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Log Book
A late September chill tinges the air as I gather my gear and start down to the water taxi rendezvous point. I’ve been coming to Ross Lake in North Cascades National Park every year since I was in the Navy, more than 13 years ago, and over that time
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Plus: Strengthen your feet, spot five snow-loving birds, and whip up a crunchy new take on a tuna sandwich. ■
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Adventure U - Avalanche Awareness
Every slide is caused by a combination of three factors: terrain, snowpack, and weather. The avalanche triangle illustrates how these three factors come together. Avalanches occur when all three elements merge, but any one of them could hint that the
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Adventure U - Avalanche Awareness
HERO SKILL “Adventuring in the backcountry and taking on risky activities with other people is very intimate and consequential. I would recommend entering avalanche terrain with people that you know well and can always count on for good communication
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Try doing this workout without shoes—your feet will work overtime without a cushioned sole for support. If you’ve never exercised barefoot before, try going shoeless for just the warmup at first, then gradually work your way up to completing the whol
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Know Nature
This classic holiday-card bird is hard to miss against a snowy backdrop. If you don’t see its vibrant red feathers first, you’ll hear its string of two-part whistles. In the past, the cardinal was more common in warmer climates but has since adapted
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Trail Chef
For more camp food inspiration, visit 2 pouches tuna½ cup mayo (or 8 single-serve packets)2 Tbsp chopped pepperonciniSalt to tastePepper to taste4 flour tortillas1 cup shredded cheddar cheese1 Tbsp olive oil AT HOME 1) Pack all
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Backpacker Magazine
EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Shannon Davis Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. Editorial EXECUTIVE EDITOR Casey Lyons When climbing, hum a tune that matches your cadence. SENIOR DIGITAL EDITOR Adam Roy GEAR EDITOR Eli Bernstein Always bring more snacks and a warme
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Out Alive
Mat and I hustled up to the Railroad Grade Moraine on Washington’s Mt. Baker. The forecast called for clear skies, and we’d left the trailhead at 6 p.m. gunning for a sunrise summit at 10,781 feet. Four hours later, as we traveled across the Easton G
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Your Take On…
( ♥“I’ve switched to wool. It’s better than it used to be and doesn’t shed microplastics.” –Miriam Stevens ♥“The basic message here is to take care of the environment, which as hikers I agree we need to do.” –Craig Sharp ✖
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Reader Review
I’ve been living in leggings long before they became part of the Covid dress code, and now I have a new goto pair: These tights can do it all. I’ve worn them nearly nonstop since October, and whether I was trail running in New Mexico’s Sandia foothil
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Last Stand
The 19-million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the northeast edge of Alaska has been a site of conflict for decades. Beneath the wilderness—home to caribou and polar bears, and essential hunting grounds to the Gwich’in and Iñupiat people—lies
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The Kit
Navigating the back-country means adapting to complex terrain and variable snow. That goes for your skis, too, and the Navis Freebird is a versatility champ. It’s light enough for long tours but stable enough (thanks to a paulownia and poplar core) t
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Miracle Mile
The icy crunch of my snowshoes ripples into the silence and then falls away. Another step, and my breath fogs before me in miniature echo of the gray clouds obscuring the valley below. Here on Artist Point, though, all is crystalline sunlight. Beyond
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Head to Head - Bags
OVERALL/4.6 BEST ALL-AROUND $320; 1 lb. 15 oz.; 17°F; regular, long On the hunt for a bag that’s toasty, light, and relatively affordable? Look no further: The Nitro 800 is a true triple-threat. While camping in Washington’s Olympic National Forest,
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Compass Points - Lakes
There’s something special about lake hikes—a peacefulness that settles into every hiker who embarks on one. When you wander every inch of a shore it leaves you with a feeling of belonging, of knowing the whole of a place. There’s nothing quite like w
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Hiking 101
Real talk: Sleeping in a tent isn’t the same as dozing in your bed. You’re more likely to wake up in the night than you are at home. Here are a few keys to quality rest. The ideal spot to camp means different things to different people, but any great
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Editor’s Note
Psst. It’s not “that” year anymore. It’s this one. That fact alone feels pretty good. The annual reset of hope and positivity is especially strong with this year’s flip of the calendar. Air-fives, anyone? That said, while the passing of time can heal
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A Hero’s Journey
When Rue McKenrick came out of the desert in West Texas in January 2020, he’d been without water or food all day. So the little convenience store he spied just north of Big Bend National Park at first seemed like a mirage, an answer to his prayers. H
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I stop to take a breather at the transition point between two worlds. Above, I can see the barren volcanic landscape of Hawaii’s highlands, a far cry from the tropical forest of ohia trees where I stand now. Just a couple miles across the broad valle
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National Parks
ROCKY MOUNTAIN Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Welcome to the insider’s club. As soon as you leave behind Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail, you’ll enter a corner of Shenandoah all your own. The handful of hikers who venture up 2,741-foot Ro
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Gallery - Blind Hikers
The climb up Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America at 22,841 feet, starts with an odd obstacle: small, round rocks that roll at the slightest touch. Crossing them is like roller skating on marbles. To do it without seeing what’s beneath yo
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Liz 'Snorkel' Thomas
Dayhike on a long trail. I started dayhiking in southern California, then one day happened upon the PCT. To see a sign that basically says hike this way and you’ll reach Canada in 2,000 miles was enlightening. That my feet had touched such a pathway
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There was a time when being considerate on the trail simply meant stepping aside to let uphill hikers pass, so as not to add to their struggle. But when hikers have fears about racism and personal safety, standing aside rather than making meaningful
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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore MUNISING, MICHIGAN
A teenage Tom Nemacheck wasn’t happy when his family relocated from Detroit to the Upper Peninsula in 1969, so after graduation he joined the Air Force to head somewhere new—only to find himself stationed back in northern Michigan. “After that, I dec
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Calorie Bombs
This Superbowl party favorite never lasts long in camp. Makes 2 servings 1 cup instant refried beans6 Tbsp cream cheese powder4 Tbsp sour cream powder1.5 oz. cheddar cheese2 Tbsp taco seasoning1 4.25 oz. bag of Fritos2 single-serving packets of salsa
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All Fun, No Car
Hop on the Hudson Line in Manhattan and escape the city to Bull Hill. This 5.5-mile hidden gem in the Hudson Highlands has all the charms of crowd favorite 1,260-foot Breakneck Ridge but half the people. Hop off the train at Cold Springs and walk a q
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Mountain Mystery
A FEELING OF PEACE washed over me as soon as my boots hit the dirt. At the base of Mt. Washington’s Jewell Trail, the October sun felt warm on my bare arms. But having grown up exploring New Hampshire’s White Mountains, I knew the conditions up high
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Game Thory
ALDO LEOPOLD WAS SURE of himself, as young men so often are. It was 1919 and the 32-year-old had been promoted to assistant district forester, bringing 20 million acres of Southwestern wildlands under his purview. He knew two things: that hunting was
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Big Trundle
Dear Exhilarated, First of all, it sounds like you might have some pent-up frustration. We’re here to talk if you need. Secondly, you’re right that rocks, trees, and ice fall all the time in nature. But that doesn’t mean rock trundling is an appropri
…Или откройте для себя что-то новое