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Creative BT-W4: Choppy Bluetooth? Time For An Upgrade
Bluetooth can make for a liberating listening experience, but older setups may suffer from limited range and—worse—high latency, resulting in distracting lip-sync problems when streaming movies or TV shows. If you’ve been noticing choppy or laggy Blu
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Parallels Desktop full: New features in Parallels Desktop 18
For many Mac users, running Windows applications is a necessity. Perhaps your employer uses software that’s available only for Windows, or requires use of a website that relies on some Windows-only technology. Or perhaps you are wanting to play Windo
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The most popular iPhone games are made for touch, with an interface you can read on a small display. That’s not secret. But there’s a big market for games that not only work with a controller, but are really meant to be played with one. The new Amazi
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WatchOS 9 Brings Sleep, Sharing, Fitness Enhancements To Your Wrist
At its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple unveiled the latest version of watchOS 9 with a handful of new features designed to keep you healthier and more connected. Here are the top features coming to your Apple Watch this fall. It wouldn
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The WWDC keynote was nearly two hours packed with awesome new features for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, new Mac hardware, and even a very early sneak peek at next-generation CarPlay. Despite the marathon keynote presentation that brought dozens of new
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Apple’s New M2 MacBook Air Chargers Tested: Twice The Ports Or Twice The Speed?
We’re big fans of the new M2 MacBook Air. It’s not a perfect laptop—we want a better webcam, it’s a fingerprint magnet, and it’s expensive—but we do think it’s one of the best everyday laptops for everyday users. When you buy one, you have three powe
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Hot Stuff
Plus Audio (aka +Audio) violated the prime directive of audiophile listening when it decided to design an all-in-one unit that places the turntable on top of the speaker. The rules insist that the vibrations from the speaker are going to drift up to
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How To Stop Email Read Receipts In Apple Mail
Back in 2001, Macworld writer Deborah Shadovitz explained an in-progress standard for email messages called Return-Receipt, the name based in part on a line sent in the metadata portion of the message by your email software. Instead of becoming a sta
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Migrate A Dead Mac To A New One Without Erasing The New Mac
When your Mac dies or an iMac’s or laptop Mac’s screen fails, you probably have files on it you want to bring to a new Mac. There are several paths you can follow: External Time Machine volume: If you had an external Time Machine volume connected, yo
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Focusrite Vocaster Two Studio: Start Your Content Creation Dream
If you’re hearing the siren call of easy money on YouTube and its kin, you need a means of capturing quality audio. The microphone in your laptop or display isn’t going to cut it. Sorry. While a product like Universal Audio’s excellent Volt 276 studi
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Tg Pro: Stay Alert To Hot Fans And Hot Chips On A Mac
Apple includes many hidden thermometers in its Macs and a tachometer for models with one or more fans. In normal usage, you may never give a thought to how hot your performance cores are or how fast a fan is running. But we live in times of extreme t
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Paste: Get A Deep Visual History Of Everything You’ve Copied To The Clipboard
Apple didn’t invent the concept of the clipboard—the place where a copied item goes (Command-C)—but the company has made great use of it across decades. It’s handy to always have a place to drop something temporarily. I’ve been baffled, however, sinc
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How To Customize Your Lock Screen In IOS 16
Of all the great features coming to our iPhones this fall with iOS 16, the most easily recognizable and “everyone will use this” of them has to be the new overhauled Lock Screen. It’s all about personalization—you have lots of options to change the w
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The $1,199 M2 MacBook Air Cuts Too Many Corners
The M2 MacBook Air is here and, like the M1, Apple has two options to choose from, one with an 8-core GPU and one with a 10-core GPU. We’ve been testing both models at Macworld, the step-up model that starts at $1,499 (the model we tested and reviewe
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Apple’s Rumored Folding IPhone Feels Further Away Than Ever
Apple has never been especially interested in doing things first, which is unusual for a technology company, particularly one worth trillions of dollars. It likes to do things right. It likes to do things when it’s good and ready. The original iPhone
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Monoprice Soundstage3 Speaker: Punchy, Thumpy, Stylish
If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that brings the gusto, then Monoprice’s Soundstage3 Portable fits the bill. This is no dainty wallflower of a speaker: A 50-watt Class D amp drives a large 5.25-inch woofer and a pair of tweeters and
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Apple’s Next IPhone SE Needs These Five Google Pixel 6a Features
Since the launch of the first Pixel phone in 2016, Apple and Google have been in a perpetual features-based arms race as to what their smartphones can offer their customers. While this is exceptionally prevalent in the flagship devices such as the iP
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You Can Take It With You: How To Destroy The Data You Leave Behind
A sadly common question for Mac 911 since the start of the pandemic was how to deal with someone’s online accounts and data stored on computers and mobile devices after they’d died. In most cases, preparations have to be made to provide this sort of
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The Top 5 Macos 13 Ventura Features Coming To Your Mac
Apple during its WWDC keynote took the wraps off macOS 13 Ventura, the next major version of the Mac operating system. A beta test version of Ventura is available to developers now, with a public beta coming in the next few weeks. The official releas
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Mac 911
For decades, Apple relied on a country flag as the primary indicator of which keyboard layout you’d selected in macOS for languages associated with a single country. In the last several versions of macOS, you select keyboards in System Preferences →
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Belkin Soundform Immerse: You Won’t Lose These Earbuds
Belkin has long been committed to accessories designed to work with Apple’s iPhone and other mobile products. When Apple launched the Lightning connector in 2012, Belkin was quick to market with a line of Lightning accessories that conformed to Apple
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IOS 16: How To Instantly Lift The Subject From Any Image
Once everyone has had a chance to explore the many new features of iOS 16, launched in September, they’ll all be talking about their custom lock screen (see page 46). But the real star feature of the update might be something that gets used (and abus
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No, Throttling And Overheating Isn’t A Problem On M2 MacBook Air
Apple’s release of the new MacBook Air was highly anticipated, mostly for two reasons: its redesign and the introduction of the M2 processor, the next generation of Apple’s M-series of chips. As expected, the reviews for the M2 MacBook Air have been
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Jony Ive Reveals Steve Jobs’ Oneword Advice On Design
In an interview in design magazine Wallpaper, former Apple Chief Design Sir Jony Ive reminisces on advice given to him by company founder Steve Jobs. He also expresses his anger that much design today doesn’t work as well as what he and Jobs did at A
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Moom: Bring Click-and-drag Order To Macos Windows
For all the tweaking and features Apple has added to macOS to help us place, resize, and hide windows, there’s no way to snap them into standard sizes, resize them against a grid, or save custom window configurations. Moom brings these missing featur
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M2 Macbook Air Review: Apple’s Everyday Laptop Has Its Goldilocks Moment
So you’re ready to buy a new laptop. What do you need it for? What do you really need it for? It’s tempting to look at a top-of-the-line model, but most of us aren’t doing complex professional video edits on 4K video, heavy-duty scientific work, or r
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When iOS 16 is released this fall, it’s going to change the way hundreds of millions of people use their iPhones. No, there aren’t any wholesale changes to the entire iPhone interface, so it’s not like you’ll suddenly have to unlearn the last 10 year
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Hot Stuff
The Keychron Q8 employs the Alice key layout, created by Yuk Tsi. The basic design is a 60 percent layout with the central letters and numbers tilted slightly for an ergonomic cant. The Q8 features a heavy all-aluminum body, a choice of Gateron G Pro
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Tagvault: Pet: Attach An Airtag To Your Pet’s Collar
Almost as soon as the AirTag appeared, people asked whether it was a good approach to tracking pets. Absolutely—with the proviso that there was no good way to attach an AirTag to most pet collars. A keychain case would tangle, potentially trapping yo
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