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Boat Of The Year 2021 Finalists
Boat of the Year celebrates innovation, invention, envelope pushing and category busting. These things represent the means by which not just boats, but also boating itself evolves. Testing some 100 different boats a year provides Boating’s Tech Team
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Navionics Boating App Connections
A prime example is the updated Navionics Boating app. Now part of the Garmin family of products, Navionics has long been a popular brand among boaters. It offers detailed charts of marine and inland waters, plus the ability to create waypoints and co
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Q: Dear Boat Doc, are LED lights worth it? I keep burning out my navigation lights. Steve Americo Alpine, New Jersey A: Yes, LED lights are durable, long-lasting, and more vibration-and corrosion-resistant than their incandescent counterparts. But yo
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Airwave Pro Series VHF Antenna
The AirWave 4-foot-tall Pro Series VHF antenna is perfect for boats that don’t have a lot of mounting space. The relatively low profile of this 6 dB antenna also helps preserve the style lines of a boat. It’s available in either black or white. Recen
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Submerged Jetty
When I first bought my boat—a 19-foot open bow—my waterways were local lakes and, on occasion, the Hudson River in New York. Anyway, I was on our first trip with my three children—all under age 10 at the time—and my 80-something-year-old father on th
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Axopar 25 Cross Bow
From the builder of BoatingÕs 2019 Boat of the Year comes the Axopar 25 Cross Bow. At a glance, this new boat sports a long waterline, a double-stepped hull, a narrow(ish) beam, a low freeboard and outboard power, features designed to maximize the pe
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Regulator 37
Regulator’s new 37 boasts a classically beautiful hull, and it fits neatly into the niche that boat buyers have clamored for since the 1940s—a hardcore fishing platform that converts easily at day’s end to a comfortable leisure platform. With plenty
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We Test Stuff
The Boat Anchor Bungee Line from Boat Lines & Dock Ties allowed us to anchor our 16-foot aluminum boat away from a lakeshore while enjoying beach time in the most convenient way possible. We used the 25-foot, 4,000-pound-rated bungee (also available
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Ben Le Claire
A lot has changed since we checked in with Canada’s Ben Le Claire. The last time was in the summer of 2016, right as he’d wrapped up filming and winching through the Paris floods. The video became an instant hit, and later an award-winning piece that
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Albemarle Spencer 53
The resin-infused hull for the first Albemarle Spencer 53 was completed in August. We’re eager to get aboard. This new boatbuilding venture gives the buyer the styling and custom layout of a Spencer while leveraging Albemarle’s ability to produce hig
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Preventing Hydrolock
Hydrolock occurs when water intrudes into the combustion chambers of a boat engine. It can prevent starting (at minimum) and, because liquid water does not compress, it can crack blocks or bend connecting rods (at worst). Hydrolock can happen solely
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Fuel Additives
PROS: Techron’s alcohol-free formula does not contribute to water absorption in the fuel, helping to minimize corrosion damage caused by water separation in the fuel system. Its detergency removes and prevents deposits on valves and piston tops, and
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The Measure Of A Man
Bob Stearns left us August 25, 2021, at age 85. The man was a pioneer and innovator in the craft of delivering boating and fishing content to a population eager to learn the best way to rig a boat, hook a fish, or learn why they needed two anchors—an
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Q: Doc, first-time boater here. How do I care for my trailer over the winter layup period? Do I need to do anything? Thanks. Jim Hickey Levittown, New York A: Welcome to Boating! Your trailer does need care. If you give it, the trailer will deliver l
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Outboard Winterization
(Answers on page 22) 1. When draining the water in an inboard or sterndrive engine’s cooling passages, what might someone not familiar with the process miss? A. On an older engine, the block and exhaust manifolds both have drain petcocks. A wire or p
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Holiday Gift Guide 2021
Whether you deck the halls, light candles, or celebrate in your own way, if you exchange gifts this holiday season, we’ve got some great ideas for the boater in your family. And let’s face it, when there’s a boater in the family, there is always some
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+ Dimming The Display
The screens on today’s marine electronics displays are sparkling bright, even in direct sunlight. That’s a superb advantage during the day, but a fully backlit screen can become a safety issue in the evening hours, impairing a captain’s night vision
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Point And Shoot
I’m sitting on the cooler seat of my Regulator one recent morning, about 14 miles south of Shinnecock, on a cloudless August day with just a zephyr of wind and a gentle roll on the sea. My daughter Keira is running the boat while I’m kicked back and
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Fish-fry Fridays
The moment I slammed the truck door shut, I knew we’d be taking a detour. The cab was, uh, fragrant. “Did you get the crawlers?” asked my good friend Chuck Larson. “And would you mind if we dropped off my recycling on the way to the lake?” The game p
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Q: Mick, I own a 2017 South Bay 200 24-foot tritoon with a Mercury 150 hp engine with 118 hours. The boat is docked in fresh water during the summer months and then put on a trailer for winter storage. After putting the boat away for storage after th
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Q: Should I change my engine oil prior to winter storage? Ben Gavel Via email A: Yes, you should. Old oil might contain water and can become acidic, both of which can attack engine internals. Change your oil in the fall. Q: Dear Doc, what is the best
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Intrepid 438 Evolution
With honest 3-to 4-foot seas running close together, Intrepid’s 438 Evolution delivered confidence and control at about 32 mph, the triple Mercury Racing 450R outboards revving at 4,000. Still, I wanted to see more. Throttling back to 3,050 rpm, appl
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Power Players
WHEN I FIRST STARTING WRITING ABOUT BOATS in 1996, I didn’t encounter many other women on the water, and few were on the business side of it. Articles would highlight a handful of pioneers who operated marinas, sold boats and crewed yacht charters, a
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The rise of the mega-center-console has been one of the most eye-popping trends in boating over the last 10 years. Just the sight of one of these long, lean and ornately outfitted machines adorned with multiple truck-size outboards is enough to make
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Axopar 22
Axopar, Finnish builder of Boating’s 2020 Boat of the Year, the Axopar 28 Cabin, invited me to test its latest: the Axopar 22. When it comes to styling, traditional is my default setting, but I like this one’s sharp lines. The slightly reversed bow i
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All-access Pass
Shrink-wrap offers quick, thorough protection against harsh weather, but most shrink-wrap jobs leave little—if any—access to boats while covered. If your plans include over-winter work beneath that cover, consider these enhancements to your boat’s wi
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Mike Guanci and J.T. McCarthy
This past summer, I spent some time aboard Defiant, a boat owned by cousins Mike Guanci and J.T. McCarthy for their business, Charters in the Hamptons, which they founded together. The cool thing about it? They’re both still college students. Guanci
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Scania Di13 Diesel
Scania might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of marine diesels. But that could well change thanks to a powerful, lightweight and effcient new model showcased in a twininboard installation powering the new 46-foot Billfish from
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Shrink-wrap Tools
Shrink-wrap heat guns range from a few hundred bucks to more than $1,000. While it’s true with heat tools that you get what you pay for, DIY boaters probably don’t need—or even want—some of the features available on top models. To get to the heart of
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