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Mh World
Jeep trip to the Rubicon or Moab! @greg.rhoades.3 Fishing trip with the boys. @colin.graystpierre Running with the Bulls. @rmalloy2 [GIF OF “I’M ON A BOAT”] @CesarPerez Ziplining! @whitejohnh Whitewater rafting. @AmySaunders A threesome. Or 4. @ben.l
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Apart, Alone, And Totally Connected
JUST BEFORE COVID-19 came and made egg salad of the world, I took the principled, but in retrospect foolish, step of removing myself from all social media. The world had become too mediated by screens. So I dumped my smartphone for a dumb one; delete
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Get Wild!
Beyond your basement or garage or backyard or wherever you’ve been cooped up, sweating away #noexcuses. Now’s the time to put that homegrown muscle to use and go off-road. Not just for the nature buzz, although that’s part of it. Wind and water deliv
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Meanwhile, On Instagram…
CALEB SPIRO STATS AGE: 21 LOCATION: Los Angeles, California OCCUPATION: College student In high school, I wanted to be great at lacrosse. I tried hard but wasn’t naturally talented. Kids bullied me because of this. Teammates sexually harassed me in t
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The MVP Services For Post-quarantine Life
15 Seconds of FitTok Fame Amazing feats of fitness are all over the customizable video-sharing app TikTok. Try: TikTok, free. Download it to gawk; stay to upload and participate with your own (safe!) spin on the fitness challenges. Real-Time Virtual
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Rapid Fire
‣TRX Superman: Your feet in the TRX, you do a pushup and a tuck, and then you do a full extension back. ‣Standing single-leg curl on a Bosu. So I’m firing the core and everything. No more isolated moves. ‣Steak and white asparagus. ‣Red wine. Sometim
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Men's Health
Richard Dorment EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jamie Prokell Creative Director Ben Court, Mike Darling Executive Editors Ben Paynter Features Editor Nojan Aminosharei Entertainment Director Jordyn Taylor, Spencer Dukoff Deputy Editors Marty Munson Health Director P
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Turkey… On The Grill?!
Three ounces of roasted turkey breast (the type from a whole bird, not deli meat) contain 26 grams of protein and only 125 calories. The same amount of thigh meat has 24 grams of protein and 140 calories. If you’re wondering, that’s roughly equal to
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Build Hollywood Muscle
One of Mark Wahlberg’s favorite routines is a 60-minute F45 session called Hollywood, a 27-station HIIT workout. It involves 40-on, 15-off intervals. Go to for the full circuit. Don’t have an hour? Do 2 rounds of this Hollywood-inspi
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Supersets For Super Strength
Warm up with 2 sets of bird-dog crunches. After each set, do 40 seconds of jumping jacks followed by a 40-second plank. Then do each superset in order. Do 4 sets of each, moving from one exercise directly to the next and resting for 30 seconds betwee
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Top Dogs
Searing heat burns and splits the skin of hot dogs before the insides warm through. Instead, preheat your grill to medium low. Then add your franks, close the grill lid, and cook, turning them every minute or so, until browned and plump, 5 to 7 minut
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Build Natural-born Muscle
DANIEL MURAKAMI, 33, spent years dominating deadlifts, bench presses, and squats. Then five years ago, he walked up to a boulder field near his home in Murrieta, California, braced his core, and tried to lift a huge rock. Nothing happened… except a c
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What’s Your Favorite Kind Of MARK WAHLBERG?
WHICH SUMMERTIME CLASSIC IS FIRST ON YOUR TO-WATCH LIST? Wet Hot American Summer vs. Jaws vs. The Endless Summer vs. Dirty Dancing (no judgment) OKAY. LET’S SETTLE THIS. KETCHUP ON A HOT DOG IS… Unacceptable vs. Delicious vs. This is America; do what
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When Chains GO GREEN
WHERE: AZ, CO, TX YOU’RE HAV ING: PA NCHO VILLA At Mad Greens, you can double your greens for just a buck more. Do it with this salad to balance all the quinoa, roasted corn, spiced pumpkin seeds, avocado, southwestern chicken, and cilantro chili lim
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Glide Over Gravel
LEO RODGERS is shredding down a sandy, abandoned railway line not far from downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Rodgers, 35, has got a huge smile on his face—and not only because he just hucked off a foot-high curb and landed cleanly. He’s doing the thi
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Home Fitness Heroes
THERE WEREN’T many upsides to the early days of #coronalife. But with gyms and fitness studios closed, trainers flocked to Instagram and sharpened their #fitspiration skills, delivering feed posts, story challenges, and IG Live workouts aimed at fat-
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Buzzed Now What?
DECIDE ON YOUR STYLE: When in doubt, ask a barber what they recommend based on your head and face shape (virtually or IRL). Maybe keep it a little longer on top; maybe it should be one length all around, like on Zayn Malik, pictured here. Pick your s
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Run Up (and Down) Mountains
A YEAR AFTER graduating from the Air Force Academy, where he was a standout track and cross-country runner, Jim Walmsley picked up a hiking book. It was 2013, and he was living in Great Falls, Montana, within striking distance of Glacier National Par
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Home (workout) Improvement
Doorframe pullups are great for back muscles, but what about your, um, door? If a move leaves you with a 2021 home-improvement project, you might want to sit it out. If a dumbbell substitute (cough, a pan) doesn’t challenge your muscles, it doesn’t d
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No Sweat Summer
Some shirts make you feel as if you’re drowning in sweat, but this moisture-wicking cotton polo from Banana Republic dries fast and feels good. Plus it’s anti-odor, so it kills any sign of BO. Performance polo shirt ($60) by Banana Republic; sunglass
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Swim In Open Water
RYAN UTSUMI, 41, had been drenched in the turquoise blue and calm of southern California pools since he started swimming competitively at age five. “But in 2001, after 15 years of chlorine and coaches on the pool deck, I was done with all that,” he s
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Rehab’s Next Wave
JOHN JOHN Florence was in a commanding position in June 2019 when he paddled out into the thumping waves of Saquarema, Brazil, during the World Surf League’s Rio competition. The 27-year-old Hawaiian had amassed a formidable lead in points and was in
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Vodka and CHILL
NEAT: This Polish vodka has an almost creamy texture. Credit a base of spelt (that’s right, not potato), an ancient grain that delivers a surprisingly bold flavor with no afterburn. Keep a bottle stashed in your freezer for summer-evening sipping. $3
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Jiu-jitsu According To Jocko
Jocko controls Michael’s arm with a same-side grip and breaks his posture with a collar grip. As Jocko slides his knee across Michael’s belly, he pulls him forward, disrupting his balance. Michael can’t stop it. From the standing position, Jocko load
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The Barbell Burpee
THE CLASSIC barbell deadlift is a gold-standard exercise for building critical strength and muscle in your glutes and back. And the old-school burpee is a calorie-crushing powerhouse, guaranteed to redline your heart rate in a matter of minutes. Comb
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Ask Her Anything
—ERIC, New Haven, CT Did you binge Billions in quarantine? You don’t need to visit a sex dungeon to explore your submissive side; start by venturing into “power play” with just your imagination. Try role-playing in which you’re the servant to your pa
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When Disaster Strikes
1 YOU’VE BEEN STOMPING AROUND POISON IVY, OAK, OR SUMAC. THE BEST WAY TO PREVENT A RASH IS TO: A Rinse your skin with rubbing alcohol. B Scrub the area with a mix of one part bleach, one part water. C Wash your skin with soap and water. ANSWER: A OR
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So You Wanna Hack Your Fat Hormones
IN THE WEIGHT-LOSS conversation, everyone talks, talks, talks about diet and exercise. Meanwhile, hormones can’t get a word in edgewise. Which maybe makes sense, since hormones aren’t something you’ve thought about since high school. But new science
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The French Disconnection
THE MOST telling day of my life as a father (as opposed to the most frightening, which was when I learned that my wife, Jessica Green, was pregnant not with one creature but with two, or the most moving, which was when the two creatures, George and F
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The Tao Of Jocko
This was purely for demonstration purposes. Still, it all happened so fast. One second I was kneeling there, hunched over Jocko Willink, this hulking beast of a man. A second later, I could feel the strong tug on the collar of my martial-arts-style g
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