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Mindfulness App Cuts Smoking. Brain Scans Suggest How
People who tried a new mindfulness app reported smoking fewer cigarettes a day, according to a new study. Further, the researchers say the people who most reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked also showed decreased reactivity to smoking-relate
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Video Captures T-cell ‘Training’ Program
For the first time, researchers have captured on video what happens when T-cells undergo a type of assassin-training program before they get unleashed in the body. T cells are the contract killers of the immune system, responsible for wiping out bact
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Maps Reveal Symbiosis In The World’s Forests
A new effort to map the most abundant of the symbiotic relationships among trees, fungi, and bacteria—involving more than 1.1 million forest sites and 28,000 tree species—reveals factors that determine where different types of symbionts will flourish
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You Should Learn The Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning
Here is expert advice on how to avoid and recognize alcohol poisoning—both in yourself and others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2,200 alcohol poisoning deaths occur in the United States each year, an average of six peop
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Spiders Inspire Nerve-like Sensors For Drones
New sensors take inspiration from spiders, bats, birds, and other animals and their real-life “spidey senses.” If drones and self-driving cars had the tingling spidey senses of Spider-Man, they might actually detect and avoid objects better, says And
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Joint Pain Supplement May Lower Heart Disease Risk
Regular use of glucosamine supplements may be linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease events, according to a new study. The findings suggest that glucosamine could help prevent coronary heart disease and stroke, but further clinical trials w
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These Factors Limit Minority Blood Donation
Medical mistrust is a significant barrier to blood donation among minorities, research finds. Better community education and communication are critical for increasing levels of blood donation among minorities, according to the new study. Nursing asso
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Hyperspectral Camera Gathers Data In An Instant
Engineers are building a portable spectrometer that can attach to a small satellite, fly on an airplane or a drone, or someday even be handheld. Bioengineer Tomasz Tkaczyk and his colleagues at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering and Wiess
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Child Abuse Linked To Elder Abuse Of Chinese Americans
Chinese Americans abused as children and those who experienced intimate partner violence face an increased risk of abuse when they are elderly, according to a new study. Researchers surveyed 3,157 Chinese American adults over age 60 and found that th
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Why Progressive Candidates Should Talk Like Conservatives
In political messages, values can be more persuasive than policies, research finds. When political candidates talk about progressive economic policies in language consistent with traditionally conservative values—such as patriotism, the American drea
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These Warnings Fight Email Phishing Scams Best
New research compares different kinds of warnings alerting email users to potential phishing scams. Just when we think we have a handle on the tricks data thieves have up their sleeves to hack our devices in an attempt to steal our information, someo
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Nationwide Soda Tax Would Mean $7B In Net Benefits
Soda taxes offer a “net good,” according to an analysis of health benefits and consumer behavior. The two working papers point to advantages similar to those of long-standing cigarette taxes, also offers policy parameters more effective than many exi
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Biodiversity Gives Kelp Forests A Big Stability Boost
Biodiversity gives kelp forests more stability than scientists previously believed, according to a new study. An ecosystem arises from the effects of many different levels of organization. There are the species, their populations, the communities the
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Strategy Could Turn CO2 Emissions Into Useful Chemicals
If the world can create enough renewable energy to make the effort worthwhile, there’s an opportunity to divert billions of tons of CO2 from smokestacks into the chemical supply chain, according to new research. Chemical production emits staggering a
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Only 40% Of U.S. Kids Are Flourishing
Less than half of school-aged children in the United States are flourishing, research finds. The new study also finds that the children most likely to flourish—across all levels of household income, health status, and exposure to adverse childhood ex
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After Augmented Reality, The Virtual World Still Affects You
New research digs into how augmented reality affects people’s behavior—in both the physical world and a digitally enhanced one. Researchers found that after people had an experience in augmented reality (AR)—which goggles that layer computer-generate
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Conservation Agriculture Isn’t One-size-fits-all
The kind of conservation agriculture that works in the United States isn’t necessarily a good fit elsewhere in the world, research finds. Because of its success in the US and other countries, conservation agriculture, or CA, has been widely promoted
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Why Elephants Munch More Acacia In Cool Weather
Temperature strongly affects the give-and-take relationship between acacia trees on the African savanna and their carnivorous ant protectors, research finds. New research shows that these ant-protected plants are much more vulnerable to becoming the
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Companies Send Confusing Alerts About Data Breaches
The notifications that companies send consumers about data breaches lack clarity and may add to customer confusion about whether their data is at risk, according to new research. Building on their previous research that showed consumers often take li
Futurity2 min read
Early Detection Could Get Ahead Of Dementia Damage
Scientists might have found an early detection method for some forms of dementia, according to new research. Patients with a rare neurodegenerative brain disorder called primary progressive aphasia, or PPA, show abnormalities in brain function in are
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Chip Splits Cancer Cells From Blood For Better Analysis
A new way to cleanly separate out cancer cells from a blood sample enables comprehensive genetic profiling of the cancer cells, according to a new study. Genetic profiling of cancer cells could help doctors target tumors and monitor treatments more e
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Ear Infection App Finds Fluid Behind Eardrum
A new app uses a paper funnel and your phone’s microphone and speaker to detect fluid behind the eardrum, a sign of ear infections in children. Ear infections are the most common reason that parents bring their children to a pediatrician, according t
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5 Things About Technology Give Kids The Creeps
New research defines what kids mean when they say technology is “creepy.” Children in the study described creepy technology as something that is unpredictable or poses an ambiguous threat that might cause physical harm or threaten an important relati
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Opioid-exposed Babies React More Strongly To Pain
Babies exposed to opioids while their mothers were pregnant may need special care even before they start to experience withdrawal symptoms, researchers say. A new study reports that as soon as 24 and 48 hours after birth, babies exposed to opioids pr
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Robot Copies Mona Lisa Sketch Just By Looking At It
A new algorithm enables robots to put pen to paper, writing words using stroke patterns similar to human handwriting. It’s a step, the researchers say, toward robots that are able to communicate more fluently with human coworkers and collaborators. “
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Add-on Text Cuts Gender Bias In Course Evaluations
A new intervention could help reduce bias against women college instructors in course evaluations. End-of-semester surveys evaluate teaching effectiveness and often influence tenure and promotion, but research has shown women face more critical evalu
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Is Air Pollution Behind 80-year Decline In Monsoon Rain?
Human-made air pollutants are likely the reason for a drop in precipitation from the Asian summer monsoon, according to new research. Rainfall from the Asian summer monsoon has been decreasing for the past 80 years, a decline unprecedented in the las
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Doctor DNA Ages 6X Faster During 1st Residency Year
A new doctor’s first year of residency, also called the intern year, makes their DNA age six times faster than normal, according to a new study. The study also shows that the effect will be largest among those whose training programs demand the longe
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Blame Fainting On This Gene
Researchers have identified a gene associated with an increased risk of fainting. Heat, dehydration, and anxiety can cause people to faint, which has the potential to be fatal if it happens while driving or cycling. Now researchers have come closer t
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Map Shows Lynching Went Far Beyond The U.S. South
An interactive map of lynching in the US from 1883 to 1941 reveals the surprising extent of mob violence. It also underscores how the economy, topography, and law enforcement infrastructure paved the way for these brutal, violent crimes, according to
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