STAT3 min readSociety
Opinion: Has Your Insurer Denied A Medical Claim? Stand Up For Your Rights
Not appealing a denied medical insurance claim is a lost opportunity. Exercising your right to appeal often pays off.
STAT3 min readSociety
Mental Health Care Accounts For A Growing Number Of Private Insurance Claims, Report Finds
Mental health care is accounting for a growing number of private insurance claims, according to a new report.
STAT6 min read
Dude, Where’s My Regulatory Framework? As CBD Gains Popularity, Washington Struggles To Keep Up
WASHINGTON — Online reviews proclaim CBD a “life changer,” “the best thing ever,” and “truly incredible.” It’s a $390 million industry, expected to grow to at least $1.3 billion by 2022. Montel Williams has his own designer line of CBD products; so d
STAT2 min read
Departure Of Top Haven Executive Creates Void At A Crucial Stage
Jack Stoddard left Haven after eight months as COO of the company founded by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase.
STAT4 min readSociety
Pharma Is Making Progress Addressing Global Health, But It’s Still A Mixed Bag
Drug makers are taking steps to reach people on very low incomes, but access programs are for just a few diseases.
STAT5 min readScience
Brain Training Shows Promise As A Treatment For Veterans’ Cognitive Problems After TBI
A Pentagon-funded study found that a form of computer-based brain training can improve cognitive performance in vets after a traumatic brain injury.
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: Connecting With Patients Can Keep Physicians From Becoming ‘Uncomfortably Numb’
A simple yet remarkable adjustment in how my team prepares for surgery has forever changed the way we now practice medicine.
STAT4 min readPolitics
In Washington, A Partisan Approach To Lowering Drug Costs Leaves Democrats Doubting Their Own Party Leadership
Even some Democratic lawmakers are questioning Speaker Pelosi’s strategy to couple legislation to lower prescription drug costs with far more contentious Obamacare bills.
STAT1 min readWellness
Listen: Drug Pricing Partisanship, Tech’s March Into Health Care, And Tinder For Clinical Trials
Has drug price reform already stalled? How far has tech come in medicine? All that and more on the new episode of our #biotech #podcast, "The Readout LOUD."
STAT3 min readScience
Shaped Like A Tennis Ball, This Cancer Protein Was Thought ‘Undruggable.’ Amgen Found A Way To Target It
What sets Amgen's small molecule pill apart, even among genetically driven cancer drugs, is the elusiveness of its target: mutant KRAS with structure like a tennis ball.
STAT3 min read
Experimental Brain-controlled Hearing Aid Can Pick Out Voices In A Crowd
Researchers unveiled an experimental hearing aid that reads the mind, using artificial intelligence to separate the sounds of different speakers.
STAT3 min readSociety
A Smartphone App Could Help Diagnose Ear Infections More Accurately — And At Home
With a paper funnel and machine learning, a new smartphone app could help determine at home whether a child has an ear infection.
STAT4 min read
With A ‘Recoded’ Bacteria Genome Made From Scratch, Scientists Give Life A New Dictionary
Scientists in England report they synthesized living E. coli bacteria in the lab using a different genetic code than nature's.
STAT6 min readTech
Welcome To The First Edition Of The STAT Health Tech Newsletter
STAT Health Tech is our weekly guide to how tech is transforming health care and the life sciences.
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Opinion: John Arnold: Trump Administration’s Good Effort On Drug Rebates Is Bad Policy
Banning rebates to pharmacy benefit managers would merely shift costs among consumers while likely granting a financial boon to drug manufacturers, writes @JohnArnoldFndtn.
STAT5 min read
Labs Rack Up Big Energy Bills And Produce A Ton Of Trash. Many Are Trying To Become More Eco-friendly
Labs have big energy bills and produce a ton of trash — but a growing number are trying to become more eco-friendly.
STAT4 min read
Gilead Struck Anti-competitive Deals To Bolster Profits On An HIV Drug, Lawsuit Says
The lawsuit alleged that a "no-generic" component scheme kept HIV drugs at the “sky-high” levels, even though generic versions are available.
STAT4 min readPolitics
Is Pharma’s R&D Spending A Mark Of Shame Or A Point Of Pride?
D.C. Diagnosis is STAT’s weekly newsletter about the politics and policy of health and medicine. Sign up here to receive it in your inbox. The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing is attacking pharma with a new study, first shared with STAT, that find
STAT3 min read
A New Study Sparks A War Of Words Over The Drug Industry’s Commitment To Research
Both drug pricing reform advocates and drug makers are highlighting a statistic that shows the industry spends roughly $1 in $5 of revenues on research and development.
STAT3 min read
Opinion: Uwe Reinhardt’s ‘Priced Out’ Offers Lessons In Health Care Costs For All
To Uwe Reinhardt, the elephant in the room in health care debates has always been this fundamental question: To what extent we should be our poor and sick brothers' and…
STAT5 min readPolitics
Could An Emergency Declaration Over Ebola Make A Bad Situation Worse?
The Ebola outbreak in the DRC is challenging the world's capacity to respond. But, some argue, declaring it an emergency could backfire.
STAT8 min readPolitics
Joe Biden May Resurface A Long-held Dream: A White House Laser-focused On Cancer
Joe Biden has spent the last two years outside politics, advocating for better cancer cures and patient access. How will his legacy as the country’s de facto cancer czar play…
STAT2 min read
Grail, The Liquid Biopsy Startup, Picks An Approach For Its Cancer Test
Grail, the company that has raised $1.6 billion to develop a blood test to detect cancer early, announced that it has settled on a method for its test.
STAT4 min readSociety
Grandstanding, Not Real Change: Why Drug Prices In TV Ads Will Be Confusing And Irrelevant
In TV drug ads, the numbers that will soon flash across screens are likely to be confusing and, in many cases, irrelevant.
STAT5 min read
Opinion: Two Words To Help Ned Sharpless Revolutionize Clinical Trials: Data Standards
"Data standards" may not sound as cool as "precision medicine." But they hold the key to making faster, cheaper clinical trials that provide better insights into drug discovery and testing.
STAT4 min read
Opinion: Drug Lawsuit Ads Are Scaring Seniors To Death
Ads aimed at recruiting people who may have been injured by a drug or medical device are creating a new group of victims: people whose health has been harmed by…
STAT6 min readTech
Hospitals Look To Computers To Predict Patient Emergencies Before They Happen
Recent advances in artificial intelligence promise to help hospitals identify new warning signs of patient deterioration.
STAT3 min readScience
German Ethics Council Expresses Openness To Eventual Embryo Editing
A German ethics council agreed unanimously that there are no compelling philosophical arguments against altering human germlines.
STAT4 min read
By Disabling A Protein In The Brain’s Blood Vessels, Researchers Ease Age-related Deterioration In Mice
Disabling a certain protein in older mice improved the function of their brain cells and their performance on cognitive tests.
STAT3 min read
States Bring New Price-fixing Suit Against Generic-drug Makers
Attorneys general from more than 40 states allege drug manufacturers conspired to inflate and prices for more than 100 generic drugs.
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