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7 Ways To Strengthen Your Shoulders
You need strong, stable shoulders to support your body in yoga inversions. They also help you maintain good posture. The advent of summer means your shoulders are on display. They’re working hard, too. Supple, healthy shoulders help you extend your r
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Advice For Leading Class Outdoors
Patanjali defined the purpose of yoga as managing the fluctuations of the mind. But when you’re teaching a class in New York City’s Central Park, rogue Frisbees, curious pigeons, and thumping subwoofers are hurdles to maintaining focus that Patanjali
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Yoga Journal
senior editor Tamara Y. Jeffries senior editor Renee Marie Schettler contributing editor Lisa Jhung assistant editor Kyle Houseworth copy editors Erin Clyburn, Samantha Israel, Angie Mattison creative director Stacy Jarvis photography director Erin D
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Charlotte Nguyen On Well-being
How do you become a spiritual and transformational coach before you hit 31? That’s well before many of us figure out what we want to transform into. Charlotte Nguyen’s journey gave her insight beyond her years. She was born to two Vietnamese peace ac
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The Future Of Yoga
We do our best to plan for the future. We chop our weekly allotment of veggies on Sundays, save for an epic trip, and even map out five-year goals. ¶ But when we think about big shifts that will happen in the world at large, our concept of the distan
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A Selection Of Yoga Products + Events
TEACHERSPLUS.YOGAJOURNAL.COM Affordable yoga instructor liability insurance. Follow Yoga Journal for daily exclusive content on the topics you care about most. Browse our encyclopedia of yoga poses, study up on Ayurvedic practices, learn in-depth ana
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A Buddist Approach To Equanimity
Leslie Booker brings her heart to the intersection of dharma, embodied wisdom, and liberation. She is a co-founder of the Yoga Service Council and the Meditation Working Group of Occupy Wall Street. In 2020, she graduated from Spirit Rock Meditation
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Summer Side Dishes
Serves 6 Hands-On Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 40 minutes 1 ½ lbs cherry tomatoesOlive oilSalt 1. Heat oven to 400°. Place tomatoes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Lightly drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt. 2. Roast until to
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Multitasking Skin-care Products
Doubling as a facial toner and a hydrating supplement, this multitasking mist tightens and brightens skin. The essential ingredient, snow mushroom, retains moisture in your skin, is an alternative to hyaluronic acid, and is meant to reduce inflammati
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A 20-minute Sequence For Busy Days
Ever notice how, in yoga, you repeat the same shape in different poses? Smart sequencing uses this to an advantage and asks you to practice that shape repeatedly while progressing the level of difficulty I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have time
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What Community Mean To You
ENHANCE YOUR YOGA EXPERIENCE You’ll access on-demand classes, exclusive trainings with world-renowned yoga teachers, comprehensive instruction on poses, and more when you become a member at
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Small Businesses, Big Impacts
The hand-poured intention candles created by this Black woman-owned company offer a multisensory experience: They’re scented with essential oils, contain a golden glimmer to hold your attention, and include an audible affirmation or poem brought to l
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12 Ways To Use Blocks
When I first started practicing yoga, I couldn’t bear being someone who needed blocks. Only after I was able to set my ego aside was I able to understand the value of allowing this support into my practice. My relationship with blocks slowly progress
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How To Let Go Of The Outcome
When I was in my late twenties, I went through a devastating breakup. Managing heartbreak while I worked a demanding job to support myself in NYC left me depleted. It felt impossible to get out of bed. I couldn’t fathom how I’d manage each day. The b
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How To Align With Your Dharma
Several years ago, when I went searching for ways to heal my body and mind, I didn’t expect to discover my soul. Yet the closer Ayurveda brought me to balancing the connection between my physical and psychological realms, the more I came to understan
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24 Ways To Soothe Sore Muscles
Sore muscles respond to movement and physical manipulation. Gently kneading and moving your body to lengthen tight muscles can help reduce aches and pains. Stretch: Take time before and after any physical activity to stretch your muscles. If you’ve b
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Teaching Yoga With Downs Syndrome
SUE ANNE PARSONS: I started the first yoga studio in Santa Barbara in 1986. Three years later, Jim came in for a yoga class. We fell in love, got married later that year, and have been teaching yoga together ever since. Jim had two children, Janelle
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Chakra Balancing For Skeptics
I’M NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT CONSIDER WOO-WOO. As a longtime journalist and editor, I’ve spent my entire adult life grounded in facts and logic, trying to make sense of the events of this world so I can better explain them to others. While I’ve been behold
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Are We Having Fun Yet? Yes!
What do you remember most about summer? Perhaps it’s cookouts and campfires. Zooming around on bikes and scooters and skateboards. Splashing in the pool, playing in the sun, and gazing at the stars. Good times! So why should they just be memories? Th
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The Science Of Awe
WE TEND TO THINK OF AWE as being evoked by something absolutely astonishing, breathtaking, even seemingly supernatural. Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Watching the Northern Lights. Witnessing the birth of a baby. Gazing at a work of art. O
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Hearing The Voice Of Self-care
I BEGAN PRACTICING YOGA so long ago that yoga pants didn’t exist. We had only pants and you could wear them to yoga. I was 16 years old and it was the 1990s—the height of fashion, I should note. But it wasn’t the height of yoga’s popularity. Far from
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Blessing The Boats
(at St. Mary’s) may the tidethat is entering even nowthe lip of our understandingcarry you outbeyond the face of fearmay you kissthe wind then turn from itcertain that it willlove your back may youopen your eyes to waterwater waving foreverand may yo
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Are We Having Fun Yet?
Real Talk: If I don’t do yoga every day, I fall apart. Maybe this sounds dramatic, but navigating a worldwide pandemic, economic turbulence, social injustice, year-round wildfires in my home state of Colorado, and, most recently, a war, is hard on th
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Be Kind To Your Spine
To protect your spine, pay attention to workplace ergonomics, says anatomy expert Arturo Peal. Put your laptop up on yoga blocks so that the top of your screen is at your eye height when you’re sitting tall. Then set up an external keyboard so that y
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A Walk In The Park
I’VE BEEN ON FORAGING walks before, where naturalists taught me the medicinal and nutritional properties of wild greenery. But walking through Lower Arroyo Park in Pasadena, California, with Bat Vardeh as my guide feels different. We crouch down and
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Super Bowls
Serves 4 Hands-On Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes 1 ½ cups cooked, peeled, and chopped beets (about 2 beets)1 ¼ cups store-bought or homemade plain hummus (about 10 oz)1 bag whole-grain pita chips Endive leaves or other vegetables Suggested t
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7 Poses To Ease Tight Hips
Hip openers offer almost unparalleled benefits—not least of which is that they feel so good. Flexible hips are integral to almost every yoga posture—standing in Mountain, sitting in Lotus, and finding stability in any Warrior variation. They’re also
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I'm a Survivor
THEY SAY THE BEST way to truly test yourself—to see what you can endure—is to experience an extreme situation. For me, that was participating on the reality TV show Survivor. If you’re unfamiliar with the Survivor series, here’s a summary: Sixteen to
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A Meditation On The Elements
The way I see it, the mind is a landscape. Practicing yoga or meditation teaches us to explore our inner environments. Over time, we learn to negotiate the terrain: the psyche’s rolling hills and shadowy corners. We learn how to find where light dapp
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How Well Do You Know Your Abs
If you hear “a strong core,” you may instantly think of sharply defined abs. You’re not alone. “When talking about our ‘core,’ we often focus on the parts that we can see or have been told by society that indicate a strong belly—the rectus abdominis,
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