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OnePlus 9 Pro: Revolutionary Display, Evolutionary Camera
The OnePlus 9 Pro arrives with a major focus on camera performance, an improved display, and the newest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 888. Over the years, OnePlus has been aiming at the flagship end of the market, hoping to gain a foothold in th
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Microsoft’s Find My Device Is The PC Management Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed
Microsoft’s Find My Device feature is so much more than a simple device locator that it’s like calling a “car” nothing more than just four tires and a steering wheel. The online service is a powerful PC manager in its own right, and it’s arguably mor
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Tech Spotlight
The third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10 is the most innovative, the most sophisticated, and the best-sounding smart home hub ever. The brushless motor that spins its 10.1-inch HD display around a 350-degree arc will grab your attention, but you’ll q
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Another Day, Another Data Breach. Here’s How To See If You’ve Been Exposed
In early April, security experts made public the details of yet another Facebook data breach, this one affecting over half a billion users. As originally reported by Business Insider, in this incident personal information on 533 million Facebook user
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Oculus Quest 2 Boosts PC VR With Wireless Streaming And Virtual Office Upgrades
The Oculus Rift is dead, slain by the majestic Oculus Quest and its self-contained virtual reality, but that doesn’t mean the PC VR dream is dead too. Oculus just announced an upcoming v28 update that aims to supercharge the VR chops of the Quest 2 w
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Essential Tools For PC Building: Don’t Get Caught Without These 10 Items In Your Toolkit
You can build a PC with just a screwdriver or two on hand, but you’ll have an easier time of it if you have all the essentials on hand. That includes tools to get you out of sticky spots, which always occur when you assume they won’t. Keep these 10 i
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Devastating Chip Shortages Could Also Hit Smartphones Soon
For the past few months, carmakers have been struggling with a chip shortage due to pandemic-related demand for consumer electronics. A recent report suggests the shortage could hit smartphones, too. According to Reuters’ sources at Samsung and other
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A Perfect Storm: Why Graphics Cards Cost So Much Now
It’s a bleak time to be a PC gamer. Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 30–series and AMD’s new Radeon RX 6000–series graphics cards blaze new performance trails compared to last generation’s disappointing offerings—but most people have no chance of getting the
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Tested: How The Epic Games Store Can Drain Your Laptop’s Battery Life
As laptop performance improves over time, you may be excited to discover that the PC you reserved exclusively for Excel and Zoom calls now can serve as a gaming PC, too. But beware: Leaving a game store app like the Epic Games Store open may signific
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How To Avoid Going Over Your Broadband Data Cap
Managing broadband data caps can be aggravating, frustrating, and—if you go over and incur a penalty—expensive. But there’s hope: With a little knowledge and a bit of patience, you can learn to avoid going over your data cap. Two of the largest broad
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How To Make Windows 10 More Tolerable With These Six Tricks
In what was either a revelation or a sign of getting older, I recently experienced a sudden urge to make my Windows 10 cursor bigger. Squinting at the teeny default cursor in Windows 10, I wondered why I was punishing myself. A quick trip to Windows
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Google Photos Finally Lets PC Users Copy Text From An Image
One of the handiest Google Photos features just landed on the desktop—via your browser—where it could be even more valuable. The mobile version of Photos supports a technology called Google Lens. In 2018, Lens introduced optical character recognition
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HP Envy 14 (2021): This Budget Content-creation Laptop Does It All
Laptops like the HP Envy 14 fall into the category of content creation: notebook PCs with a modestly powerful discrete GPU that can play some games, edit video, or simply serve as a solid all-around PC. This $1,200 14-inch laptop satisfies all three.
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Crucial X6 USB SSD: Good Price, Good Performance, Good Design
Crucial’s X6 is square to be hip—or placed in your hip pocket, at any rate. In a sea of portable SSDs whose shape makes them a literal pain when pocketed, the thin, rounded-edge X6 is a sigh of relief. It’s not state-of-the-art fast, but it’s fast en
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Android Loses A Huge Innovator As LG Quits Making Phones
One of the biggest innovators in Android is bowing out. LG recently revealed that it is exiting the phone business to focus on other “growth areas” such as smart home devices, robotics, and electric vehicles. Existing phones will remain available unt
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AMD’s New Ryzen 5000G Chips Wield Radeon Graphics— And Double The Cores
AMD’s modern Ryzen APUs with integrated Radeon graphics have been a big hit with budget PC builders since their arrival, and they should be in hot demand given the untenable state of today’s graphics card market. But there hasn’t been a fresh DIY off
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Looks Like Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Won’t Launch This Year
Don’t expect a new generation of Nvidia graphics cards anytime soon. As part of his GTC 2021 keynote, CEO Jensen Huang revealed “Grace,” the company’s new Arm-based data-center CPU—yes, Nvidia is making CPUs now!—and in a slide showing Nvidia’s revam
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Corsair K65 RGB Mini: Hands-on With The 60 Percent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Mechanical gaming keyboards are the way to go if you’re looking for a superior typing or gaming experience, and size doesn’t always matter. Corsair’s K65 RGB Mini is a 60 percent mechanical keyboard—meaning it trims off some of the keys and focuses o
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Dell’s XPS 13 9310 Just Got A Mesmerizing Upgrade
Dell’s beloved XPS 13 premium laptop will get the infinite black treatment, thanks to a new OLED panel option. The OLED is the fanciest of four screen options Dell will offer for the XPS 13, all of them in the same taller and more useful 16:10 aspect
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ThinkPad X1 Nano: Lenovo Drops The Mic With Its Light, Fast, And Long-lasting ThinkPad
The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano is just the kind of powerful, light, and long-lasting laptop you’ll want to take with you on post-pandemic business trips—and it’s handy even now just because it’s so easy to take all over the house. It also performs right
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Microsoft Didn’t Lie: The Surface Laptop 4 Really Is Twice As Fast
Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop 4 on Tuesday with some bold performance claims: The Surface Laptop 4 should surpass the performance of the Surface Laptop 3 by 70 percent or so, or even offer twice the performance under certain scenarios. Does i
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Tech Spotlight
Gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5 still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. They pack in loads of features you don’t get in an iPhone or Galaxy phone. In this video, PCWorld’s Adam Patrick Murray walks through his top three. ■
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Ryzen 5000 Failure Rates: We Reality-check The Claims
Are Ryzen 5000 chips failing? We looked into the original story and the issues around quality control at system vendors, and the problem may not be as bad as it initially appeared. The kerfuffle kicked off on Sunday, when system builder PowerGPU twee
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Microsoft Reveals It Won’t Raise Prices For Office 2021, Which May Ship With Teams
Microsoft has announced plans to release a consumer version of Office 2021, a standalone version of Microsoft 365 that will have some but not all of the features of Microsoft’s perpetually updating cloud productivity service. This may be the first st
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Early Review Of Intel 11th-gen Rocket Lake Gives The Chip Mixed Marks
Intel’s 11th-gen Rocket Lake chip won’t hit shelves until the end of March, but an unexpectedly early review of a retail Core i7-11700K labels the chip as power-hungry and unable to surpass AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800X in many tests. The review, written by re
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HP Spectre X360 14: Luxurious, With Long Battery Life
The luxurious HP Spectre x360 14 is back with some new bling—Intel’s Tiger Lake CPU. The results are as impressive as we’d hoped, with some of the fastest multicore benchmark scores we’ve ever seen. The features spoil you as much as the speed. With i
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Aukey DRS1 4K Dash Cam: Nice 4K UHD Video, Easy To Install And Use
It’s pretty amazing how far dash cams have come in just a few short years. Aukey’s DRS1 4K UHD offers great 4K UHD/WDR day and night video captures, is easy to use, is easy to install, and costs $120. Not long ago, a dash cam at that price would have
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Gigabyte Aorus 17G: A Gaming Laptop That’s Amazingly Quiet
Gigabyte’s Aorus 17G gaming laptop, with its high-end parts and sharp-angled design, looks like it should be loud, but it’s not. It’s amazingly quiet, actually. How quiet? On its default fan profile we registered the laptop at barely 38 dB. That’s ba
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How Framework Plans To Break The Curse Of Upgradeable Laptops
An upgradeable laptop has long been the holy grail of laptop features. And much like the famed grail, it has never been found. Many have tried and all have failed. The most recent attempt was Alienware’s Area 51m R1, which launched with lofty goals b
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