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The Big Question What Motivated You To Document The Harsh Realities Of The World?
Tom Stoddart says: “If you’re a photojournalist, you want to be where the action is and witnessing things that other people are watching on their TV screens. So the motivation was a mixture of excitement, ego, a feeling that something was wrong… in B
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Useful Kit
A tripod is a must for landscapes, giving you the freedom to use really long exposures, or to stand back and consider the composition and framing more carefully. But what else should be on your kit hit-list? Apart from the items listed to the right,
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Stunning Seaside Skies
My interest in photography began while I was serving in the Royal Navy, where I completed a short course in intelligence photography. Since leaving, I have shown an interest in landscape photography, chasing sunsets to capture vibrant colours and the
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What You Stairing At?
Uless you live in a mouth-watering metropolis like New York or Bangkok, or in a creative city such as Copenhagen and Havana, chances are you might find your local streets feel full to the brim with grey concrete or beige bricks. You could be right, b
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This Month’s Contributors
In a career spanning half a century, Tom has shot many of the defining moments of recent times. His new book turns a lens on extraordinary women. Page 10 Chantel has worked at every level of the photo industry since starting out as an assistant. She
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PART 4 Woodland wonder
Spring signifies new birth, so there’s no better time to try something fresh. The textures, greenery and dappled light offered by the cover of trees may seem like a challenge to capture in-camera, but woodland provides a plethora of subjects and tech
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Meet The Locals
After picking up a camera in 2019, I quickly began to fall in love with photographing wildlife – especially on trips away, where you could capture some incredible animals. We’ve now spent most of the last year in rolling national lockdowns, so I’ve c
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Get Creative With Blending Modes
FILE & VIDEO Photoshop’s Blending Modes have long been one of its most useful features. Each Blending Mode uses a distinct algorithm to blend a selected layer with the layers below. If this sounds complicated, in prac
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What The F-stop?
1 Which of these is not a Sigma lens family? A Contemporary B Classic C Sport D Art 2 Who was the American portrait photographer who co-invented the Zone System with Ansel Adams? A David Archer B Tony Archer C Fred Archer D Pat Archer 3 Which of thes
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Camera Skills Get Sharper Results From Your Lenses
To increase the depth of field – the amount of front-to-back sharpness – focus the lens a third of the way into the scene. You can also use a ‘hyperfocal focus’ smartphone app to work out the precise focus distance for maximum sharpness. The narrowes
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Another Contemporary 28-70mm f/2.8 from Sigma
The 28-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary lens for Sony FE and L-mount cameras is 40% lighter than Sigma’s 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art optic, and should be an especially good match for smaller cameras. The new lens strikes a balance between performance and po
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Focal Point
Over 258 pages, DC contributor James Abbott (p100) shares his image editing smarts for the Photoshop and Affinity Photo platforms.; £25/$30 Exquisite bokeh is one of the major benefits of this relaunched optic – the original was the fi
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The Art Of Seeing Camera: Fujifilm GFX 50R Lens: Fujinon 110mm f/2 Exposure: 1/25 sec at f/2, ISO 100 Recently I ran an online workshop for the The Photography Show’s Spring Shoots virtual event, called ‘Finding Your Creative Mojo’. During my pre
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5 Send Us Your Shots And Star In Our Photo Gallery
“This image was taken at Papplewick Pumping Station in Nottingham. It was very dim lighting, but I liked how the pipes stood out from the background and the texture of the metal.” Digital Camera says: Often when you find yourself in a dimly lit area,
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Posing Power
My work has a special focus on beauty and fashion. I’m passionate about creating visual stories with a cinematic edge that enhance a mood and capture emotion. As a black female photographer, I’m aware of the lack of people like myself in front of and
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65 MINUTES OF VIDEO COOL BLENDING MODE EFFECTS Download 65 minutes of video training for Photoshop, Lightroom and Affinity Photo. FILE & VIDEO CLASSIC STREET STYLE FREQUENC
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1 Make Fun Silhouette Art Using Everyday Objects
Whether it’s a teapot, a toothbrush, an iron or a table lamp, we interact with dozens of household items every day. Their design is often underappreciated or overlooked, but lockdown has given us the time and space to view household items in a very d
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Canon Pixma Pro-200 £455/$599 Canon’s Pixma Pro-100S has long been our favourite A3+/13-inch pro-grade printer for creating photo prints on glossy paper. Running on eight dye-based inks, including black, grey and light grey, it delivered sumptuously smooth glossy
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Go Minimalist
It can be tempting to cram the frame with detail, but stripping things back to create more minimalist compositions is a great way to go beyond the familiar postcard view of a famous location. Working up a composition in this way also feels just that
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Benro goes Bats…
The American brand has been busy of late, adding two new tripod collections to the Benro family. First up is the Bat Series. Six models are available: four made from carbon-fibre and two from aluminium, all with centre columns. Bat tripods boast a ch
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Tom Stoddart
With a career spanning 50 years, the award-winning photojournalist Tom Stoddart is currently taking a comparative career break at his home in the north-east of England, mainly due to England’s rigid Covid lockdown regulations. However, with his lates
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Gently Does It
For the past five years, I have been working within the grounds of a family-owned estate in the heart of the South Downs National Park, specialising in photographing the roe deer that call it home. I must have watched these solitary deer for thousand
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Choose A Lens
Like bacon and eggs, wide-angle lenses and scenic photography are a classic combination. Wide-angles allow you to capture a magnificent sweeping view in a single photo, with the emphasis they place on features in the foreground making for shots with
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Photo Printers
With so much working from home going on, printers have become big news over the last year. But printers aren’t just for workaday jobs like creating documents and spreadsheets: they can also turn your digital images into physical photographs. Indeed,
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Bottoms Up
In more normal times, I’m a wedding and events photographer – but in the spirit of lockdown business-pivoting, I’ve been taking on more product shoots to expand my portfolio and stop my camera from seizing up. Lifestyle shoots with static products so
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Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 £130/$250 Bucking the trend of combining pigment and dye-based black inks for document and photo printing, the XP-8600 runs on six dye-based inks that include CMYK, plus photo cyan and photo magenta to broaden the colour space. Even so, it prod
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PART 5 Local landscapes
Many of us have the idea that shooting landscapes means travelling somewhere else: somewhere with mountains and lakes, or criss-crossed with a lattice of dry stone walls. Wherever your ideal landscape environment might be, it’s always somewhere more
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Canon Pixma TS8350/8320 £140/$100 Going one up on the Pixma TS6350/6320 five-ink printer, this model adds a dye-based ink in ‘photo blue’ flavour. The idea is to extend the colour space as well as enabling smoother graduations in the likes of blue skies within photo p
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