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Commentary: Trump's Border Follies Ignore History. The US And Latin America Are Interdependent
As President Trump rails against border crossers from friendly countries to the south, it is worth observing that, when convenient to U.S. purposes, we have brought in our Latin neighbors by the thousands, through binational agreements and even by fo
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Britain's Theresa May: A Political Deathwatch For A Prime Minister Done In By Brexit
LONDON - British politicians agree on precious little these days. But on one matter, there's near-unanimity across the spectrum: Theresa May's days as prime minister are numbered. The political deathwatch comes against the backdrop of Britons' vote T
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Editorial: Of Course Police Should Kill Only When Necessary. California Law Should Reflect That
Police officers should be able to use deadly force only when necessary to prevent death or serious injury to themselves or to others. That standard seems so logical and so based in common sense that it may come as a surprise that it's not already the
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Engineer Falsified Reports On Critical SpaceX Parts, Prosecutors Say
A New York employee of a now-defunct aerospace-machining supplier has been charged with falsifying at least three dozen quality-assurance reports for parts that went into SpaceX rockets, prosecutors said Wednesday. James Smalley, 41, of Penn Yan, N.Y
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Elon Musk Company To Build Underground Transit Loop For Las Vegas Convention Center
Billionaire Elon Musk finally has a chance at completing a commercial tunneling project after his Boring Co. secured a $48.7-million contract to build a transit system for Las Vegas' expanding convention center. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors
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Margo Price, Nine Months Pregnant, Has A Message For Male Alabama Lawmakers
Singer-songwriter Margo Price could hardly be more engaged with issues of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. She's due to deliver her third child any day now - she noted with pride that her due date is Friday, or as she put it, "Bob Dylan's birthd
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Discoveries From The Past With Joanna Hogg And Honor Swinton Byrne In 'The Souvenir'
For most audiences in the U.S., the new film "The Souvenir" will make for not one but two major discoveries. One is the raw, emotional performance by its 21-year-old star in her first significant screen role. The other is its 59-year-old writer-direc
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GLAAD Report: LGBTQ Representation In Films Is Up, But Less Diverse
Hollywood made some gains last year when it came to representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer characters in mainstream films, but it has plenty of room for improvement, according to a new study from GLAAD. The media advocacy gro
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Rotten Tomatoes Launches Audience Verification Tool
Rotten Tomatoes, which relies on credible ratings to drive traffic to its website, on Thursday took a step to prevent fake movie reviews. The Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company said it would offer a new feature that shows reviews and ratings by veri
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'Diego Maradona' Is The Newest Documentary By Oscar-winning Director Asif Kapadia
CANNES, France - It's not as if master documentarian Asif Kapadia, whose films have profiled Formula One legend Ayrton Senna and revered singer Amy Winehouse, is unfamiliar with famous folk. But there is fame, and there is Diego Maradona. In his prim
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Narendra Modi Is Headed For A Second Term As India's Prime Minister
NEW DELHI - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on the cusp of winning a second five-year term on Thursday, fighting off concerns about rising unemployment and religious violence to prevail in one of the country's most divisive election campaigns
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'Aladdin' Stars Explain 12 Ways The New Remake Stands Out From The Original
LOS ANGELES - The story of the diamond in the rough is back, with some of the rough spots worked out. Disney's live-action version of "Aladdin" debuts Friday, 27 years after its animated original. Writer-director Guy Ritchie gives the story some nece
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John Walker Lindh, The 'America Taliban' From Marin County, Remains A 9/11 Enigma
John Walker Lindh was one of the many perplexing stories of 9/11 America. The so-called American Taliban grew up in the affluent suburb of Marin County, a cradle of liberal values. But he ended up half a world away at a training camp run by al-Qaida,
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Superior Bench Depth To Give Warriors An Advantage In NBA Finals
Without even playing, the Golden State Warriors won again Tuesday. As they began a nine-day break ahead of a fifth consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals, their remaining challengers guaranteed more work for themselves. The Toronto Raptors' 120-102
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Consumer Confidential: In Policy Switch, Spectrum And AT&T Say If You Cancel Early, They're Keeping Your Cash
The most-hated businesses in the country, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, are pay-TV companies and internet service providers, which frequently are one and the same. Impressively, these industries have found yet another way to
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Dodgers' Kenta Maeda To Start Against The Pirates On Sunday
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Kenta Maeda will start for the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday, the first day he is eligible to come off the injured list, manager Dave Roberts said Wednesday. The Dodgers will make an additional mo
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Commentary: President Trump Says He Doesn't 'Do Cover-ups.' Well, Glad That's Settled
"I am not a crook." "Mistakes were made." "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." The lexicon of presidential denials and non-denial denials of impropriety and illegality is replete with memorable one-liners. And on Wednesday, President Do
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Manny Pacquiao Tells Keith Thurman He'll Retire On His Own Terms As Boxers Verbally Spar
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Manny Pacquiao heard Keith Thurman's bold claim. The unbeaten champion predicted that the result of their July 20 bout would usher Pacquiao into retirement. Pacquiao, 40, replied Wednesday with his own assertion: that he'd han
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Narendra Modi's Landslide Reelection In India Is Another Win For Religious Nationalism
NEW DELHI - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi scored an overwhelming reelection victory Thursday, winning a second five-year mandate while fighting off concerns about rising unemployment and his divisive Hindu nationalist policies. Results released
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NASCAR To Gain Control Of 13 Tracks In Merger With ISC
NASCAR agreed to a sweetened, $2 billion deal to buy a company that runs 13 major racetracks and take it private as part of NASCAR's effort to reverse years of decline in stock-car racing's popularity. The tracks are owned by International Speedway C
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Pentagon Requests Several Thousand More Troops To Be Sent To The Mideast As Iran Tensions Grow
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is asking the White House to send several thousand more troops, Patriot anti-missile batteries and warplanes to the Middle East to boost U.S. defenses against Iranian threats, a senior U.S. official said Thursday, in a sign
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Dylan Floro's Worst Outing As A Dodger Wastes Rich Hill's Strong, Loud Effort Against Rays
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Dylan Floro's worst outing as a Dodger did not last very long. It was over in a few minutes in the Dodgers' 8-1 loss at Tropicana Field on Wednesday, after the reliever faced four batters and allowed four runs without recording
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Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, Faces 17 More Charges In New US Indictment
WASHINGTON - Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks and a thorn in the side of intelligence agencies, faces 17 additional U.S. criminal charges, according to an indictment released Thursday that adds to his legal challenge as he fights extradition
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Reese Cooper Is Designing Tomorrow's Heritage Brand Today
The gritty stretch of Eagle Rock Boulevard with its nondescript industrial buildings, faded signage and acres of chain-link fencing seems an unlikely place to find one of fashion's fastest-rising stars silk-screening T-shirts for strangers in a parki
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Scientists Spy On Superbugs To See How They Outsmart Our Antibiotics
Scientists have discovered yet another way that single-celled organisms have outsmarted us. The tiny bacteria that live inside our guts have an ingenious way of withstanding the onslaught of antibiotics we throw at them, according to a report publish
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Trump Has Pardoned 10 Men; Who Are They?
The ability to grant pardons is among a president's most unchecked powers. Pardons have corrected injustices, and they've caused outrage. But historians consider some of President Donald Trump's pardons among the most controversial ever granted. Expe
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Congress Reaches Deal On Disaster Aid; Trump's Border Request Omitted
WASHINGTON - Senate leaders reached agreement Thursday on a $19.1 billion package to help states recover from natural disasters, including the California wildfires. The deal came after the White House agreed to give up on its demand for $4.5 billion
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Star Attorney And Napa Valley Vintner Plead Guilty In College Admissions Scandal
LOS ANGELES - Six months ago, federal agents watched Gordon Caplan and his daughter walk into a West Hollywood school where a 36-year-old man would fix the girl's college entrance exam. Caplan, the co-chairman of an international law firm, envisioned
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Editorial: Bribe Hollywood to boycott Georgia? Nope
Make no mistake: The laws recently passed in Alabama, Georgia and half a dozen other states to ban abortion are a coordinated attack on the constitutional right to abortion and a woman's ability to make decisions about her own body. But a proposal by
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At Cannes, Genre Filmmaking From 'Parasite' To 'The Wild Goose Lake' Turns Heads
CANNES, France - Times critic Justin Chang is filing regular dispatches from the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, which runs through Saturday in France. A surge of excitement runs through the crowd at the beginning of every gala screening at the Can
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