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Readers Respond: Reflections From A City Dweller
Opening up thought I continue to find such peace, beauty, and delight in two photos from last year: the light of “Holiday hope” in the Dec. 19 issue, and the depth of color in “Pumpkin delivery” in the Oct. 10 issue. It is reassuring to me that The C
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On Environment, DeSantis Charts A Pragmatic Path
On a map, the quarter-mile-long breakwater resembles a raised eyebrow along Islamorada’s coastline. Up close, though, it’s a crumbling barrier that’s no longer up to the job of protecting this island from erosion.  “This is where it really gets bad,”
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A Rising Global Norm Against Bribery
Construction firms around the globe took note last month when the World Bank estimated that postwar reconstruction of Ukraine will cost upwards of $630 billion. Yet even before any “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine begins – and after Russian bombing ends –
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As Memphis Mourns Tyre Nichols, City Seeks Police Accountability
Just three weeks ago, Tyre Nichols’ death appeared to match a pattern of police brutality: a young Black man beaten by officers during a traffic stop. But the response by authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, is where that pattern ended.  After past all
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First Fire, Then Floods. How A School District Helps Students Recover.
Small hands round clumps of wet clay and compost, forming sticky spheres. Sara Villa watches her second grader, Aaron, focus on the task, his jacket hood raised against the November chill. He’s one of several dozen students on a school excursion at a
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Fully Booked: January Titles To Take You To Faraway Places
1. The Chinese Groove, by Kathryn Ma It’s 2015, and 18-year-old budding poet Xue Li – call him Shelley – has bid China farewell for a new life in fog-shrouded San Francisco at the home of his “rich uncle.” Reality quickly reveals an extended family u
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AP African American Studies: ‘Academic legitimacy’ or ‘indoctrination’?
Last week, when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis explained his rejection of a proposed Advanced Placement African American Studies class, I thought about the small number of Black students enrolled in AP courses. A 2020 report by The Education Trust pegged
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Hundreds Of Philippine Police Are Filing Their Resignations. Why?
For years, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has been on the front lines of the country’s violent war on drugs, and all the corruption that comes with it. Now, in a bid to restore public trust as leaders recalibrate the country’s anti-drug strateg
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Post-globalization, What’s Next For World Trade?
Two decades ago, a British prime minister surveyed a world jolted into questioning its old assumptions, institutions, and alliances, and summoned up a powerful metaphor. “The kaleidoscope has been shaken,” he declared. “The pieces are in flux. Soon t
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Adjusting To A Big-power Era, Germany And Japan Enhance Militaries
At his White House visit this month with a supportive President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio laid out Japan’s assertive new national security strategy, which includes a commitment to substantially higher defense spending. A week later, U.S
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Small Country, Model Gains In Africa
Gambia is a sliver of land, the smallest on the African continent. Its total population is less than half that of Johannesburg. But the West African nation just received some big recognition. According to the latest Ibrahim Index of African Governanc
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While Soldiers Fight, Ukrainians Face Another Threat: Hunger
On a freezing day in Kherson’s Tavricheskii District, about 300 people wait in line beside apartment buildings, next to a small park. A van pulls up. World Central Kitchen volunteers wearing orange vests and black body armor open the back doors, and
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Ukraine’s Other War Front Wins A Few Battles
In the past week, Ukraine has scored a few battlefield victories – and not only in the war against Russia. Rather, they were on a front just as vital to its independence and hopes of joining the European Union: a war on corruption.  On Sunday, the de
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Cold Journey. Lasting Joy. My Trek To See The Northern Lights.
It’s getting close to midnight, and close to my destination – mile marker 133 on Alaska’s Glenn Highway, where I’m on the road to fulfilling a lifelong dream. Tonight, if the forecast app and my guide are correct, I’m going to see the northern lights
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Classified Documents Seem To Be Everywhere. Is There A Solution?
“These are crazy times,” comedian Jimmy Fallon quipped last night. “Right now, Walgreens has deodorant behind a locked case, while classified documents are laying around like J. Crew catalogs all over the house.”  Indeed, the discovery of classified
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The Georgia Probe That May Indict A President
On Jan. 2, 2021, President Donald Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and asked him to “find 11,780 votes” to overturn the results of the state’s presidential election. It was a call that may go down in history as the launching
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Is France Finally Paying Respect To Its Aging African Soldiers?
For many in the cinema’s audience, “Tirailleurs,” a tale about African soldiers who fought for France during World War I, is familiar. After all, they are the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of tirailleurs sénégalais – Senegalese colonial infant
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In Valley Of The Kings Dig, An All-Egyptian Team Makes Its Mark
On a mild, late November morning, almost completely hidden behind the 5-foot-high walls of a sprawling, yellow-gray mud-brick city rising from the ground, a dozen members of an archaeological team survey and brush away soil. In a nearby tent, careful
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Mapping U.S. History And Culture Through Cookbooks
Have you looked through your old cookbooks lately? Beyond favorite recipes, you may find a hidden trove of history that reveals broader societal patterns and progress in understanding others. For example, my collection includes “The Chinese Cook Book
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Creativity In Motion: How Painter Alex Katz Partners With Performers
Since first putting paintbrush to canvas almost eight decades ago, American artist Alex Katz has been featured in nearly 500 group exhibitions and headlined more than 250 solo shows around the world. His depictions of joyful family celebrations and p
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A Nod To Palestinian Equality
In prolonged conflicts, small breakthroughs toward peace can sometimes herald larger shifts. One such step forward may have just happened in Jerusalem. On Sunday, a young Palestinian woman became the first female Christian pastor in Israel and the Pa
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Reading, Writing, And Paychecks. What’s A Teacher Worth?
On his first day back from winter break, Dawrin Mota leaves the Las Vegas charter school where he works as a literacy strategist and heads to his second job cleaning houses.  The side business he and his wife operate keeps cash flowing in to support
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Trade Turns Chilly: Chip Embargo Symbolizes Deeper US-China Strains
In the heady days after the fall of the Soviet Union, globalized trade became an article of faith. The more trade, the better. It not only made nations richer – it also made them less willing to go to war because the economic costs of doing so kept g
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Did Snow White Consent? Salvadoran Youths Rewrite Tales – And Their Future.
At 5 p.m. on a Saturday in late November, a group of jittery kids and teens crowd the pavilion in the central square of this small town in northeastern El Salvador. They’re staging an entirely new version of the story of Tarzan – rewritten and adapte
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No More Glossing Over ‘Greenwashing’
Last year, governments around the world attempted to tackle greenwashing, “the act or practice of making a product, policy, activity, etc. appear to be more environmentally friendly or less environmentally damaging than it really is,” according to Me
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Ukraine War: Can NATO Tanks And Training Turn The Tide?
As the defense chiefs of 54 nations gathered Friday to chart the next steps forward in repelling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reiterated the urgency of their mission.  “Russia is regrouping, recruiting, and trying
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What The World Is Reading: Fiction By Bestselling Authors
A two-hour shutdown of the Paris Metro sends a Vietnamese passenger into a long, stirring reverie. A Japanese soldier continues to fight World War II years after his country’s surrender. Fed up with workplace sexism, a woman fakes pregnancy to get ou
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‘We’re A Resilient Community’: After Tragedy, Monterey Park Seeks Healing
On the eve of Lunar New Year, FX was enjoying celebratory dumplings at the fellowship hall at Christ Lutheran Church in Monterey Park, where he sings in the choir. The young man, who emigrated from China about 10 years ago, lives alone. The meal, att
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How Two Islands Could Shape Florida’s Post-Ian Recovery
Tanned bare feet sticking out from a pair of loose-fitting blue Dickies, Joey Burnsed looks every bit the islander. The past few months, however, have shown another side of the lifestyle. His usually packed charter fishing schedule blew away with Hur
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A Chef, A Creek, And A Salmon Revival
In 22 years of looking for them, Holly Smith had seen only one salmon attempting the upstream journey to spawn in Juanita Creek. “Actually, my son saw one and I saw one,” she says. “Two fish in 22 years. I am not lying.” Not seeing salmon spawning he
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