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For ‘Greener’ Concrete, Use Volcanic Rock?
Replacing just one of concrete’s main ingredients with volcanic rock could slash carbon emissions from manufacturing the material by nearly two-thirds, according to a new study. Concrete has given us the Pantheon in Rome, the Sydney Opera House, the
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Do Student Social Media Posts Count As Free Speech?
When students post on social media from off of school property, are those posts protected as free speech? The US Supreme Court will issue a ruling that decides that question before adjourning for the summer. When Brandi Levy, a junior varsity cheerle
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Endangered Blue Whales Are Singing In The Indian Ocean
Endangered blue whales are present and singing off the southwest coast of India, research shows. The findings suggest conservation measures should include this region, which is considering expanding tourism. Analysis of recordings from late 2018 to e
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Book Traces Long History Of Black Women Doing Yoga
A new book highlights how Black women have historically used yoga to practice self-care. The pandemic has emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself amid anxiety, uncertainty, and stress. For Black women, who often face a disproportionate b
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Name The Emotion You Want Drone Video To Capture
A new model lets a drone shoot a video based on a desired emotion or viewer reaction. It takes skill to fly a drone smoothly and without crashing. Once someone has mastered flying, there are still camera angles, panning speeds, trajectories, and flig
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Face Masks Really Work Even With Some Leaks
New research confirms that surgical face masks effectively reduce outgoing airborne particles from talking or coughing, even after allowing for leakage around the edges of the mask. Wearing masks and other face coverings can reduce the flow of airbor
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Urine Test Detects New Or Returning Bladder Cancer
A new urine screening test can detect new or recurrent cases of bladder cancer, researchers report. The test uses a protein called keratin 17 as a cancer biomarker. Accurate detection of bladder cancer, or urothelial carcinoma (UC), is often difficul
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Postpartum Women In Bad Relationships Face More Health Risks
Postpartum women in bad romantic relationships are not only more likely to suffer symptoms of depression, but are also at greater long-term risk of illness or death, according to a new study. Researchers examined how relationships and partner behavio
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To Save Migrating Birds, Turn Off Some Lights
Darkening just half of a building’s windows can make a big difference for migrating birds, a new study shows. Every night during the spring and fall migration seasons, thousands of birds are killed when they crash into illuminated windows, disoriente
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How To Combine Nanocrystals That Don’t Like Each Other
Researchers have developed a blueprint for designing new materials using difficult combinations of nanocrystals. The work could lead to improvements in nanocrystals already used in displays, medical imaging, and diagnostics, and enable new materials
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Teens Have A Hard Time Finding Truth Online
A new national study shows a woeful inability by high schoolers to detect fake news on the internet. The research suggests an urgent need for schools to integrate new tools and curriculum into classrooms that boost students’ digital skills, the study
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Fossils Reveal Some Fish Survived In Ancient Hot Water
Fishes thrived in the tropics in an ancient warm period despite high ocean temperatures, according to a new study. The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM, was a short interval of highly elevated global temperatures 56 million years ago that is
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Workers Who Feel Powerless Get Paranoid And Aggressive
When employees lack power at work, they can feel vulnerable and paranoid. In turn, that paranoia can cause people to lash out against colleagues or family members and even seek to undermine their organization’s success, according to new research. “Hi
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Other Laws Affecting Pregnancy Lag Behind Legal Pot
The legalization of cannabis, without repealing certain policies, could widen gaps in health and social equity around pregnancy, a new commentary argues. A number of states across the country have legalized recreational cannabis. “This is the perfect
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IVF Test Actually Rules Out Viable Embryos
A new study casts doubt on the genetic test that eliminates a majority of potential embryos from use in vitro fertilization due to possible abnormalities. The selection process limits the success of IVF, especially among older women and those diagnos
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Partners Play Key Role In Pregnant Women’s Drinking
Partners can directly influence the likelihood that a pregnant woman will drink alcohol and feel depressed, which affects fetal development, new research shows. The study, published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, highlights the impo
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Genes Wire Puppies To Communicate With People
Puppies may be wired to communicate with people, according to a new study. Dogs’ social skills may be present shortly after birth rather than learned, the research suggests. The study in the journal Current Biology also finds that genetics may help e
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2-drug Combo Shrinks Breast Cancer Tumors
Researchers have discovered a new targeted combination drug therapy that efficiently reduces tumor growth in metastatic breast cancer. Their findings could lead to the development of a new first line targeted therapy for the treatment of triple negat
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Method Lets AI Create Better Original Images
Researchers report a new method for controlling how artificial intelligence systems create images. At issue is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) task called conditional image generation, in which AI systems create images that meet a specific set
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5 Ways To Mend Colonialism’s Legacy In Ecology
The field of ecology needs to account for the historical legacy of colonialism that has shaped people and the natural world, researchers argue. They make this claim about ecology, the field of biology devoted to the study of organisms and their natur
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Electric Fish Also Pause To Make A Point
Electric fish pause before sharing something particularly meaningful. Pauses also prime the sensory systems to receive new and important information, according to new research. American writer and humorist Mark Twain once offered, “The right word may
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Early Trial Shows Flickering Lights Could Fight Alzheimer’s
An early feasibility study shows flickering lights and sound could be a new weapon against Alzheimer’s disease. For the past few years, Annabelle Singer and her collaborators have been using flickering lights and sound to treat mouse models of Alzhei
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Corals May Co-evolve With The Algae Inside Them
Corals co-evolve with the microscopic algae that live within their cells, according to a new study. The study reveals that genetic differences within a species of these microalgal symbionts correspond to the coral species they inhabit, a discovery th
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To Talk About Prenups, Use Metaphors
Prenuptial agreements, or “prenups,” can be difficult to talk about. A look at comments on Reddit offers one way to discuss the often taboo subject: Use metaphors. “Many people view prenups as being negative, and argue that they indicate a lack of fa
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Humans May Have Set Foot In North America Way Earlier Than Thought
The first humans may have arrived in North America more than 30,000 years ago—nearly 20,000 years earlier than originally thought. Researchers made the discovery while studying the origins of agriculture in the Tehuacan Valley in Mexico. As part of t
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Team Links Shift Worker Sleep To ‘Chronotype’
Researchers have discovered a link between chronotype and the amount of sleep shift workers can get with their irregular schedules. Getting enough sleep can be a real challenge for shift workers, affecting their overall health. But what role does bei
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Book Traces Shared Roots Of Capitalism And Racial Slavery
A new book goes back to the 17th century to explore the emergence of both racial slavery and capitalism in American history. Nearly half of American adults say that it is “very important” for people to educate themselves about the history of racial i
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Fitbit And Spy Mic Track Elusive Canada Lynx
Using a Fitbit and a spy mic, researchers have gained new insight into the behavior of the elusive Canada lynx. The new study also provides a first look at how miniaturized technology can open the door to remote wildlife monitoring. “We captured chas
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Why Is There A Shortage Of Lumber In The US?
Why is the United States experiencing a lumber shortage? An expert has answers. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has experienced shortages of medical materials, manufacturing products and even consumer goods like toilet paper and h
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India-China Collision Raised World’s ‘Roof’ Almost 2,000 Feet
The ‘Roof of the World’ appears to have risen by up to 600 meters [1,968.5 feet], new research indicates. Tibet is referred to as the Roof of the World for good reason. With an average altitude of 4,500 meters [14,763.78 feet] above sea level and the
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