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Michael Hiltzik: Study Concludes Chloroquine Drugs Promoted By Trump Are Worthless Against Coronavirus
The most eagerly anticipated study on the effect of antimalarial drugs - the drugs assiduously promoted by President Trump - on COVID-19 finds that they're worthless against the disease caused by the coronavirus. The results from a trial of 821 non-h
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Consumer Confidential: For God's Sake, Mr. President, Don't Inject Yourself With Insulin
Imagine if President Trump expressed surprise about how devastating cancer can be for millions of patients and their families. Imagine if he went on to muse, almost playfully, that perhaps he should give chemotherapy a try. Now you understand the mix
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New York Times Writers Condemn Decision To Run Senator's Op-ed Calling For Military Mobilization
Demonstrations for the civil rights of black Americans that have gripped the country in recent days have spilled into the corridors of the New York Times, as writers protested the publication of an opinion piece calling for the military to be brought
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Trump Blocked Comedian Sarah Cooper On Twitter. Now She Calls Him Her 'Head Writer'
President Donald Trump and comedian Sarah Cooper really don't care for each other. But these days, they are in perfect sync. Cooper has become one of the hottest comics of the coronavirus era with her social media videos, in which she lip-syncs some
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Which California National Parks Are Open And Closed? Here's The Scoop
Most of California's 11 national parks and recreation areas are now at least partly open or about to be. Those still closed include Yosemite Valley, Alcatraz and Death Valley. Gov. Gavin Newsom is urging Californians to postpone leisure travel until
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Can Sneaker Resellers Stop Looters From Profiting?
LOS ANGELES - High-end sneakers and other luxury goods have been targets of choice for thieves amid the unrest in cities across the nation on recent nights, as small groups of troublemakers took advantage of mostly peaceful demonstrations protesting
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Keke Palmer Challenges National Guard To March With L.A. Protesters: 'Protect Us'
LOS ANGELES - Keke Palmer is being hailed as a hero after a recent video of the actress inviting the National Guard to march with protesters in Hollywood went viral. In the video, tweeted Tuesday by NBC News correspondent Gadi Schwartz, Palmer can be
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Gov. Newsom Orders New California In-person Voting Rules For November Election
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Gavin Newsom gave California counties permission on Wednesday to limit their in-person voting operations for the Nov. 3 election as protection against the spread of the coronavirus - but only if they also offer three days of
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A Cable Alternative To CNN? WGN America Prepares For National Newscast In A Crowded Market
Many viewers across the country won't be familiar with Joe Donlon, Marni Hughes and Rob Nelson, the lead anchor team of cable network WGN America's new national newscast "News Nation" set to debut Sept. 1. But WGN America Executive Vice President Sea
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LAPD, FBI Collecting Protest, Looting Footage As Evidence For Future Arrests
LOS ANGELES - Police officers have watched from skirmish lines as protesters and others stole from businesses, threw rocks, ignited fires and bashed in streetlights with skateboards. More than 1,000 were arrested in Los Angeles alone over the weekend
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Kendrick Lamar Producer Terrace Martin Drops Fiery Protest Song, 'Pig Feet'
"This video is happening right now outside your window," reads the opening caption in the video for "Pig Feet," the new track from Terrace Martin, the longtime Kendrick Lamar producer and multi-instrumentalist. An incendiary clip and track (listen an
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Commentary: Republicans Weaponized 'Amnesty' To Make Undocumented Immigrants Suffer. Let's Take It Back
The scene in the TV ad: a football locker room. A man walks toward the camera, looking us dead in the eye. His name is Tommy Tuberville. He is a Republican, a former football coach, running for the United States Senate in Alabama. He makes three prom
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Meet The TV Writer Reconsidering Modern Britain's 'Beautifully Ludicrous' History
James Graham vividly recalls sitting down with his college housemates to watch "Millionaire: A Major Fraud," a 2003 documentary about a tabloid scandal that had captivated all of the United Kingdom. In the special, provocateur Martin Bashir built the
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Cómo Reducir Suicidios En La Sala Psiquiátrica
LOS ÁNGELES — Durante la última década, más de 50 personas han muerto por suicidio mientras estaban internadas en centros psiquiátricos de California. La cifra muestra un panorama sombrío de las opciones disponibles para las personas en medio de una
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Review: The Female Gaze Subtly Elevates Asian American Trilogy Capper 'I Will Make You Mine'
In "Surrogate Valentine" and "Daylight Savings," a pair of enjoyably wooly studies in slackerdom directed by Dave Boyle that debuted at the 2011 and 2012 SXSW film festivals, respectively, Goh Nakamura played a fictionalized sketch of himself, an iti
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MLB Players Union Pitches 114-game Season, But Makes No Movement On Pay
Five days after major league owners asked Mike Trout to play for about $8 million this season, the players union replied with a proposal under which Trout would play for about $25 million. The union's counterproposal, delivered to owners Sunday after
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Por Qué Las Cadenas De Televisión Pueden Tener Miedo A Las Historias De Investigación
LOS ÁNGELES — Este ha sido el otoño del descontento para los periodistas de investigación de televisión. El libro más vendido de Ronan Farrow "Catch and Kill" detallaba su frustración con los ex directivos de NBC News por su intento fallido de dar a
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El Aumento De La Violencia En México Comienza A Pegarse Al 'Presidente Teflón' Tras Un Año En El Poder
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO — A las siete de la mañana, todos los días de la semana, mientras el sol sigue saliendo sobre esta extensa capital rodeada de montañas, el presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, se para frente a un grupo de cámaras de not
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¿Quién Más Podría Aconsejar A Charlize Theron Sobre Ser Una Celebridad? Solo Jennifer López
A veces incluso las celebridades necesitan consejos. Incluso sobre cómo ser una celebridad. Así que recientemente Charlize Theron, Renée Zellweger, Cynthia Erivo y Nora Lum (quizás más conocida como Awkwafina) se aferraron a cada palabra expresada po
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Mientras Se Avecina La Decisión De La Suprema Corte, Asiáticos Indocumentados Afirman Que Deben Hablar O Arriesgarse A Perder DACA
LOS ÁNGELES — Dean Santos llegó a Estados Unidos desde Filipinas cuando tenía 12 años y rápidamente adoptó la cultura estadounidense. En su adolescencia en San Bruno, jugó juegos de cartas de espadas y fantasía con otros niños, veía "South Park" y se
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Fue A La Cárcel Como Médico Falso, Ahora Lo Es De Verdad
CHICAGO — Con una bata quirúrgica y una mascarilla, Adam Litwin, de nueve años, observó con asombro cómo su abuelo, un podólogo, atendía un pie fracturado. "Estaba hipnotizado", recordó Litwin. "Literalmente supe desde ese momento que no había nada m
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'Deliberate, Thoughtful Love-making': Inside 'Insecure's' Most Romantic Episode Yet
The following story contains spoilers from the eighth episode of "Insecure" Season 4, "Lowkey Happy." At first, Lawrence doesn't know what to say. He looks away for a moment, tilting his head slightly and raising his eyebrows in surprise. "Tonight ma
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Mary McNamara: We Are All Horrified, But Only White People Have The Luxury Of Being Shocked
Last night while my city burned and curfew fell, I sat and watched "Black Panther" and thought about what smug hypocrites white people can be. Myself included, of course. I have spent a lifetime watching cities burn and always over the same damn thin
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Bill Shaikin: Here's Why MLB Players' Distrust In The Owners Could Torpedo A 2020 Season
If the 2020 baseball season blows up over money, the repercussions will be bad for players, bad for owners, bad for the sport. That is no great insight. Rest assured the players know this, and so do the owners. But, if this were just about the money,
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Looters Hit Santa Monica Place Mall, Even As Protesters March Peacefully
SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Hundreds of protesters converged on Santa Monica on Sunday to continue demonstrations expressing outrage over the police killing in Minneapolis of George Floyd, while some looters targeted stores in the area. The demonstrators
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Nursing Home Coronavirus Testing Remains Scattershot, Despite Being A Newsom Priority
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Like many Californians, Dr. Peter Beilenson has watched in anguish as the coronavirus has devastated elder care homes. As of last week, COVID-19 had killed about 2,000 residents and more than 60 employees of these facilities, acc
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Dylan Hernandez: Former Dodger Adrian Gonzalez Does Not See Baseball Returning In 2020
Adrian Gonzalez isn't some uninformed former jock. He's as thoughtful now as he was as an all-star first baseman for the Dodgers, so consider that when reading what he has to say about the possibility of a 2020 baseball season. "I honestly don't see
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Roger Federer Tops Forbes' Richest Athletes List; LeBron James No. 5
While Roger Federer topped Forbes' list of highest-paid athletes for the first time, Lakers star LeBron James ranked No. 5. The legendary Swiss tennis player, who has won an unprecedented 20 Grand Slam men's singles titles, had $106.3 million in tota
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Commentary: You're White And Don't Care About Wearing A Mask? Asian Americans Don't Have That Privilege
"You are the most selfish (expletive) people on the planet." I jerked my head to the left, where I saw a neighbor glaring at us from his driveway while unloading groceries from his trunk. "Where's your (expletive) mask?" he said. "Unbelievable." My j
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Former USC Quarterback JT Daniels Is Transferring To Georgia
LOS ANGELES - When JT Daniels entered the NCAA transfer portal last month, the former five-star quarterback left the door open for a return to USC if immediate eligibility weren't possible elsewhere. But even after the NCAA tabled a possible one-time
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