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Think Yourself Better: 10 Rules Of Philosophy To Live By
The thing that separates human beings from other animals is our extraordinary capacity for complex, abstract thought. This is what has given rise to our diverse cultures, our scientific achievements, our ability to envisage the future and, hopefully,
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‘It’s A Control Thing’: Why Are We So Fascinated By Super-organised Homes?
Strangers joke that Jacquelyn Rendall should stick a label on to Adam Rendall’s head. “Husband,” it would read, in the curved typeface Rendall designed based on her own handwriting, the Pretty Perfect Font. If Adam had a label on his head – some of t
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‘There’s A Curiosity About What’s Behind The Curtain’: The Rise And Rise Of TV Sports Reality Shows
There’s a moment early in the first episode of Netflix’s behind-the-scenes tennis show Break Point at which 22-year-old Costeen Hatzi, current girlfriend of the Australian ace Nick Kyrgios, laughingly admits that she has never watched a tennis match
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‘Like Moving Through Water While Everyone Is On Land’: The Writers Exploring Sexuality Through Sea Life
“I’ve always had a very strong connection to the sea,” says author Sabrina Imbler, who grew up in California by the Pacific Ocean. “I remember always being like: ‘If I could live anywhere, this is where I would be: I would be a fish in this place.’ I
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‘A Reflection Of The People’: Looking Back On 50 Years Of Hip-hop
“Hip-hop was this movement of people who weren’t considered valuable creating worth,” said Sacha Jenkins, chief creative officer of Mass Appeal magazine and co-curator of an expansive new exhibition. Celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Fotografis
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In Defense Of You People, The Hit Netflix Movie You Hated
The number one movie on Netflix, You People, has mainstream critics cringing and Black Twitter talking back to the screen. The takeaway: they’re not buying any of it – not the culture clash, not the casting and definitely not the chemistry between th
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Nurse! My Pen! Hanif Kureishi’s Hospital Musings And The Art Of Sickbed Writing
“What could we possibly be afraid of after having admitted to ourselves that we had dealt face to face with death and not embraced it?” Audre Lorde asked herself in her journal in 1978, a few days after undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer. “For
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‘People Are Going To Be Really Surprised’: Inside The Pamela Anderson Documentary
It’s evident within minutes of Pamela, a Love Story, the new Netflix documentary on arguably the most recognizable blonde bombshell of the last 30 years, that Pamela Anderson is a stellar archivist of herself. Understated in a white T-shirt, sans mak
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‘Effectively A Tool Of Satan’: How The UK Authorities Were Utterly Terrified By TV
Forty years ago, the battle of early morning broadcasting came to a head. ITV lost, debuting its first ever breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, on 1 February 1983 – a full 14 days after the launch of the BBC’s Breakfast Time. But this was just a me
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In Praise Of Dog-eared Pages: The Joy, Memories And Gentle Ghosts To Be Found In Beloved Books
‘I’ve been rereading lots of books lately. I saw She Said and wanted to revisit Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s original book. I decided to reread Fleishman is in Trouble before watching the series. I hadn’t picked up How To Do Nothing since it came o
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Negroni Sbagliato: The ‘Wrong’ Negroni Was No Accident – And It Tastes Fantastico
It’s 7pm on a Saturday evening in Milan, and a large crowd has gathered outside Bar Basso. Aperitivo hour has only just started, but inside the tables are already taken. From well-heeled locals puffing on HeatSticks to fashion types carrying tiny dog
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‘Spirituality And Sexuality – People Shouldn’t Have To Choose’: The Australian Church Celebrating Queer Joy
The Rev Dr Margaret Mayman walks to the pulpit and beams out at her flock inside St Michael’s Uniting Church, a deceptively austere-looking establishment dwarfed by the luxury haunts in Melbourne’s Paris end. The liturgy has ended, but she wants to d
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Are Bands Dead? How Solo Stars Took Over The Charts
When David Crosby helped found the Byrds, the idea of being in a band like the Beatles was intoxicating. The musician, who died last week, and his bandmates were so obsessed with the Beatles that they watched A Hard Day’s Night and went straight out
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Banshees Star Barry Keoghan: From Foster Homes To Breakout Oscar Contender
There are disturbing elements in Martin McDonagh’s precisely calibrated hit The Banshees of Inisherin. But along with all the nihilism, the unfortunate donkey and the splashes of gore, the performance given by Barry Keoghan is right up there for its
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On My Radar: Ibram X Kendi’s Cultural Highlights
The historian Ibram X Kendi, one of the foremost scholars of race in the US, was born in Queens, New York, in 1982. He earned a PhD in African American studies from Temple University and now runs the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston Universit
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Otherlands Author Thomas Halliday: ‘Some People Have Insisted On Reading The Book Backwards’
Thomas Halliday was born in 1989 and raised in Rannoch in the Scottish Highlands. He studied zoology at Cambridge before specialising in paleobiology for his master’s and PhD – winning the Linnean Society Medal for the best doctorate in biological st
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‘Happiness Can Be Ignited By Making Something Small Infinite’: What Makes Me Happy Now
It’s a nightmare, a barbaric farce. The city is first taken by Russians, then by Ukrainians, then by Russians again; foreign forces join the struggle, gangster hordes go on killing sprees, thousands are butchered, and a plague engulfs the survivors.
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‘Incredible’ Roman Bathers’ Gems Lost 2,000 Years Ago Found Near Hadrian’s Wall
Taking your valuables with you into a swimming pool is always a risk. The Romans should have paid better heed, judging from the quantity of gemstones recovered from the drain of one of their bathhouses. As many as 30 semi-precious stones have been di
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Mumbling Actors, Bad Speakers Or Lazy Listeners? Why Everyone Is Watching TV With Subtitles On
There’s a reason Bradley Johnston watches “literally everything” with subtitles on. It’s not an accessibility issue – the 25-year-old is a native English speaker and isn’t hard of hearing. He is “the kind of TV viewer that just doesn’t want to work f
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Paddling Calendar: The Best Places To Kayak And Canoe In Australia, Every Month Of The Year
When it comes to paddling destinations, Australia has an embarrassment of riches: there’s a coastline that stretches for about 34,000 km, easily accessible waterways for beginners and world-class rapids for thrill-seekers. Rohan Klopfer, head instruc
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Celtic Cool Or Scots Cosplay? Alan Cumming’s Strong Looks On US Traitors Assessed
‘I’m like a less butch Agatha Christie in a fabulous outfit,” declares Alan Cumming in an early episode of the TV show The Traitors US. The outfit in question? A navy and green tartan suit teamed with a neon green knitted tie and a gold and green spa
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Poker Face Review: Natasha Lyonne Is Magnetic In Whodunnit Series
Poker Face, writer-director Rian Johnson’s whodunnit series for Peacock, is the rare show to deliver on the elusive promise of fun. Plenty of TV shows aim for it – fun via competency porn, addictiveness, skewering societal critique, sexiness, suspens
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Frances McDormand’s 10 Best Performances – Ranked!
As the pregnant married lover of Michael Douglas’s silver-fox creative writing professor, this is the kind of fairly thankless ancillary role that McDormand does so well: giving us a subtle insight into the human frailties under the surface of an oth
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Hubris & Humiliation Review – This Queer Take On Jane Austen Is Startlingly Good
Sydney World Pride season has begun: across the city, theatre and performance companies are producing works by, for and about the global queer community – often with a local twist. If we’re lucky, Hubris & Humiliation, a new play by Lewis Treston mak
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Pepper Spray For The School Run? The Weaponised SUV Set To Terrify America’s Streets
In southern California, parking lot warfare just got real. Not content with their supersized pickup trucks and child-killing SUVs, America’s road warriors can now go full military apocalypse, with the arrival of the Rezvani Vengeance.While its compet
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Florida Teachers Forced To Remove Or Cover Up Books To Avoid Felony Charges
School teachers in Florida’s Manatee county are removing books from their classrooms or physically covering them up after a new bill went into effect that prohibited material unless deemed appropriate by a librarian, or “certified media specialist”.
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Black Teachers, Trans Women, Cleaners And Cons: How The BBC’s Open Door Allowed ‘Real People’ To Let Rip
In 1973, Mike Phillips was working as a teacher in Paddington when he was contacted out of the blue by the Community Programme Unit of the BBC. Soon afterwards, he found himself presenting a programme about the ways in which black children were discr
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The Media Exploited Amy Winehouse’s Life. A New Biopic Looks Set To Do The Same With Her Death
It’s only been a week since Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black began filming in London, but the backlash has already come thick and fast. Over the weekend, pictures of Marisa Abela and Eddie Marsan in character as Amy and her fat
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Reading Is Precious. But The Cult Of Book Ownership Can Be Smug And Middle-class | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
I used to have, or rather hoard, a lot of books. Still do, I think, at least by the standards of the average home, but I’m doing my best to get rid. In the last couple of years I have given away hundreds. If the thought of this fills you with horror,
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‘I Want My Dance To Feel Like The Sopranos’: How Holly Blakey Became Choreographer To The Stars
“People often have this idea that I’m trying to be grotesque, or be shocking, but it couldn’t be further from what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to be honest,” says Holly Blakey. “I’m a female choreographer and I want to own that space, and be al
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