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Notifications, Spotlight, and Siri
APPLE’S QUEST TO bring macOS closer to its mobile platforms is at its clearest in the redesign of the Notification Center. Now it replicates the home screen widgets from iOS 14 in the same choice of small, medium, or large formats. The similarity isn
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Razer Productivity Suite
Pro Type: $139.99; Pro Click: $99.99; Pro Glide: $9.99 From Razer, Features Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, USB–C charging, backlighting, multi–device connection Let’s get one thing out the way right off the bat: this mouse and keyboard combina
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Manage Bluetooth devices
REQUIRES macOS Catalina, a compatible Bluetooth device YOU WILL LEARN How to pair and unpair Bluetooth devices in macOS IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes THE BLUETOOTH RADIO built in to your Mac makes it easy to connect compatible devices wirelessly, and is us
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Safari’s Biggest Ever Update
SAFARI HAD SOME notable tweaks in Catalina, but Apple software chief Craig Federighi reckons Big Sur sees its biggest update since macOS X. You could be forgiven for missing just how big it is because a lot of the improvements are behind the scenes,
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Notability 10
$8.99 From Ginger Labs, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12.0 or later Notability is one of our favorite note–taking apps for iPad. It enables you to combine handwriting, illustrations, images, typed text, audio recordings,
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Manage App Power Use
REQUIRES Turbo Boost Switcher Free or Pro, AppPolice YOU WILL LEARN How to allocate CPU resources more efficiently across your Mac IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOUR MAC IS usually very smart when it comes to optimizing its energy usage, whether it’s maxim
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Do More With Photos And Videos
THE PHOTOS APP had a visual overhaul in Catalina, with a new variable–grid Days view to showcase your pics. Big Sur expands on the same “fluid navigation” principle, where pinch–zooming transitions from Years to Months to Days and into an individual
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Budget Burndown
Free ($4.99 p/m Pro subscription) From Gavin King, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12.0 or later During the unprecedented times we live in, it’s more important than ever to keep track of how we spend our money. Mobile a
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Find Your Hidden Purchases
REQUIRES macOS Catalina, an iTunes Store account, Music or TV app YOU WILL LEARN How to recover missing purchases from the iTunes Store IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes ONE OF THE many quirks of the Music and TV apps on macOS Catalina is that they can sometim
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Messages, Maps, and Music
RATHER THAN UPDATE macOS’ Messages app, Apple has effectively brought the iPadOS version to Big Sur, and it looks and feels a lot more like the mobile versions. Animojis, which respond to your facial expressions, aren’t possible on current Macs, but
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Tasks: Smart Lists & Reminders
Free (IAPs) From Mustafa Yusuf, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Needs iOS 13.0 or later Apple’s Notes and Reminders apps are relatively basic, but Tasks for iOS takes managing your reminders to a new level. You start with a “
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Learn Photoshop Camera
REQUIRES Photoshop Camera YOU WILL LEARN How to replace a dull sky, enhance a portrait, and fix common problems with color and tone IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes THE PHOTOSHOP CAMERA app (PsC) is designed to create eye–catching images for social media plat
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What Else Is New?
THERE ARE A couple of aesthetic shifts across the new macOS. One is the standardization of the icons in the sidebar of Finder windows and default apps. Catalina’s media apps had a neat set of their own, with white symbols over rounded rectangles with
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Pascal’s Wager
$6.99 From Giant Games, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later Pascal’s Wager surprised many people when it was first demonstrated at an Apple event last year, as it seemed to bring the impressive graphics and challen
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Sort Out Your Social Life
REQUIRES iPhone, Howbout app, iOS 11 or later YOU WILL LEARN A smoother way to make social plans IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes TRYING TO GET all your friends together can sometimes feel like herding cats: when Alex and Jai are free, Arusa and Jamie aren’t.
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Choose Your Perfect Package
Instant digital access on your iPad, iPhone, and Android device. Only $18 Every Year Can't get out of the house? Get every issue delivered to your door. Only $36 Every Year Get both the Print & Digital editions for only $41 Every Year Get the print e
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Day One Journal
Free (IAPs) From Bloom Built, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13.1 or later In the year since we reviewed journaling app Day One Journal, it’s acquired several new features that may persuade you to give it a try — or to upgr
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HOW IT WORKS YOU WILL LEARN You’ll learn why LiDAR means much more awesome AR apps. You’ve heard of sonar. You’ve heard of radar. But you might not know LiDAR, the distance–sensing tech Apple added to the 2020 iPad Pro. Apple says it “delivers cuttin
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In 2008, Apple launched the “world’s thinnest notebook.” Unlike present–day Apple, the Air was top–of–the–range. It set the precedent for minimal ports in future MacBooks and was the first to ship without an optical media drive. ■
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Make Mail Work Your Way
SINCE ITS INCEPTION Mail has radically polarized opinion amongst the people that use it. A vocal minority of users — and they range from newcomers to Apple veterans — dismiss Mail as slow, clunky, glitchy, and all in all the Mac app they’d most like
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Free ($26.49/year premium subscription) From Forus Labs, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 8.0 or later TimeBloc, as the name suggests, lets you block out chunks of time in your daily schedule. You can set time slots on an hour
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IMac G4
THE TRANSLUCENT iMAC was Jony Ive’s first big hit after being promoted by Steve Jobs to senior vice president of design. It arrived, in 1998, on the cusp of the transition from cathode–ray tube monitors to liquid crystal displays, and although Ive’s
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Well, what a busy few months it’s been for Apple. At the beginning of September we saw the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 (p38), Apple Watch SE (p42), and the iPad 8th generation (p44) — and Apple also announced the new iPad Air. We couldn’t get
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First Steps: Set Up Your View In Mail And Master Your Inbox
MAIL’S LEFT SIDEBAR gathers all of your email accounts into a single Inbox folder, showing all your incoming mail in the list to the right. Click the disclosure triangle to see individual accounts, and you can select one to list its incoming mail ind
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Weather On The Way
Free ($9.99/year Pro subscription) From Idea Studio, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13.0 or later Apple Maps meets Dark Sky in this clever app. Enter your start and end points and Weather On The Way plots a route for
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The Team
Art Editor Thinks the mini is the SE everyone was asking for without missing out on the high–end specs. Production Editor For Xmas Iain wants an iPhone 12, an Apple Watch 6 and a HomePod mini. Don’t let him down, Santa! Contributor Graham loves the n
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Going Further: Use More Mail Tools To Manage Your Messages
BY DEFAULT, MAIL lists only the most recent message in a conversation, also known as a thread (messages replying to each other with the same subject). The total number is shown in blue below the date, with a double chevron that you can click to list
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6 Apps That Come To Life In IPadOS 14
iPadOS 14 adds some great new features that apps can include to make them easier to use and more useful in a wider variety of situations. At the more subtle end, Apple is encouraging apps to use a new sidebar interface for making it simpler to see wh
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Latest Apple News
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Bailing Out: Eight Alternative Apps For Mail Deserters
From $69.99/year FROM FEATURES Analytics, calendar and task integration, iOS version with Shortcuts If macOS’ Mail divides users into lovers and haters, Outlook at least brings unity: everyone complains about it. If you’re a Microsoft u
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