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Secret Agent Man
It was a simple craigslist ad that started all the rumpus. A guy named Milo in Belfast, Maine, listed a well-worn 1969 Tripp 29 sloop for sale for $6,000. A young acquaintance of mine, Emily Greenberg, who maintains an intriguing sailing blog at ding
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Provisioning Tips
Vacationing and good eats go hand-in-hand, and when you’re on a boat everything just tastes better. Maybe it’s the fresh air or the appetite you work up sailing and SUPing. Whatever the reason, the simplest fare seems to tickle the tastebuds in new w
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Back Up Your Galley Faucet
Pressurized water systems are brilliantly convenient, but they raise the question of how to get water out of the tanks in the event of a power failure or unexpected demise of the pump. For this reason, builders of expensive yachts intended for long-d
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Dufour 530
Dufour Yachts seems to have shift ed its strategy with the introduction of the new 530. Previously, the French builder maintained two lines: Performance and Grand Large, with the latter targeted at the cruising crowd. With the Dufour 530, however, Du
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Wide Open Spaces
Spurred on, no doubt, by the continuing extraordinary demand for sailboats of all sizes, the catamaran industry has made a point of not letting the events of the past year stop it from continuing to innovate. If you’re in search of the perfect boat f
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Cruising Tips
When you need a bucket of clear seawater, make sure you have a longish lanyard and tie it to the boat. The pull can be considerable, even at speeds of as little as 5 knots, if you achieve the result you are looking for. To secure a full fill every ti
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Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54
The new Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 shares a lot of DNA with the company’s First Yacht 53, introduced last year and reviewed by SAIL in its May 2020 issue. The Oceanis Yacht 54, however, is both more luxurious and carries a slightly different rig for s
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Bluewater Pollywogs
Bluewater sailing is 25 percent actually sailing and 75 percent learning how to live on a boat at sea, in constant motion and with no chance to get off the roller coaster. I cannot over-emphasize how difficult normal daily functions become at sea, ev
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Nightmare aboard Daydream
Pitch black in a narrow, unlit canal, my only two points of reference were a pair of red and green navigational buoys half a mile ahead. As I approached them the water under the keel of my Bristol 40 yawl, Daydream, kept diminishing, now at 4ft, now
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Ask Sail
Q: The technology and materials used for working sails—jibs and mains—have obviously increased by leaps and bounds. I’m thinking Kevlar then carbon fiber and things like string and molded sails. Same thing with sails like Code 0s. However, unless I’m
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Clewless In The Pacific
Squalls are well known to sailors who cruise the middle Latitudes. Eventually you become complacent to their bluster. But squalls vary in magnitude, and while crossing from Tahiti to Oahu, our 47ft Custom Stevens sloop paid the price for carrying too
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Children’s Book For The Soul
BOOK REVIEW By Kimi Aoyama with illustrations by Tadami Takahashi 52 Pages, ¥1,980 (around $18) (search “Bocci” under “Japanese books”) Once upon a time in Tokyo, there was a boy called Bocci. In grade school, he played the piano well an
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In Praise of Displacement
As I write this, it’s springtime in New England, and I’ve begun sailing out on Boston Harbor again, getting warmed up for the summer sailing season. As I’ve been doing so, I’ve been struck, not for the first time, by just how awesome it is being aboa
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Refurbishing Shirley Rose: Part 2
Thankfully, the deck and cockpit of my decades-old Santana 27, Shirley Rose, were in pretty good shape. The balsa core, in particular, was for the most part nice and solid. Nonetheless, there was still a fair bit of work to do. First, all the mooring
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Nada Reunion
Dense fog, Covid-19 restrictions and rough seas might not sound like much of a recipe for fun. Th row in a rendezvous with our first two Nadas, though, along with a classically beautiful Maine anchorage, a dozen lobsters and lively, exhilarating sail
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Building Bagheere
In early 2019, the 52ft steel expedition vessel Bagheera celebrated her 10th birthday. During that time, and in the years since, she has carried my wife, Krystina, our clients and me over 75,000 miles in Arctic and subarctic waters. This is the story
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The article The Kids Are Alright (May) by Lydia Mullan was an enjoyable story about the various community sailing programs around the country doing great things to encourage a wide variety of youth to get on the water and learn to sail. The story occ
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The Sailing Scene
Are you out there sailing, cruising and living the sailing life? Share your experiences with other readers. Send your photos to And don’t forget to sign up for our free eNewsletter, Under Sail, via our website sailmagazine.c
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South Pacific Sunset
Evenings like this are the stuff of dreams. The sun, setting in a clear, tropic sky, will soon deliver a green flash. Its low light bathes the tranquil harbor in rose and orange hues. Capturing the fine patterns in the sand left from the softly break
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A New Stonehenge
Ever since the advent of GPS, I have not found much use for the chart table on my schooner Britannia. Most of our passagemaking navigation is done on a Raymarine multifunction display on the helm pod, which is then transferred to a paper chart on the
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An hour after midnight on a bitingly cold day this past February, English sailor Pip Hare crossed the finish line of the Vendée Globe. After 95 days alone at sea, she was suddenly surrounded by crowds of people. Lit up by the crimson of the handheld
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Enoshima Olympics
If experience has a tone, it would sound like three-time Olympian and 470 sailor Stu McNay—steady, measured, with a positive, almost Mr. Rogers feeling. “Each Games has a unique flavor,” he says, the day before last spring’s 470 European Championship
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All in Good Time
In this age of the smartphone, everyone has a timepiece in their pocket at all times. As a result, like so much else in the past 20 years, the watch is now teetering on the brink of technology’s endangered species list. Out on the water, though, watc
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A Windy Indian Arm
I lost a third of my crew the moment we arrived at the boatyard. My middle son and second mate, Julian, took one look at the dark sky overhead and hid behind his mother’s skirt. I glanced at my oldest son and first mate, 10-year-old Emil, and said, “
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Refurbishing Shirley Rose: Part 1
Shirley Rose, a well-worn Santana 27, sorely needed refurbishing. When I took ownership, she was on stands in a sorry state looking for someone to bring her back to life. Since then, I’ve replaced or repaired most of her major systems and also done a
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It’s a Small, Small World
As part of its continuing commitment to both smaller boats and boats expressly designed for the racecourse, France’s Beneteau recently recast its “First” line, so that it is now composed of two distinct subcategories, the better to meet the needs of
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I just read Reflections of an Old Salt (April, 2021). Charles Merwarth wrote beautifully about his experience living aboard his boat and brought back similar feelings of gratitude that I, too, “took that first step” and decided to live aboard with my
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Take Your Pick!
This year’s annual Ida Lewis Distance Race on Narragansett Bay will offer something for everyone. In addition to ORC and PHRF, there will be sections for doublehanded, youth and collegiate racing. Racers will also have a choice between the event’s tr
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Small Boat, Big Fun
They say good things come in small packages, and that’s never been more true than in sailing. Two sailors, one small boat and ideal weather conditions make for a day to remember aboard this zippy little Beneteau First 14. For the latest on Beneteau’s

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