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Welcome to the first-ever People’s Board Review. “What the hell is this and why does it have vaguely Marxist undertones,” you ask? Well, it’s a board test series in which we enlist working-stiff, relatable rippers to give us feedback on the latest su
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RS Surf Co
RS Surf Co is a board brand with high-performance bona fides, but being based in Southern California, they also understand the importance of working shreddy design features into fuller outlines that offer some giddyup in average surf. The result? The
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The Art of Being Seen
Many surfers fetishize the past. We look at photos of uncrowded Malibu in the ‘50s, the Rincon cove before it was fronted by a six-lane highway, and think, “Yep, those were the days.” Even those of us who weren’t actually alive then—probably especial
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Four Things to Make You Feel A Little Less Shitty About Everything
It takes a special kind of masochism to check the waves online when you’re unable to surf, but we do it all the time anyway. It’s long been a favorite means of self-torture for countless surfers, whether you’re bound to your desks between 9 and 5, aw
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Hydro Series Boardshorts
The best boardshorts are defined by the details. Our Hydro Series boardshorts feature fused waistbands, performance fits and superlight recycled polyester blends with 4-way stretch. They’re also Fair Trade Certified™ sewn and fully backed by our Iron
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A World Away
The day I left New York City for Managua, things were almost still normal. Subways were packed, offices were full and bars and restaurants bristled and jangled as they do in the city. While there had been a handful of cases of the novel coronavirus,
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The Perfect Storm
Italo Ferreira is sitting underneath a boom mic and a florescent studio light in the front of his house in Baia Formosa when he lets out a big yawn and blinks a set of heavy eyes. It’s been a long day for the 2019 World Champ, to be sure, but it’s al
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Warriors Of The Bight
“WE WON.” The text message was to the point. “WON WHAT?” I replied. It was early morning. “THE BIGHT. THE NORWEGIANS HAVE FUCKED OFF.” The message from my surfing associate down in the Great Australian Bight took a minute to sink in. Huge if true. Ha
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Lower Trestles, California
At 7 p.m. on April 7, California State Parks closed off access to Trestles—just one of many typically-overrun breaks around the world to have its access restricted to curb the spread of COVID-19. This photo, taken by photographer Pat Stacy shortly af
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The Greatest Escape
Talk to virtually any mental health expert and they’ll bring up two of the easiest things to do to boost optimism, reduce stress and anxiety, and alleviate depression: Get outdoors and get some exercise. It’s really that simple. Surfing can be your t
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It’s The Same Ocean For All Of Us.
Designed for motion, our Nanogrip swimsuits offer women the best fit and function in the water. A surfer needs her swimsuit to perform: to move with her, not slip, slide, or get in the way, and to fit her so naturally that she doesn’t have to think a
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ROW 1 Craig Semple, ENT Surgeon, Torquay + Eric Lizerbram M.D., Radiologist, San Diego + Nial Frederickson, ER Nurse, Los Angeles + Rob Culp, Fire Captain/Paramedic, San Juan Capistrano + 9 Miles Surf Outreach Program, Cape Town ROW 2 Captain Tim, Fi
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Editor TODD PRODANOVICH Digital Director PETER TARAS Executive Editor ASHTYN DOUGLAS-ROSA Creative Director MARC HOSTETTER Video Director ALEX KILAUANO Social Media Manager BEN WALDRON Photo Consultant GRANT ELLIS Founder John Severson Contributing E
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Tailored By Travel
Every season the collection is inspired by stories, culture, climate, people, and local textiles from travels to a different point on the map. While on our Spring expedition into the depths of the oft-not-touristed island of Java, Captain Ismanto, an
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Sixty Years of Escape
WELCOME TO YOUR MENTAL VACATION! YOU HAVE NOW ENTERED A CON-SPIRACY-THEORY-FREE ZONE. AS YOU’LL NOTICE, THERE’S NO COMMENT section below for people to digitally scream about fascism and “sheeple”. What’s that? Yes, of course we believe in science. Ev
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Shane Dorian, 47
It’s totally possible to ride a wave so big and so intense that you just walk away from the sport afterward. I don’t think I could ever do it as dramatically as Greg Noll, but it has occurred to me. Every winter I assess my mindset and wonder if this
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Sixty Years of Getting Weird
That was a SURFER cover blurb from the magazine’s March, 1970 issue. SURFER had just turned 10, and then-25-year-old editor Drew Kampion was steering the publication toward its counterculture zenith like a smoke-filled van pulling into the parking lo
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Hall of Strange
Clockwise from top left, the drugs ingested during the creation of these covers were peyote, marijuana, DMT, LSD, magic mushrooms, Quaaludes and, oddly enough, over-the-counter allergy medication (crazy, right?). The counterculture aesthetics of the
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Jodie Cooper, 55
When it comes to good surfing, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don’t have to be the best surfer in the world to do what is good surfing for you. The only thing that is going to make you surf better is to surf more, but that’s not about enjo
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A Crooked Path
Deep within the DNA of nearly every surf-board ever made, there has been a single unchanging rule: The Rule of Symmetry. It’s a sacrosanct law that has guided the hands and planers of board builders for the last hundred plus years of modern surfing.
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Second Coming
In January of 2016, Wade Goodall was not in a good place. As other members of the Vans surf team were soaking up the sun, scoping out mysto spots from the deck of a 40-foot catamaran sailing through the Caribbean, Goodall stayed below deck, laid up i
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Sons Of The Revolution
During the winter in the Scottish Highlands, daylight hours are limited. The sun, after it rises at nearly 9 a.m., spends the rest of the day hovering low in the southern sky, casting a warm glow over rolling green farmlands dotted with sheep and the
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Stoner Vision
The life of former SURFER photographer Ron Stoner is as tragic a tale as you’ll find in surfing—a heart-wrenching progression from shy kid to superstar lensman to drug-addled schizophrenic in less than a decade. The blink of an eye, really. But for a
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The Kids Of Queens
It was lunchtime on a hot August day in Waikiki and I was surrounded by a group of young longboarders—about a dozen or so teenagers with sun-bleached hair—at a mercifully-air-conditioned, if not particularly noteworthy otherwise, California Pizza Kit
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Of Perfect Waves and Their Keepers
A wave of anxiety washed over me as I boarded the plane and took in my surroundings. When I first learned how to get to the undisclosed wave I was en route to, I was told that as recently as last year, flights to the area had as few as 10 passengers.
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The 2019 Wetsuit Guide
BODYGLOVE.COM Body Glove’s top-of-the-line RED CELL fullsuit features our proprietary RED CELL infrared interior insulation, which converts your body heat into infrared waves that channel warmth back to your core. Ergonomic panel construction married
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Desert Point, Indonesia
“This particular day was as big as I’ve ever seen at Desert Point—the type of day where there are far more surfers on land mind-surfing the wave than there are in the water actually surfing,” says Ryan “Chachi” Craig, who snapped this absolute gem at
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Editor’s Note
“High performance” is kind of a loaded term, no? When used to describe something, those two words are supposed to mean “this works better,” but over the course of my 31 years on this earth I’ve become conditioned to just read them as “this is a scam.
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Peter Schroff, 65
Style evolves because human beings are competitive. If you see that your buddy looks a little bit better than you, you’re going to try to outdo them, to look better than they do. It’s just how it is. Shapers used to be simple craftsmen who just wante
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Surf Media’s Grom-in-Chief
In an era marked by the slashing and folding of print publications and the majority of advertising dollars being diverted to all things digital, starting a brand new print magazine wouldn’t seem like something someone of a younger generation would st
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