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China Criticizes Us Chip Law As Threat To Trade
China criticized a U.S. law to encourage processor chip production in the United States and reduce reliance on Asian suppliers as a threat to trade and an attack on Chinese business. The law signed this week by President Joe Biden promises $52 billio
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From Mecca To The Vatican, Exploring Sacred Sites With VR
Click and gape at the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel ceiling up close. Click again and join thousands of pilgrims praying and circling around the cube-shaped Kaaba at Islam’s most sacred site. Or strap on a headset and enter the holy city of Jerusalem. The
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Biden, Democrats Bet On Long-term Goals For Short-term Boost
President Joe Biden’s legislative victories have aimed to position the U.S. to “win the economic competition of the 21st century,” but his investments to boost the nation’s technology, infrastructure and climate resilience over the next decade are se
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Social Media Offers Parents More Controls. But Do They Help?
As concerns about social media’s harmful effects on teens continue to rise, platforms from Snapchat to TikTok to Instagram are bolting on new features they say will make their services safer and more age appropriate. But the changes rarely address th
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There’s no denying that Apple has transformed how we work, but in recent years, it has introduced several solutions to suit every budget and working style. There’s a workspace for everyone, from iPad Pro models and MacBook Airs to the Mac Studio and
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‘I Didn’t Really Learn Anything’: Covid Grads Face College
Angel Hope looked at the math test and felt lost. He had just graduated near the top of his high school class, winning scholarships from prestigious colleges. But on this test — a University of Wisconsin exam that measures what new students learned i
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Amazon To Buy Vacuum Maker Irobot For Roughly $1.7b
Amazon announced it has agreed to acquire the vacuum cleaner maker iRobot for approximately $1.7 billion, scooping up another company to add to its collection of smart home appliances amid broader concerns from anti-monopoly and privacy advocates abo
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Most Electric Vehicles Won’t Qualify For Federal Tax Credit
A tax credit of up to $7,500 could be used to defray the cost of an electric vehicle under the Inflation Reduction Act now moving toward final approval in Congress. But the auto industry is warning that the vast majority of EV purchases won’t qualify
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Scientists Use Tiny Trackers, Plane To Follow Moths On Move
Trillions of insects migrate across the globe each year, yet little is known about their journeys. So to look for clues, scientists in Germany took to the skies, placing tiny trackers on the backs of giant moths and following them by plane. To the re
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How Is Inflation Affecting Commuting Costs?
Gas prices have fallen from the record highs they reached earlier this summer, but they’re still much higher than a year ago. And with inflation driving up the cost of pretty much everything else, finding the funds to cover your commute may be increa
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Japan Tech Giant Softbank Posts $23 Billion Quarterly Loss
Japanese technology company SoftBank Group posted a $23.4 billion loss in the April-June quarter as the value of its investments sank amid global worries about inflation and interest rates. SoftBank Group Corp.’s loss of 3.16 trillion yen was a rever
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Federal Program Helps Alaska Villages Get Broadband Access
Alaska will receive at least $100 million through a new federal program to expand high-speed internet to underserved rural areas and promote workforce development, officials said Tuesday. U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, an Alaska Republican, coordinated a su
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Researchers Ask Census To Stop Controversial Privacy Method
Prominent demographers are asking the U.S. Census Bureau to abandon a controversial method for protecting survey and census participants’ confidentiality, saying it is jeopardizing the usability of numbers that are the foundation of the nation’s data
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Japan’s Honda Sees Declining Profits On Semiconductor Crunch
Honda’s fiscal first quarter profit fell 33% from last year as a global computer chip shortage, a pandemic-related lockdown in China and the rising costs of raw materials hurt the Japanese automaker. Tokyo-based Honda Motor Co. reported that its prof
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Elon Musk Sells $7b In Tesla Shares Ahead Of Twitter Fight
Elon Musk has sold nearly $7 billion worth of shares in Tesla as the billionaire gets his finances in order ahead of his court battle with Twitter. Musk disclosed in series of regulatory filings that he unloaded about 8 million shares of his company
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Scientists Expand Study On Air Quality Impact On Health
Scientists at the Oregon Institute of Technology were recently awarded a $1 million grant from the federal government that could result in research that improves health outcomes in Southern Oregon due to wildfire smoke. Since 2019, a team of Oregon T
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As Spider-man Turns 60, Fans Reflect On Diverse Appeal
Spider-Man fandom is in Tyler Scott Hoover’s blood — but not because he was bitten by an irradiated arachnid. His father had collected Marvel comic books featuring the character since the 1970s. “He passed down a ton of comics to me,” says Hoover, 32
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Billions Pour Into Bioplastics As Markets Begin Ramping Up
In a world increasingly troubled by the persistent harm that plastic — manufactured in petrochemical plants — has had on the environment, companies are investing billions of dollars to ramp up production of plastics made from natural, renewable mater
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Disney+ Ad-free Subscription Cost To Rise By 38% In December
Walt Disney Co. said it is raising prices for streaming subscribers in the U.S. who want to watch Disney+ without ads, as more viewers switch to what CEO Bob Chapek described as the “best value in streaming.” The price increases are tied to a new tie
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How To Mitigate Or Avoid Dealer Markups
Throughout 2022, new-car shoppers have been paying an average of about $700 over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Those in the market for a new vehicle today may experience sticker shock after seeing a dealership has priced the vehicle they
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FAA Clears Boeing To Resume Deliveries Of 787 Dreamliner
Federal regulators said they are satisfied with changes Boeing has made in the production of its 787 Dreamliner passenger jet, clearing the way for the company to resume deliveries to airline customers “in the coming days.” The Federal Aviation Admin
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Apple Still Thriving As Economy Slows, Despite 3q Profit Dip
Apple’s profit slipped during the past quarter, but the world’s largest technology company is holding up better than many of its peers as the economy teeters on the edge of a recession. While grappling with manufacturing headaches and inflation press
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China Blocks Some Taiwan Imports But Avoids Chip Disruptions
China blocked imports of citrus, fish and other foods from Taiwan in retaliation for a visit by a top American lawmaker, Nancy Pelosi, but has avoided disrupting one of the world’s most important technology and manufacturing relationships. The two si
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WatchOS 9 Health & Fitness: The Next Leap Forward In Wearable Tech
As Apple edges closer to the release of the Apple Watch Series 8 and a new rugged version for athletes, developers are testing watchOS 9. The update includes a host of features that will transform how you work out and communicate, making the Apple Wa
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‘Stray’ Cat Video Game Brings Some Benefits To Real Cats
The virtual cat hero from the new video game sensation “Stray” doesn’t just wind along rusted pipes, leap over unidentified sludge and decode clues in a seemingly abandoned city. The daring orange tabby is helping real world cats as well. Thanks to o
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Cities Face Crisis As Fewer Kids Enroll And Schools Shrink
On a recent morning inside Chalmers School of Excellence on Chicago’s West Side, five preschool and kindergarten students finished up drawings. Four staffers, including a teacher and a tutor, chatted with them about colors and shapes. The summer prog
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Robinhood Cuts 23% Of Its Workforce As Fewer Users Trade
Robinhood Markets said it’s cutting nearly a quarter of its workforce, as crashing cryptocurrency prices and a turbulent stock market keep more customers off its trading app. CEO Vlad Tenev said the company, whose easy-to-use app helped bring a new g
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Alibaba Revenue Beats Expectations Despite Contraction
Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding on Thursday beat market expectations for revenue in its quarter ended June, even as revenue was nearly flat and the company continues to grapple with the fallout from increased regulatory scrutiny and slo
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Us Proposes To Increase Refund Protections For Air Travelers
The Transportation Department is proposing to require airlines to offer passengers a refund if their flight schedule is changed significantly or the airline makes major changes to their itinerary. The proposed rule announced Wednesday would require a
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