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Why Would I Hire You? A Financial Adviser Answers a Friend’s Pointed Question
“Why would I hire you?” With our wives and children inside a friend of mine poses this question in a relatively strong tone. We were sitting by the fire watching basketball playoffs and his question, one I answer regularly, somehow brought a flurry o
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5 Ways Millennials Can Turn Financial Stress into Financial Wellness
“Want to save more? Just skip your daily coffee shop routine.” It’s well-meaning advice that commonly permeates the personal finance space, but for millennials — who are facing high student debt payments, decreasing homeownership and stagnant wages —
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Slip Again on Dour Jobs Data
Several major earnings reports sounded an optimistic tone Thursday on Wall Street, but stocks nonetheless struggled to pick up steam thanks to broader economic concerns. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA, +4.8%) shot higher Thursday after topping quarter
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Election 2020: States With Tax Questions on the Ballot
This election will be a vital one for millions of American voters, not just because it's a presidential election year, but because voters in 32 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories will be asked by November 3 to weigh in on a var
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Tax Extension Deadline: File Your 2019 Return by October 15 to Avoid Penalties
The tax extension deadline is October 15, 2020. Even though the original tax return filing deadline was pushed back from April 15 to July 15 this year, the due date for filing an extended return didn't change. So, if you requested an extension to fil
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The Ways Pets Improve Our Retirement Well-Being
A rare silver lining emerged during the coronavirus pandemic as people stuck at home sought animal companionship through foster care or pet adoption. Their instincts to shelter in place with a dog or cat were right on target because in times of stres
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9 Tips for Better Time Management in Retirement
At age 59, Nancy A. Shenker changed her life. She gave away most of her belongings, moved to Arizona from New York, and began to focus on writing and public speaking in addition to the marketing consulting that had dominated her professional career.
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Federal Estate Tax Exemption Is Set to Expire – Are You Prepared?
A window of opportunity opened in 2018 when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) doubled the lifetime gift, estate and generation-skipping tax exemptions to $11.18 million from $5.6 million. Adjusting for inflation, the current exemption this year is $11
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Stock Market Today: COVID Concerns Continue to Cool Stocks' Momentum
Two COVID-related fronts weighed on investors' optimism and the stock market today. One was stimulus, where there was little to report Wednesday other than more talks between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, but no fu
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25 Dividend Stocks the Analysts Love the Most
When it comes to Wall Street's favorite dividend stocks, the pros are all about energy companies and utilities these days. Whether it's an increase in residential energy needs or a nascent recovery in commodity prices, analysts' most highly rated div
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11 Best Stocks to Buy for a COVID-19 Vaccine Pop
Every couple of weeks or so, news about a COVID-19 vaccine sets the market's tone for a day. There's no secret as to why – whole industries still are being held down by the pandemic, just waiting to explode on some sort of "all-clear." The best stock
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Stock Market Today: Another Vaccine-Trial Stumble Clips Wall Street's Optimism
Investors had plenty to chew on Tuesday, and it showed in a down day for stocks. The big headline out of the gate was Johnson & Johnson (JNJ, -2.3%) pausing late-stage trials for its promising COVID-19 vaccine due to an "unexplained illness," which,
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Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2021: 1.3%
The Social Security Administration announced that benefits will increase by 1.3% in 2021. That is the smallest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) since 2017 — but consider that, earlier this year, thanks to pandemic-induced price gyrations — retirees w
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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Prime Day
David Muhlbaum: If there's ever a year that Amazon Prime Day would be set to overtake Black Friday as America's big shopping event, 2020 would seem to be it. Like many online retailers, Amazon has been busy, busy, busy, fulfilling orders from people
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Protect Your Wealth with Smart Risk Management Strategies
Risk management is planning for the “what if” scenarios that no one wants to occur. What if I become disabled? What if I am subject to a lawsuit? What if I pass away prematurely? These unfortunate scenarios could have a significant negative impact on
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11 Nasdaq-100 ETFs and Mutual Funds to Buy
Forget the S&P 500 and even the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The big name in big-name indices – at least in the past few years – is the Nasdaq-100. The Nasdaq-100 Index, which began in 1985, is a select slice of the larger Nasdaq Composite's 100 lar
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10 Best European Stocks for an Income-Rich Recovery
Leading wealth managers including BlackRock, Merrill Lynch and Putnam are advising their clients to invest in foreign stocks to take advantage of better values overseas. And the market's best European stocks are one such store of value-priced diversi
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Stock Market Today: Apple, Amazon Spearhead a Wild Tech Rally
Investors continued to hold out hope for an additional federal stimulus package Monday even after the weekend saw both parties rip the White House's $1.8 trillion counteroffer, with Senate Republicans calling the amount too much and Democrats decryin
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How Much Insurance Should You Get? A Lawyer’s Advice
Thomas, a reader in Chicago, wrote: “Liberty Mutual Insurance television commercials, which state ‘Only Pay for What You Need,’ appear to suggest that other insurance companies will sell you coverages you don’t need. I’ll bet a lot of people wonder w
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Is The Stock Market A House Of Cards?
I went for a run this weekend. And a yoga session. And a bike ride. After spending my entire 45 years of adulthood being steadfast in my exercise regimen, I spent the last five months forgetting all of it, and I had gotten soft. Very soft. If someone
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File the FAFSA Now: Urgent Reasons for Families to File Early in 2020 for College Aid
Everything is different in 2020, including the FAFSA, and college-bound students and their parents who delay in filling out the form this fall could lose out on thousands in financial aid. Students (and their parents) submit the Free Application for
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Tax Tip: How to Deduct Property Damage Caused by Hurricane Delta
If you live in Hurricane Delta's path, your family's personal safety is your number one concern during the storm. But once the hurricane has passed, your primary concern might be dealing with property damage from high winds or flooding. If that's the
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Stock Market Today: Will Washington Bail Out Wall Street? And When?
The markets ended the week on a curiously upbeat note Friday, as hopes for COVID-related fiscal stimulus improved only to encounter new hurdles. The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House is planning a $1.8 trillion stimulus counteroffer
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Will Joe Biden Raise YOUR Taxes?
Joe Biden hasn't been shy about telling voters he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. That's a big part of his overall tax plan. But what, exactly, does he mean by "wealthy"? Biden has repeatedly said he won't raise taxes on anyone making less than
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Boost Your Retirement Income in 3 Steps
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, retirees could live off the interest from their CDs and bonds. A lot has changed since then. With interest rates now at historical lows, retirees are feeling the pinch. This doesn’t mean retirement is out of
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Thanks, Granny: Money Quirks (Good or Bad) Can Be Inherited
Dad was a spender, and Mom was a saver. My parents, Depression-era babies, kept a jar of dollar bills behind the fridge for when the banks crashed. My grandparents were immigrants, and in our family homeownership is priority No. 1, no matter what the
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The 15 Best Technology ETFs to Buy for Stellar Gains
Technology stocks and tech exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have long been a source of growth and outperformance. But even by its own high standards, 2020 has been a blockbuster year – and demonstrated that there are still more areas of the economy where
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​16 Deal Sites and Tools for Finding Online Shopping Bargains
If you’re a frequent online shopper but don’t comparison shop before making a purchase, you could be missing out on deep discounts. Alas, scouring the internet for the lowest price on a coveted item can be a time-suck -- especially if you’re looking
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Tiptoe Forward as Stimulus Talks Persist
Stocks carved out modest gains Thursday as Americans continued to weigh stimulus hopes against more evidence that the economy needs Congressional intervention. Initial jobless claims declined last week – to 840,000 filings from 849,000 the week prior
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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2020: When It Starts, the Best and Worst Deals, Competing Events, More
In this strange year, Amazon’s upcoming 48-hour Prime Day will be doing its part to contribute. Amazon Prime Day -- really days, but who’s counting? -- is set to launch midnight Oct. 13 and roll straight through Oct. 14. (Amazon has historically host
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