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Learning Nothing from Yesterday
The Democrat Party’s left wing promises government money for every voting constituency: free college tuition, free medical care, infrastructure spending between $1 trillion and $2 trillion, $50 billion for historically black colleges, a Green New Dea
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California Unplugged
The very idea makes the mind reel: San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley—all gone dark. The electric-car charging stations, the $500-a-plate sushi restaurants, the rows of workstations at Google, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce—all suddenly
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St. Louis Blues
Better Together, a drive to consolidate the governments of St. Louis County and its towns with the city of St. Louis, was over almost before it started. Following political blowback and the indictment of the St. Louis County executive who would have
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Beating My Dad
I should have listened more when my dad taught me tennis. Instead, I moped on the courts. My dad, Toby, was the only father out there. This was in the 1960s, in suburban Cleveland. My dad was often shirtless on the courts. A bare-chested guy—wearing
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An Addiction Crisis Disguised as a Housing Crisis
By latest count, some 109,089 men and women are sleeping on the streets of major cities in California, Oregon, and Washington. The homelessness crisis in these cities has generated headlines and speculation about “root causes.” Progressive political
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A Missing Precondition
To take advantage of economic opportunities, struggling regions need improved social capital.
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Is Trump the Real Target of a Netflix Series?
A Netflix docudrama about the 1989 Central Park “wilding” case has enflamed passions about the purported injustice done to the five teenagers who went to prison for it. Though they confessed that they had sexually assaulted Trisha Meili and beaten ha
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Activists In The Boardroom
James R. Copland joins Rafael Mangual to discuss how progressive activist-investors are using the corporate-shareholder process to reshape American business. Most of corporate America is wrapping up the 2019 “proxy season” this month—the period when
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Who Benefits?
It appears likely that New York State lawmakers will extend and make permanent New York City’s rent-stabilization regime—and even authorize cities and towns statewide to adopt it. Tenant advocates have made clear how they will measure the success of
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License to Scofflaw
Shocking video taken on the West Side Highway near 24th Street shows a maroon Dodge Challenger accelerate from a standstill and deliberately ram a man standing on the road holding his bicycle, pushing him several yards down the road. Liz Gonzales, a
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California’s Progressive Betrayal
The recent California Democratic Party convention in San Francisco exposed the divide between the state’s progressive and working-class voters. Progressives, in their militant certitude, support left-wing policies that often don’t affect them; it’s t
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What Freedom Costs
The ceremonies honoring the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the heroic landing on the Normandy beaches that began the final Allied onslaught against the Nazi armies in World War II, recalled a story my friend, William S. Woodside, told me after he was lon
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Marijuana’s Black Market 2.0
It takes lots of marijuana to make 1 billion joints, but that’s how much pot Oregon has on hand right now—enough to supply the state’s marijuana “needs” for six years, even if production stopped right now. The vast oversupply is causing worries that
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Autocracy in Transition
Uzbekistan’s Aral Sea, in the autonomous Karakalpakstan region, exemplifies the struggle between the country’s past and present—a bleak reminder of callous authoritarian central planning and the limits of autocratic reforms. Once the world’s fourth-l
Manhattan Institute3 min readSociety
Reconciliation, or Grievance?
Modern diversity training too often violates Martin Luther King’s vision of racial healing.
Manhattan Institute4 min readSociety
Correlation Without Causation
In a recent New York Times op-ed, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Mount Sinai Health System president Ken Davis argued that “one reason the United States spends more on health care than any other nation . . . is that we spend far less on s
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Mounting Disorder in San Francisco
Erica Sandberg joins City Journal associate editor Seth Barron to discuss the deteriorating state of public order in San Francisco. The Bay Area’s most densely populated and desirable neighborhoods are being destroyed by lawlessness and squalor. San
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No Consolation
The Netherlands didn’t actually euthanize a teenager, but letting her kill herself wasn’t much better.
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D-Day, And A Summer Of Anniversaries
Seventy-five years after the Normandy landings, reflections on America’s troubled subsequent history
Manhattan Institute3 min read
The Brexit Factions
Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation further complicates Britain’s divorce with the EU.
Manhattan Institute2 min read
Going Medieval in California’s Streets
California, to some people’s way of thinking, is the most modern state in the country, if not the most cutting-edge place on earth. It’s progressive, hip, innovative—a bellwether, filled with pioneers and opinion-makers. It’s also unique for its cons
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All the Votes Fit to Win
The Census status quo favors Democrats—and that’s why they oppose the citizenship question.
Manhattan Institute3 min readSociety
New York’s Toxic Schools Chancellor
Obsessed with race, Richard Carranza has foisted an empirically baseless and socially destructive program on city schools.
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Tiananmen’s Shadow
Thirty years after the massacre, China is a global economic power, but democracy and individual liberty remain out of reach.
Manhattan Institute5 min readPolitics
Will The U.S. And China Make A Deal On Trade?
Two lessons attach to the ongoing saga of the China–America trade negotiations. First, success—as in all diplomacy—never arrives until after some reverses and near collapses. Second, China and the United States are asking a lot of each other. For all
Manhattan Institute4 min readSociety
Overcoming Adversity, Not Leaning on It
America is gripped by grievance. Factions defined by race, class, gender, and sexual orientation compete for victimization status. Nowhere is this more evident than in college-admissions processes, already perceived as rigged in favor of the children
Manhattan Institute7 min read
The College Bureaucracy That Never Shrinks
Like most other prestigious universities, Georgetown is forever expanding its costly and corrosive diversity initiatives.
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Triumph Of A Free Society
As Western media focus on China’s rise, India remains a geopolitical enigma. While America’s trade wars with Beijing dominate headlines, news outlets relegate India to buried stories of intrigue—a destructive monsoon, a derailed train, a guru in saff
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Broken Windows Works
Don’t be fooled by the latest efforts to discredit the criminological theory that underpins safer streets and cities.
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The Loneliness Epidemic
Kay Hymowitz joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss a challenge facing aging populations in wealthy nations across the world: loneliness. Her essay in the Spring 2019 issue, “Alone,” will be released online this Sunday. “Americans are su
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