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How I Really Feel About Ski Racing
From the sky I could see the mountains dressed in a vibrant blanket of white as my plane flew into Denver this morning. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and although it was nearly 80 degrees in Denver when I landed, pulling into Copper once again confirme
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Parallel Racing
NASTAR’s roots are grounded in parallel racing and we are taking the format to the next level at the Regional and National Championship. The final race at both events will be head-to-head, elimination bracket races that will award prize money to the
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Mt. Baker, Wash.
MAYBE IT’S THE depth of the snow or the dead-end road that gets you there, but Mt. Baker, the ski area on the flanks of one of Washington’s major volcanoes, feels like it’s isolated from the shininess of the ski industry—in the best way possible. You
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Medicine Man
Shuffling towards the base of Alta in the early morning hour, my stride is dampened. It’s still dark out and I’m trying to skate-ski to the base area dragging a massive pile of laundry from Dr. Ken Libre’s home—near the bottom of the Wildcat tree run
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Mt. Rose, Nev.
YOU CAN BE at a blackjack table at a casino in downtown Reno, and 30 minutes later, be booting up at the base of Mt. Rose. The accessibility is just one of the defining features of this no-frills ski area smack between the northeastern edge of Lake T
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Lindsay’s Legacy
When Lindsey Vonn announced her retirement from professional ski racing at the end of the 2018-’19 season, she left the world guessing about what she would do as a civilian. As one of the most visible and marketable athletes skiing has ever had, it s
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Sierra at Tahoe, Calif.
FOR KIDS, you can’t ask for a better place to learn to ski than Sierra-at-Tahoe, 25 minutes from South Lake Tahoe along scenic Highway 50. This is the kind of low-key place where lift tickets cost $76 a day, kids under four ski free, and families can
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Chasing Gold in Aspen
Excitement is in the air in Aspen, Colorado. For the first time in 60 years, the U.S. Alpine Tech Championships will be returning to Aspen’s slopes. Aspen Snowmass, in collaboration with Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club and the U.S. Ski Team, will
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Bridger Bowl, Mont.
BRIDGER BOWL, OUTSIDE BOZEMAN, Montana, carries in its character much of the gritty mythology that defines Montana as iconic of the American West. Take the Bridger Mountains, which are named for mountain man Jim Bridger, the fur trapper, scout, and p
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Rethinking Avalanche Education
If you’ve ever looked at an ice crystal though a loupe, you know that snow science is a complicated, multifaceted field, with an overwhelming amount to learn. In the past, educators have struggled to cram the appropriate knowledge, skills, and scienc
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Wolf Creek, Colo
DEEP IN THE HEART OF SOUTHERN Colorado’s San Juan Mountain Range lies one of the country’s most proudly independent resorts. Family owned and operated since 1976, Wolf Creek Ski Area has built itself into a perennial favorite for locals and visitors
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If You Build It, They Will Come
A large red sign forbids us from going beyond the gate. “Stop. Ski area boundary. Terrain beyond this boundary is closed to the public,” the sign reads. I’m a rule follower, so, naturally, I throw my skis sideways and come to an abrupt halt. Fortunat
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Mt. Bohemia, Mich.
THE UPPER PENINSULA of Michigan is a wonderfully curious place. Yoopers have a thick and distinct dialect—somewhere between Wisconsinite nasal and Canadian long vowel. The U.P. has mastered the pasty, a delicious meat pie originally gaining favor wit
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Whitefish, Montana
The best way to measure the appeal of Whitefish is to measure what it’s not: glitzy, overbuilt, or overpriced. Through the blessings of a remote Northern Montana location, a passionate local community, and an honest-to-goodness real town, this is a p
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Cannon Mounatin, N.H.
THOSE IN SEARCH of a ski area that embodies independence and an old school vibe need look no further than Cannon. Diehards longing for the good old days of skiing will be drawn at first to what Cannon doesn’t have. There are no trailside homes or con
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Sail to Ski
On the first day, I become conscious of the silence. The ship’s motor had turned off, so, while below deck, I thought we were not moving. I had never been on a sailboat before, and the safety drills we conducted in Alta’s harbor all involved using th
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Into The White
The storm swirls around Baker Boyd and Wiley Maple as they approach the entrance to Silver Queen, a steep, double-black-diamond bump run halfway down Aspen Mountain. It’s a midweek powder day in April, and almost no one else is skiing. Boyd and Maple
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Skis From The Future
This January, ski companies big and small will descend upon Denver, Colo., for the annual Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow. The Editors at SKI, however, can’t wait that long. Instead, we invited a number of brands to Vail in early December to ski on everyt
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WITH 5,620 VERTICAL FEET of elevation to the valley floor—where the Columbia River cuts through an expansive flow of wetlands that stoke a brooding microclimate—and 34.4 feet of annual snowfall, the proposition of a ski resort here was one of mythic
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Parking Lot Party
It’s not a tailgate party without the jams. UE’s newest wireless Bluetooth speaker hears that message loud and clear, and comes prepared with 360-degree sounds, voice control, serious bass, and built-in Alexa capabilities. It’s also waterproof, dustp
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Expanding Horizons
LA BAGUETTE, THE TINY COFFEE SHOP at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, is routinely bustling at 8:00 a.m. Six young women from B.C. and Alberta crowd around a table with gear tucked at their feet, preparing to head out of bounds into the RMR ba
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Short But Sweet
Modern skiing has lost the short turn as a trusted ally—one that was there for us when we needed a special tool to deal with special circumstances. Gone are the days of making short turns at the run’s edge, where the best snow resides until the last
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The Little Mountain That Could
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Pillar of Strength
What separates experts from advanced skiers? Upper/lower body separation, and the ability to change directions and turn shapes at will. Watch expert skiers closely, and you’ll begin to notice that their legs and skis turn beneath them while their upp
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The Language of Skiing
I’m sitting with seven other skiers and two guides in CMH’s Galena Lodge getting a briefing on what to expect over our next few days. The seven other guests (all men) and myself (not a man) are signed up for a heli-accessed ski touring trip. We’ll sp
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Cover Your Bases
You can baby your skis all you want, but sooner or later, bases are going to get nicked. At the end of a given ski day, you could walk away with minor scratches caused by gravel mixed in with the snow around the base area, or major gouges courtesy of
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Aspen NASTAR Nationals
This year, the Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR National Championships will be hosted at Aspen Snowmass March 24th-28th. Snowmass, best known for its family-friendly environment, will be the most cohesive host for NASTAR, the most family-friendly gras
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Resort Lodging
The storied history of the Sun Valley Lodge is felt the moment you arrive at the stately property built by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood in December of 1936. The lodge was designed at the centerpiece of America’s first destination ski resort, a
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The Details
Stratton’s southern Vermont location makes it appealing to Tri-State-area skiers looking to disconnect from city living. It’s a four-plus-hour drive from the heart of Manhattan, the last portion of which is a beautiful cruise through classic Vermont
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The Welcoming West
The town of Ketchum had its own long and storied history well before Mr. Harriman and company set their sights on Sun Valley. This former mining town drew fortune-seekers in the mid-1800s who came looking to cash in on the land’s natural resources, i
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