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Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880): Basic, But Does the Job
The Dell Inspiron Desktop model 3880 is a modest general-purpose budget desktop that will blend into any home-office setup. You’ll find few frills—note the simple, super-compact design and the lack of USB Type-C ports—but the system does the job for
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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 (15-Inch): An Excellent Choice
The 15-inch version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 offers one of the most refined computing experiences of any Windows laptop. With two color options and excellent build quality, it’s a standout big-screen notebook. New for 2021, processor options
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Vaccine Passports Are Destined to Fail
In April, after sitting on the floor of a Walgreens for three hours, I was finally injected with a tiny amount of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. It was a triumph for me to have remained healthy to this point, and a much larger triumph of medical science
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How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster
Computers have come a long way since the beige boxes of old, but even with speeds measured in gigahertz and gigabytes per second, they still involve some occasional waiting. If you’re tired of solving Rubik’s Cubes while you wait for your computer to
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OnePlus 9 Pro: Excellent Performance, Display, and Camera
The OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone delivers a streamlined flagship experience to T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers, finally catching up to its competitors. The phone itself is light in the hand, and the user experience is weightless as well. The cameras tak
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LG Gram 17 (2021): Light Weight, Giant Screen
The case for choosing a laptop with a jumbo screen—one larger than 15 inches—has never been stronger. The much-improved LG Gram 17, with a gorgeous 17-inch QHD display, is exhibit number one. This laptop is fresh for 2021 with an 11th-generation Inte
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Amazon Kindle Tips Every Reader Should Know
Amazon Kindles can put a library in your pocket. Whether you choose the basic Kindle, the pocketable Paperwhite, or a top-of-the-line Oasis, a Kindle holds thousands of books within its sleek black casing, and thousands more can be stored in the clou
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Take a Deep Breath
We’ve made it through a year of pandemic lockdown. While this has been a truly difficult and heartbreaking time, there’s also much to be grateful for—and one of those things is technology. It helped us stay connected to friends, family, work, and sch
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After ‘Rocket Lake,’ 5 Things Intel Must Do on Desktop to Get Its CPU Magic Back
We’re not keen on kicking a company while it’s down, so we’ll avoid the same introduction you’ve read a few dozen times already in the last couple of years: AMD and its Ryzen lineup is running loops around Intel and its desktop Core CPUs. And Intel k
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Cleaning up After Tech
To say “Apple, which famously has devices whose smooth, enclosed surfaces don’t allow for easy consumer repair…” is to make the recycling understatement of the decade. To open up an Apple MacBook, one needs pentalobe 5-pointed screwdriver bits. Batte
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World’s Most Valuable Tech Companies Are Richer Than Most Countries
Do tech companies control the world? According to research from MacKeeper, they at least control a hefty portion of the economy. By taking the current valuation of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, then comparing them to the GDP of countries on a
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Apple iMessage Is a Lock-In Abomination
I’m a victim of Apple’s proprietary lock-in strategy. Yes, Apple makes fabulous phones with top specs and features, and most of my contacts use iPhones. This means I get all the benefits of iMessage—Memoji, great new group chat features, and the ease
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Welcome to the Virtual Humans Factory
Medical trials are risky business. Human subjects eager to help researchers find cures or treatments for life-threatening ailments put their trust in medical professionals. But what if these trials could be conducted without human testers? Biotech co
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LG to Close Mobile Phone Business
LG announced that it will close its mobile phone business, still the number-three player by sales in the US. The company will sell down its existing inventory of phones, including the LG Stylo 6, LG Wing, and LG Velvet, while continuing to provide su
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Digital Detox Tips
Hopefully, you’re now a little less stressed about your tech dependencies—especially since there’s a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. If you’d still like to put some distance between yourself and your screens, read on for some tips. Set groun
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Malwarebytes Premium: A Definite Contender
The earliest antivirus products specifically protected against computer viruses, programs that spread by injecting their code into other programs. Those early viruses were predictable and easily detected using simple techniques. Today, though, we’re
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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen): Now With Sleep Tracking
The original Nest Hub was a perfectly capable smart display, but as Google’s only model, it felt a bit lacking compared with Amazon’s Alexa-powered lineup. The second-generation Nest Hub improves on its predecessor with a feature you won’t find on an
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Digital Detox 2021
Imagine a global pandemic before video calls, messaging apps, collaboration software, cloud storage, and remote access to servers. Or without online shopping, telemedicine, social media, and video streaming. Undoubtedly, technology has made the COVID
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Vsime: Great Assets on Offer, But Pricey
Businesses, especially small ones, know how difficult it is to create the marketing and presentation materials they need to be successful. Investor slide decks, social media posts, online advertising, and logos all take time and skill to make. Visme
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Hands On With the OnePlus Watch: Lots of Promise for Just $159
I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical before unboxing the first smartwatch from OnePlus, aptly named the OnePlus Watch. At $159, it’s less than half the price of our Editors’ Choice winner, the Apple Watch Series 6 (which starts at $399). And while it d
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10 Simple Ways to Make Better To-Do Lists
How effective is your to-do list? Does it help you plan your day and nudge you to prioritize the right tasks? Or is it a never-ending inventory of tasks you feel guilty for not having done yet, and now you’re not going to do any of them? A good to-do
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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate: Easy, Fun Video Editing
There’s no end to innovation in home video technology, whether that means 3D, 4K, or 360-degree VR video—and the software you use to edit all that content must keep up. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate does so admirably, and is chockablock with powerful vi
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DJI Air 2S: Upgraded Camera and Obstacle Sensor
For all intents and purposes, the DJI Air 2S is last year’s Mavic Air 2 with an upgraded camera and obstacle sensors, expanded automatic camera movements, and the robust safety features and quality that have made DJI the market leader in aerial imagi
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Asus ZenWiFi AC (CT8): Reliable Home Network Protection
These days, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) mesh systems have taken a backseat to those that use the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology. But the fact is that there are more Wi-Fi 5 clients than Wi-Fi 6 clients, and unless you plan to upgrade your phones, tablet
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Break Away From Android and iOS: 7 Free Open-Source Mobile OSes
Silicon Valley has long preached that technology, not truth, will set you free. The jury is still out on that. For instance, although smartphones have dramatically changed our world, they come with some serious drawbacks. Centralized app stores mean
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Do UV Phone Sanitizers Really Work?
The best methods to protect yourself against COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses include frequent hand washing, social distancing, and using appropriate personal protective equipment, such as masks. And if you’re looking to take your precautionar
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Clearing the Cobwebs—Both Physical and Virtual
I know it’s not just me. Over the past year, time has become…weird. Sometimes it seems to move at a nearly glacial pace; then it speeds up, and voila, winter’s over. Part of the reason could be the different schedules we’ve been on since COVID-19 hit
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Clean Your Computer Keyboard
These days, our desks are multipurpose battle stations. We eat lunch and snacks as we respond to Slack messages and play PC games after hours. Our desktop setups gather dust as we retreat to the couch (or, let’s be honest, bed) with our laptops. Dirt
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Social Media and Food Delivery Apps Sell the Most Personal Data
When you use an app on your phone, it usually tracks your activity, collects your data, and sometimes sells that information to third parties. If you’re trying to protect that data and manage how it’s shared, you should understand which information i
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