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Top BBC Stars Paid Thousands To Host Private Events
Big businesses are paying leading BBC news presenters tens of thousands of pounds to host events, according to newly released documents that show how financial institutions are employing the public broadcaster’s leading stars. Andrew Marr, the £360,0
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Why Do The Carters Look So Tiny Alongside Joe Biden And His Wife Jill In This Picture?
Hi Carly. As our resident photography expert, I have a question. Something about this photo featuring Joe and Jill Biden and former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter seems … off? It sure does. Where to begin … The scale
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Darth Vader’s Helmet Raises Charity Funds In May The 4th Auction
In an auction house far, far away (well, Bristol actually), the enduring power of the force was clear. A Darth Vader helmet sold for £2,200, more than five times the top estimate, and a signed picture of Alec Guinness in his Obi-Wan Kenobi robes was
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‘Decades Ahead Of His Time’: History Catches Up With Visionary Jimmy Carter
When I reach Jimmy Carter’s grandson by Zoom, he answers wearing a Raphael Warnock campaign T-shirt. Jason Carter is a lawyer and politician himself, mid-40s, animated and well-read, with blue eyes reminiscent of his grandfather’s. He’s just got off
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Uber And Arrival Team Up To Produce Electric Taxis
The electric vehicle maker Arrival aims to start producing cars by 2023 with design help from Uber, in the latest step by the UK-headquartered startup’s ambitious plans to take on the automotive industry. The car, developed specifically for use by ri
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Young, Muslim And Progressive: Is Another AOC-style Upset Brewing In New York?
Steinway is a bustling and noisy street in the Queens neighborhood of Astoria. The area locally referred to as “Little Egypt” is brimming with people grocery shopping and bicyclists rushing in and out of shawarma shops to deliver their next order. It
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Life In Northern Ireland V The Rest Of The UK: What Does The Data Say?
One hundred years to the day after its foundation on 3 May 1921, Northern Ireland is outdoing the rest of the United Kingdom on many metrics. The UK’s smallest country has had the lowest unemployment rate on the British Isles for six consecutive quar
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‘I’m Proud To Be From Northern Ireland’: Reflections On A Contested Centenary
The centenary of the founding of Northern Ireland is to be marked on Monday – albeit overshadowed by political turmoil and the Covid-19 pandemic. Eight figures from Northern Ireland reflect on a contested centenary and the nuances of identity. Jenn M
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Intensity Of Idaho Childcare Battle Shows Rise In Extremism, Post-Trump
There is $6m from Donald Trump’s administration sitting on the table in Idaho, and trying to pick it up has caused an extraordinary uproar. In the months since a Republican house of representatives member first brought the grant for early childhood e
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As Glaciers Disappear In Alaska, The Rest Of The World’s Ice Follows
“If glaciers are what you are after, that’s the place for you.” The speaker was an prospector passing through Fort Wrangell, Alaska, in 1879. The subject was a remote bay, flanked by rugged walls of ice and filled with floating bergs. The listener wa
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The Latino Immigrants Who Make The Kentucky Derby Tick
Walking among the green-roofed stables of America’s most fabled horse racing track – Louisville’s Churchill Downs in Kentucky - chaplain Joseph Del Rosario greets the men and women washing prized thoroughbreds after their morning workouts with a warm
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Why Are Republicans So Threatened By Universal Daycare? | Arwa Mahdawi
Joe Biden wants to spend big money on small children. On Wednesday the president announced an ambitious $1.8tn plan to boost family assistance programs, childhood education and student aid. If passed, the American Families Plan would overhaul the cur
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Two Pandemics: As We Ease Up, Virus Sweeps The World’s Poor
World leaders have been warned that unless they act with extreme urgency, the Covid-19 pandemic will overwhelm health services in many nations in South America, Asia, and Africa over the next few weeks. Only billions of pounds of aid and massive expo
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‘No Live Music And A Curfew’: Glastonbury Opens Worthy Farm For Tranquil Camping
The announcement that a farmer in the English West Country is opening up his fields as a campsite for a few weeks in the summer does not usually cause a stir. But when booking lines open for one site on Saturday, pitches at Worthy Pastures are expect
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Children Read More Challenging Books In Lockdowns, Data Reveals
Children read longer books of greater difficulty during lockdown periods last year, and reported that reading made them feel better while isolated from the wider world, according to new research. The annual What Kids Are Reading report from Renaissan
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The Next Major US Voting Rights Fight Is Here – And Republicans Are Ahead
The next major fight over voting rights in the US kicked off Monday: a hugely consequential battle over the boundaries of electoral districts for the next 10 years that will have profound implications for American politics. And Republicans seem to be
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People With Dyslexia Have Skills That We Need, Says GCHQ
Apprentices on GCHQ’s scheme are four times more likely to have dyslexia than those on other organisations’ programmes, the agency has said, the result of a drive to recruit those whose brains process information differently. GCHQ says those with dys
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Women’s Prize For Fiction Shortlist Entirely First-time Nominees
This year’s shortlist for the Women’s prize for fiction is made up of authors who have never been nominated for the award before, with Yaa Gyasi, Susanna Clarke and Patricia Lockwood among those competing for £30,000. The annual award for an “outstan
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‘Big-brained’ Mammals May Just Have Small Bodies, Study Suggests
Big-brained mammals are typically considered intelligent – but a study has found that the body size of a species could have evolved smaller to adapt to environmental changes, making the brain appear proportionally bigger. In other words, relative bra
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Drought-hit California Orders Nestlé To Stop Pumping Millions Of Gallons Of Water
California water officials have moved to stop Nestlé from siphoning millions of gallons of water out of California’s San Bernardino forest, which it bottles and sells as Arrowhead brand water, as drought conditions worsen across the state. The draft
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Apple IOS 14.5 Update Includes ‘App Tracking Transparency’ Feature
Users of iPhones can now prevent advertisers tracking them across their apps, after the release of the latest software update from Apple introduced the controversial feature despite the protests of Facebook and the advertising industry. The update, i
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And This Year’s Oscar For Inclusivity Goes To … The Academy!
Even before the curtain fell, this year’s Oscars attracted a lot of labels. Oddest Oscars ever! That seemed fair: no hosts, no songs, just 170 guests clapping in a train station. Most sombre Oscars ever? Also true. A global pandemic and a lot of film
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Biden Presidency: Return To ‘Normal’ Belies An Audacious Agenda
“Just imagine,” tweeted Pete Buttigieg last October, “turning on the TV, seeing your president, and feeling your blood pressure go down instead of up.” Joe Biden’s first hundred days in the White House appear to have been successful in lowering the n
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Complaining To Universities About Harassment ‘Often A Waste Of Time’
Students and staff who complain of sexual assault and harassment are often left in the dark by university investigations, and made to feel like their disclosures were “a waste of time”, according to campaigners.The campaigners also said the governmen
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The ‘Chatty Rat’ And The Lockdown Leak: All You Need To Know
The political fallout from Dominic Cummings’ latest incendiary blog post, which has been called a “nuclear dom” in Westminster, caused some immediate tremors and is likely lead to aftershocks for weeks to come. Months after being turfed out of Downin
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Shandy Poised For Revival Fuelled By Thirst For No- And Low-alcohol Beer
Shandy is poised for a revival as the trend for no- or low-alcohol beer drinking driven by younger people is helping to fuel a thirst for craft versions of the traditional tipple. Supermarket sales of so called “nolo” beer, wine and spirits have surg
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Becket’s Brutal Murder Reimagined In Museum – With His Skull As A Finale
For centuries it was the world’s most notorious state-sanctioned murder. When King Henry II of England made it clear in the winter of 1170 that his dislike of the cleric Thomas Becket had reached new levels, it took just a few days for four of his kn
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Was King Solomon The Ancient World’s First Shipping Magnate?
King Solomon is venerated in Judaism and Christianity for his wisdom and in Islam as a prophet, but the fabled ruler is one of the Bible’s great unsolved mysteries. Archaeologists have struggled in vain to find conclusive proof that he actually exist
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In Space, No One Will Hear Bezos And Musk’s Workers Call For Basic Rights | Robert Reich
Elon Musk’s SpaceX just won a $2.9bn Nasa contract to land astronauts on the moon, beating out Jeff Bezos. The money isn’t a big deal for either of them. Musk is worth $179.7bn. Bezos, $197.8bn. Together, that’s almost as much as the bottom 40% of Am
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Why India’s Worsening Covid Crisis Is A Dire Problem For The World
The catastrophe unfolding in India appears to be the worst-case scenario that many feared from the Covid-19 pandemic: unable to find sufficient hospital beds, access to tests, medicines or oxygen, the country of 1.4 billion is sinking beneath the wei
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