roger Stone’s Conviction
In commuting Roger Stone's prison sentence, President Donald Trump and the White House gave a misleading account of Stone's conviction and the federal investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. The post Trump’s Misleading Spin on
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Social Media Posts Spread False Claim About Fauci’s Wife
Social media posts falsely claim that Ghislaine Maxwell, the associate of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is the sister of Dr. Christine Grady, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wife. Maxwell and Grady are not siblings. The post Social Media Posts Spread Fals
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Donald Trump Jr. Shares Unsupported Claim that ‘Democrats’ Vandalized Statue
Donald Trump Jr. has shared a viral meme that makes the unsupported claim that a statue of abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass in Rochester, New York, was torn down by “Democrats.” Police have made no arrests, and are "still looking into" who comm
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Post Falsely Attributes Racist Remarks to Fashion Designer
A viral image on Facebook falsely attributes racist comments to the fashion designer Michael Kors. The quotes were fabricated by a now-defunct satirical website in 2015, but have been circulating as if true ever since. The post Post Falsely Attribute
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Navarro Doesn’t Give Full Picture On Hydroxychloroquine
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro has promoted the “astonishing” results of an observational study that found hydroxychloroquine was associated with lower mortality for patients hospitalized for COVID-19. But the study has limitations, and mult
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Meme Misconstrues Efficacy of Face Masks in Spread of COVID-19
A meme suggesting that face masks are useless against COVID-19 has been circulating online. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a face covering in public since the virus is transmitted mostly through droplets produce
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Cherry-Picking Collins’ Prescription Drug Votes
A Democratic TV ad attacks Sen. Susan Collins for voting twice "to allow drug companies to keep cheaper generic drugs off the market," but omits the fact that Collins has supported bills intended to increase generic-drug competition and lower prescri
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NextGen Climate Action/NextGen America
NextGen Climate Action Committee is a liberal environmental advocacy organization founded by San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer. The post NextGen Climate Action/NextGen America appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Americans for Prosperity
A network of conservative/libertarian groups heavily financed by Koch Industries. The post Americans for Prosperity appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Americas PAC
A conservative super PAC that attempts to convince minority voters to support Republican candidates. The post Americas PAC appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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A liberal super PAC that seeks to defeat President Donald Trump. The post Pacronym appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Trump’s False Claim on Coronavirus Harm
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that through May 30, 14% of confirmed coronavirus cases led to hospitalizations -- including 2% in intensive care units. But President Donald Trump falsely claimed "99%" of cases "are totally ha
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Trump’s Misguided Tweet Seeking Wallace Apology for Noose ‘Hoax’
President Donald Trump misdirected blame when he questioned why NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace had not "apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid ... only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX."
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Officials Didn’t Say Epstein Associate Has COVID-19
Social media posts falsely assert that Ghislaine Maxwell -- the recently arrested associate of Jeffrey Epstein -- has tested positive for COVID-19 in jail. The story is the product of a website that says its work is satire. The post Officials Didn’t
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Trump’s False Military Equipment Claim
President Donald Trump has falsely claimed his administration invested "$2.5 trillion in all of the greatest equipment in the world" for the military. That's approximately the total for defense budgets from 2017 to 2020, but the cost of purchasing ne
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Video Presents Flawed Test on Masks, Oxygen Levels
A viral video questions the safety of face masks by using a gas detector to purportedly show that masks result in dangerous oxygen levels for the wearer. But experts -- and the company that makes the gas detector -- say the video's test is scientific
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Giuliani’s Misleading Attack On De Blasio And Crime
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani misleadingly contrasted his mayoral record on crime with a recent spike in murders under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, citing the uptick as evidence that Democratic mayors are "a danger to their people." Th
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Popular Facebook Post Was Not Written by Tennis Star
A viral Facebook post whose author expresses frustration with COVID-19, racial and political divisions, and other topics is falsely attributed to tennis star Serena Williams. It was actually written by another Facebook user with the same name. The po
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Trump’s Baseless Attacks on Times, Post Reporting on Russia Probe
President Donald Trump has attacked reporting on the Russia investigation by the New York Times and the Washington Post as “fake news," asserting -- along with his press secretary -- that the news organizations should return the Pulitzer Prizes they
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Viral Post Falsely Attributes ‘Shadow Government’ Claim to Krauthammer
A Christian blogger writing for The Daily Jot accused former President Barack Obama in 2017 of running a "shadow government." The blog post has been recirculating lately on social media, but it is falsely attributed to the late Pulitzer Prize-winning
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Painting of Children in Masks Isn’t a 1994 Airport Mural
Viral posts wrongly claim that a painting depicting children in face masks was created as a mural for the Denver airport in 1994 -- and baselessly suggest the COVID-19 pandemic was planned. The painting is not at the airport, and is not from 1994. Th
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COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, By the Numbers
Noting that the United States accounts for about one-quarter of global COVID-19 cases and deaths, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the U.S. has "the worst record of any country in the world." While the U.S. has the most confirmed cases and deaths by a
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Meme Misrepresents Florida Surgeon General’s Position on Face Masks
Amid a surge in Florida's COVID-19 cases, a Facebook meme dated June 24 falsely claims the state's surgeon general recommended that people stop wearing face masks. The surgeon general actually issued an advisory two days earlier saying everyone in Fl
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Wearing Face Mask During Pandemic Doesn’t Affect Concealed Carry Permit
A meme making the bogus claim that wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic "REMOVES YOUR CONCEAL CARRY ability" is spreading widely online. Laws regulating concealed weapons vary by state, but sheriffs in many states have debunked the rumor.
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FactCheck.org Wins Sigma Delta Chi Award for Steel Story
FactCheck.org has won a 2019 Sigma Delta Chi Award for fact-checking from the Society of Professional Journalists.  The post FactCheck.org Wins Sigma Delta Chi Award for Steel Story appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Trump Falsely Claims Obama ‘Destroyed’ Maine Lobster Industry
Then-President Barack Obama's 2016 designation of a marine monument off the New England coast grandfathered in lobster and crab harvesting for seven years -- so there has been absolutely no impact as of yet on the lobster industry. The post Trump Fal
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