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Catalina Island
NOT TOO FAR FROM THE HUSTLE and bustle of Los Angeles, there’s Catalina Island—a cruising oasis that provides yachtsmen an escape from the mainland, immersing visitors in all things rest and relaxation, from trying out Lady Luck to exploring the isla
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Watch This Space
IN LATE DECEMBER, the National Transportation Safety Board issued its findings about a collision that occurred a year earlier about 20 miles northwest of Nassau, Bahamas, between a 206-foot superyacht and a 159-foot commercial tanker. The probable ca
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Semper Paratus
I AM INCREDIBLY CLUMSY. I blame it on the fact that I’m cross-dominant, soIuse my left hand and foot for some tasks, and my right hand and foot for others. ¶ Case in point: Last summer, I was cooking and dropped a Pyrex measuring cup while retrieving
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121'3" LENGTH OVERALL 28'3" MAXIMUM BEAM SPACE IS USUALLY the reason that owners step up to a larger super yacht—say, a length overall of 197 feet or more. On those yachts, there are easily enough staterooms to accommodate up to 10 family members and
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It’s Got Kick
42'11" LENGTH OVERALL 13'6" MAXIMUM BEAM THE PIRELLI 42 IS THE first model in a new line of walkaround RIBs. It’s equally suited to be a large-yacht tender, a beefy chase boat or a stand-alone day cruiser, thanks to its bold design, its high-level pe
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Breaking Boundaries
A 15-foot Williams jet tender is concealed under three lifting hatches in the SP110’s cockpit with a folding crane that resembles a football goal post. An even larger tender can be deck-chocked, along with personal watercraft. SPEED IS A RELATIVE THI
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Underwater Options
SILENT-YACHTS UPPED THE ANTE on submersible tech for superyachts in January when it announced that the new Silent 120 Explorer will have solar power to recharge a U-Boat Worx Nemo sub, along with an Xcraft XP4 aircraft—what the builder calls “two of
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Speedy Stunner
65'4" LENGTH OVERALL  17'2" MAXIMUM BEAM FAIRLINE YACHTS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM is bringing back and updating its Phantom line, starting with the Phantom 65. It’s a sportbridge yacht with entertaining capabilities, weekend potential and sporty perform
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Fall Guy
THE VOYAGE WAS A ludicrous proposition from the outset, and, in retrospect, there was only one way it could’ve ended: tragically. In July 1991, a wellknown and controversial cruising sailor named Peter Tangvald set sail from the Spanish Virgin Island
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Prime Position
ABOUT HALFWAY between Seattle and Vancouver, the city of Anacortes, Washington, stands as a terrific jumping-off point for some of the best cruising in the Pacific Northwest. And it’s not just geography that makes Anacortes a great stopover; it’s als
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Viking Vision
IT’S ONE THING TO EXPERIENCE computer-assisted docking, but it’s different to ride aboard a vessel that’s autonomously negotiating the nautical road. I learned this during an on-water demo of NeuBoat technology from Avikus at the recent Fort Lauderda
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Before You Cruise
America’s Boating Club (previously known as the US Power Squadrons) offers an entry-level course for beginners who want to learn the basics of everything from navigation to safety equipment. This course also meets most states’ boater-safety education
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Great Expectations
I’M SORRY, SIR. WE cannot service your boat, as its warranty has expired. Here’s a list of boatyards.” ¶ So stated the terse reply my friend Larry received after he contacted his boat’s builder about a leak. “I didn’t ask ’em to pay for it. I just as
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65-mile Range
27'11" LENGTH OVERALL 8'2" MAXIMUM BEAMS SWEDISH BOATBUILDER Candela announced in January that it had achieved an expected 65-mile range with its C-8, a nearly 28-foot-long carbon-fiber foiling powerboat that runs on electric power. ¶ The technologic
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LIFE RAFTS ARE MISSION-SPECIFIC safety gear. If you’re planning to stick to coastal cruising without ever heading offshore, then you might consider one type of raft instead of another. Ditto for cruisers headed to warmer climates as opposed to colder
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Solid Citizen
72'2" LENGTH OVERALL 18'10" MAXIMUM BEAM For starters, there are two master staterooms among the four en suite staterooms. The room that Pearl calls the “master” has a private entry typical of larger yachts, leading to a room with a forward-facing be
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Extreme Fun
ANTARCTICA is a destination where many people dream of chartering but precious few yachts typically go. More and more, though, we’re starting to see substantial vessels pointing their bows toward the ice. The 413-foot Lürrsen Octopus chartered in An
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The Halo Effect 2.0
CLEAR ABOVE, VISIBILITY UNLIMITED. Theseglorious conditions greeted us as Simrad ambassador Mark Maus drove us down Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Stranahan River aboard his Yellowfin 36 center-console. However, it was impossible to miss the half-dozen c
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Leading Man
IF HOLLYWOOD MADE A MOVIE about Ronnie Simpson’s life—and some director with a sense of adventure, empathy and accomplishment should do exactly that—it’s difficult to determine who would play the titular role. A younger Brad Pitt might’ve pulled it o
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Even Bigger Fun
NEW TOYS tend to be exciting to play with. In Prestige Yachts’ latest launch, the M48, there is a lot of new. For starters, the M48 is the French builder’s first model in its M-Line, marking Prestige Yachts’ foray into the multihull market. Then, con
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Comms Consolidated The VHF Data Exchange System Is Poised To Revolutionize Onboard Communications And Situational Awareness.
IT’S NOT EVERY DAY THAT YOU S E E A SHIP HOVERING ABOVE THE SEA. Of course, it’s also not every day that you find yourself sailing from Ketchikan, Alaska, to Seattle under warm and sunny solstice skies—but there I was. And there was the gravity-defyi
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An Ode To The Past
THE ROARING SOUND of antique airplanes filled the skies as Legend, Hull No. 1 of the Wheeler 38, rolled gently at the Ocean Reef Club in early December. Inside this classic yacht’s salon, I stepped between two worlds, present and past. Legend is a ne
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Home At Sea
Roald Dahl’s character Willy Wonka had a great glass elevator that transported him wherever he wanted to go. Hull No. 1 of Overmarine’s Mangusta Oceano 44 reminded me of that story. This yacht is elevated by glass, and it has the potential to take ow
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Propagating Acoustics A Look Inside Airmar Technology Corp. At Its Milford, New Hampshire, Headquarters.
BLACK CABLES OF DIFFERENT LENGTHS HANG FROM TINES, AWAITING testing. Each cable is fitted with connectors that align with hardware from all the marine-electronics manufacturers. If all goes well with the tests, then packaging and shipping are next. ¶
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Living History
THE CITY OF NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND, has long been synonymous with 12 Metre boats, given how many of them competed there for the America’s Cup between 1958 and 1983. Quite a few of the boats still spend a great deal of their time in Newport, but there’
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It’s Playtime
MORE THAN A FEW PEOPLE from the United States and beyond have been frustrated the past few years when attempting to book a charter vacation. In 2020, the pandemic pretty much shut down international travel, forcing widespread booking cancellations. A
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Safety Plus
ACR’S RESQLINK AIS PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACON isthefirst to leverage the automatic identification system (AIS), the global navigation satellite system (GNSS), and the 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies. This multi-signal beacon gets position information
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Celestial stunner
The Armenian word lusine translates to “moon” in English. That’s why, aboard the 198-foot Heesen Lusine, lunar and celestial themes are everywhere, from wall features to the teak decking. A crescent moon, for instance, is in the middle of the helipad
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Slow Down
THERE’S BEEN electricity in the air as prognosticators of the marine industry anticipate the more environmentally savvy generations’ embrace of boating. Some builders have touched the wire with hybrids, while others put their fingers in the socket, b
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Great Escape
THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS offer the cruising crowd a plethora of rest-and-relaxation opportunities, but every great location has some can’t-miss attractions. For boaters who are planning a voyage through the BVI, these three spots have something to
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