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Surf Safely
THE VAST BULK of your time online is spent in your web browser, and whether you’ve stuck with Safari or opted for one of the many alternatives, there’s plenty you can do to tighten security. Start by performing an audit of all those extensions (also
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Crave $1,299 All it takes is a little move to turn a camera drone from a serene filming experience into a full–on thrill ride of a flyer; placing the camera on its nose makes DJI’s first–person–view drone the latter. Of course, the idea is you’ll b
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All–new IMac Is Here!
APPLE HAS INTRODUCED an all–new iMac, “built from the ground up” around Apple’s M1 processor, with a strikingly thinner and more minimalist design. The new line, starting at $1,299 and shipping in May, has a 24–inch LED–backlit 4.5K display and suppo
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Music, Apple TV, Podcasts, & Books
ONE OF CATALINA’S biggest changes was the end of iTunes and its replacement with separate apps, Music, TV, and Podcasts. It’s no surprise, then, that these apps don’t get huge updates in Big Sur. The biggest change in Music is the replacement of For
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$8.99 (IAPs) From Ginger Labs, Needs macOS 10.15 or later Notability is one of our favorite note–taking apps for iOS and iPadOS, and we’ve described its simple but powerful note–taking abilities as near–perfect. The Mac app comes court
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MAPS MAY NOT be as useful on the Mac as it is on a mobile device, but there’s still plenty you can do with it, such as plan journeys and explore far–off cities. Big Sur adds several new features to the Mac version, the most significant of which is Gu
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HOW TO Restore Shadow And Highlight Details
To fix a contrasting shot lacking detail in both the shadows and the highlights, click on the Edit module. Toggle open Enhance AI. Drag the Accent slider right to simultaneously lighten shadows and darken highlights. Drag the Enhance AI right for mor
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Razer Kiyo Pro
$199.99 From Razer, Features Gorilla Glass 3 lens, 1080p, 60fps, low–light sensor, microphone, braided USB–A to USB–C cable Razer is known for PC gaming, so why use its Kiyo Pro webcam on a Mac? Well, this remarkably well–made device exudes
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PHOTOS IN BIG Sur received a few handy improvements. You can now crop videos, and add filters and adjustments to them. There’s a new Vibrance effect and you can adjust the intensity of Portrait Lighting effects. The Retouch tool has also been improve
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Upgrading An IMac With A Hard Drive
Your two greatest considerations are your iMac’s internal storage and which apps you use. If it has an internal hard drive, then mandatory conversion of that to APFS format would impair its performance significantly and be disruptive. If your iMac ha
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Messages is finally on a par with its iOS counterpart, and with other messaging apps on the Mac. You can now pin up to nine messages to the top of the messages list, reply inline to specific messages in a group conversation, “mention” participants in
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HOW TO Use and configure Sleep Mode
Open the Health app, tap Browse, then tap Sleep. Scroll to Your Schedule and tap Edit to adjust the next upcoming alarm on your schedule, toggle the alarm on or off, snooze the alarm, and more. Tap Done. Tap Full Schedule & Options, then tap Edit to
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Get Started With Signal
APPLE’S APP PRIVACY labels on the App Store now reveal an incredible amount of information apps like Facebook Messenger collect about you. The new approach has made many people start looking for more privacy–friendly alternatives. If that sounds like
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Music–recognition Software
IN RECENT YEARS, Apple has quietly bought some of our favorite apps. It owns the weather app Dark Sky and is in the process of integrating it with its own weather widgets, it bought the reading app Texture to create Apple News, and it also acquired t
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DEVONThink To Go 3.0
Free (IAPs) From Devon Technologies, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS/iPadOS 13.0 or later DEVONThink is a universal inbox to store, organize, and locate data and documents of all kinds: Pages documents and PDFs, web
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Gemini 2
$19.95/year or $44.95 one–time purchase From MacPaw, Needs OS X 10.10 or later; 64–bit processor Since launching in 2016, Gemini 2 has become the quickest, most effective way to find and delete duplicate files. Featuring a simple dr
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Smart Security Options
$109.99, Secure your shed or side gate with the smartest padlock around. It’s a mix of super security and ultimate cleverness, and you can even use your phone to generate one–time passcodes for guests. $239.99, Compatible wi
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HOW TO Remove Noise And Distortion
In low–light conditions, your camera may use a high (fast) ISO speed to capture more detail. However, this can lead to nasty specks of color and luminance noise. Press Cmd+1 to zoom in by 100% and check for noise. Toggle open the Denoise panel. Drag
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Print Out Contacts Labels
EMAILS AND MESSAGES are all very well, but sending your correspondence in the post is sometimes necessary, or simply just a bit nicer. If you’re sending annual greetings cards, a family round robin, or a community newsletter to a few people, though,
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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
The way to do this is changing, and currently depends on where in the world you are. In the United States, Apple now provides an online self–service system at activlock1. For other countries, you can enter the system with its guidance t
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HOW TO Reveal True Colors
Different light sources can add warm or cold color casts to a shot. Cameras attempt to perform an auto white balance (AWB) operation to remove casts and show true colors. This doesn’t always succeed. Toggle open the Light panel. You can try choosing
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Notification Center in Big Sur
WHEN APPLE FIRST launched macOS Big Sur in 2020, it overhauled the way the Notification Center works on your Mac. Previously, this was divided between the Today view, which housed your tasks and widgets, and Notifications, which is where app alerts w
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How To Get Smart In The Garden
Those of us lucky enough to have gardens have become intimately attached to them in this past year. The yard has become more than just a patch of grass, it’s a viable room in its own right, with all the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect. It sh
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Nudget: Spending Tracker
$3.99 From Sawyer Blatz, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13.0 or later Tracking and managing personal budgets would seem to be a task well suited to software, but many applications on the market are more business–oriented, w
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Bright Night
While some other smart lighting brands stick sensibly to the inside of your home, and others (like LIFX) make only slight excursions to the outdoors, Philips Hue has really cemented its outdoor expansion recently with a wide range of new outdoor bulb
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HOW TO Save A Movie File To A Recordable DVD
In iMovie > Projects, click the “…” icon next to the project you want to export. Choose Share Project > File, then choose a title, tags, and a suitable video resolution. Click Next to export the file. While this method doesn’t create a VIDEO_TS file
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How To Use Photos Extensions
Extensions in Photos allows you to access many of the editing features in apps such as Pixelmator, Affinity Photo, and Luminar without leaving the Photos app. There’s even a category on the App Store that lists the apps that have Photos extensions. T
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Letter Of The Month
Thank you for the write up in your April 2021 edition on moving to a new Mac. I’m ready to take the plunge for a new replacement iMac with the M1 chip — this will be a major and welcome upgrade from my late–2013 desktop. In reading your guidance abou
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85 Big Sur Secrets
BIG SUR HAS been with us for a while now, but even if you upgraded on the first day available it’s likely you’re not yet making full use of all its features and additions. And, let’s face it, there are plenty. From the redesigned interface to the new
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