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What Jeffrey Andrews' Arrest Under The National Security Law Means For Ethnic Minority Groups In Hong Kong
On January 6, in the biggest crackdown yet under Hong Kong's national security law, the authorities arrested 53 people - including Jeffrey Andrews, one of the city's first registered social workers from an ethnic minority group. The suspects, among t
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Coronavirus: Singapore Says It's Given 60,000 Vaccine Shots, As It Tightens Social Distancing Curbs Ahead Of Lunar New Year
Some 60,000 residents in Singapore have received their first Covid-19 vaccine shots since December 30, authorities said on Friday, adding that immunisation efforts would be ramped up in what it touted as the "largest vaccination exercise in our histo
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Indian Iron Ore Exports To China Surged In 2020, But India's Own Needs Keep It From Being A Key Supplier
India is not poised to become a major new supplier of iron ore to China, despite an increase in iron ore trade between the two countries in 2020, according to analysts. China's imports of Indian iron ore rose 88 per cent last year to 44.8 million ton
This Week in Asia4 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
Tokyo Seeks US Vow Of Support In East China Sea, As Dispute With Beijing Heats Up
In a sign of the significance of the issue for Japan, Tokyo has wasted no time in getting the new administration in Washington to confirm that disputed islands in the East China Sea are Japanese territory and that the US would come to Japan's assista
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Isis Support In Indonesia Drops, But Militants Aren't Sitting Still, Warns IPAC Think Tank
Pro-Islamic State (Isis) activity and support for it in Indonesia declined last year, but authorities should not rest easy as militant groups are splintering to produce small "pop up" terror cells that aim to conduct jihad operations, a Jakarta-based
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'It Can Be Eaten': Malaysian Woman Says She's No Odd Fish, Despite Reaction To Her Koi Soup
When Malaysian freelance travel guide Amanda Omeychua made dinner on Sunday, she did not expect her meal to attract international attention. The 26-year-old's recipe for turning her dead pet koi into soup has rocked social media, amassing thousands o
This Week in Asia4 мин. чтенияCrime & Violence
South Korea Jails Former Olympic Coach For Sexual Assault, But Case 'Tip Of The Iceberg': Academic
The former coach of South Korea's double Olympic speed skating gold medallist has been sentenced to more than a decade in prison in a notorious case that exposed the seedy side of the country's sports arena that often prioritises performance at the e
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Vanishing Snow, Sinking Tokyo Sky Tree: Sobering Forecast For Japan If Climate Change Goes Unchecked
The famed geisha of Kyoto are collapsing from the heat. The apple trees that are a feature of Japan's northern Aomori prefecture are barren. A ski slope in the central Nagano prefecture is green due to a lack of winter snow. Numerous other parts of t
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Biden Stirs 'Optimism And Hope' In Asia, With Korean And Singaporean Leaders Singing His Praises
US President Joe Biden's appeal to Americans in his inauguration speech to end their "uncivil war" of political division had a domestic focus, but observers say his inclusive message and even-tempered tones will have deep resonance in Asia - where le
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WhatsApp-obsessed Indonesia And India Struggle To Forsake App Amid Privacy Policy Confusion
When WhatsApp announced an update to its privacy terms earlier this month, many among its 2 billion users worldwide raced to download rival apps Signal and Telegram, including those in Asia's second- and third-largest countries, India and Indonesia.
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Chinese Firms Catch Up With US Companies In Value Added To Singapore's Economy, Fixed-asset Investments Hit 10-year High
Chinese companies are catching up with firms from the United States in terms of how much value they add to Singapore's economy, according to the city state's economic planning agency, which also revealed that business-investment commitments in the tr
This Week in Asia5 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
China-India Border Dispute: New Village Near Tibet Sparks Talk Of Eastern Front As Neighbours Face Off
A report by Indian media that Chinese authorities had recently constructed a village near the eastern stretch of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) separating both countries has cast a spotlight on a potential new front emerging in the eight-month bord
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Coronavirus: Could Singapore's Vaccine Drive Become A Victim Of The City's Own Success?
On January 20 last year, a 66-year-old man from the central Chinese city of Wuhan arrived in Singapore and headed to the Shangri-La hotel on Sentosa island for a family holiday. Within three days, he became Singapore's first case of the novel coronav
This Week in Asia4 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
Malaysia's 1MDB Scandal Echoes In US As Jho Low Associate Is Pardoned By Trump
There was a Malaysian connection to the flurry of pardons outgoing US President Donald Trump issued on Wednesday, with a top Republican donor convicted of illicitly lobbying for Jho Low, the fugitive mastermind behind the 1MDB scandal, among those re
This Week in Asia5 мин. чтенияWorld
Kimchi Wars: South Korean Academic Takes Spat With China To New Level With Tart Ad In New York Times
A renowned South Korean academic activist has taken the simmering row with China over which country invented kimchi to a new level - by placing an advertisement in The New York Times promoting it as a purely Korean culinary offering. Seo Kyoung-duk,
This Week in Asia3 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
South Korea's Moon Names New Foreign Minister As He Looks To Revive Stalled Peace Talks With Pyongyang
South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday named a former national security adviser who played a key role in realising the first-ever summit between the United States and North Korea as the country's next foreign minister. The nomination of Chun
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Why Is Suga So Insistent On The Tokyo Olympics? It's Partly The Threat Of Losing Face To China
In the Diet on Monday, delivering his first policy speech of the year, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was adamant about the two issues that have come to overshadow his administration - Japan would overcome Covid-19 "as soon as possible", he insisted,
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In Idiot America, For Equity Investors, What Difference Does It Make?
THE DEVIL WILL FIND WORK FOR IDLE HANDS TO DO A friend of mine said to me on Monday: "you won't be short of something to write this week!". Not that I usually am, as I generally have an opinion, often unwanted, on most things. But last week was reall
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Sky-high Prices: The Million-dollar Question Facing Singapore's Public Housing
In just a decade, Mark Wang made a cool S$700,000 (US$530,000) profit when he sold his public housing flat for S$1.07 million last September, having bought the heavily subsidised unit from the government through a ballot. He intends to partially fund
This Week in Asia4 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
Moon Jae-in Says South Korea Will Not Take Sides In US-China Rivalry, Focuses On Xi Jinping's Visit
South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday underscored the importance of Chinese President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to the country, making clear that Seoul would not naturally take the side of its traditional ally Washington in its rivalry with
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Fewer Moons At Lunar New Year As Coronavirus Hits Japan's Naked Man Festival
One of the oldest - and oddest - festivals in Japan has fallen victim to the coronavirus. Elders at the Saidaiji Kannonin Temple, in Okayama prefecture in central Japan, have opted to curtail an event that can trace its history back nearly 1,000 year
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'BFF Prices' But No Corruption: Manila Defends Philippines' Deal With China's Sinovac For CoronaVac Vaccine
Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac Biontech will sell its Covid-19 vaccine to the Philippines at "Best Friends Forever prices", Philippine officials have claimed as they denied allegations by senators that corruption in the procurement process was l
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Shades Of A Despot? Muhyiddin's Halt Of Malaysia's Democracy Has Familiar Feel
Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's decision this week to suspend democracy for the first time in over half a century may have forced a timeout of the furious, months-long efforts by his rivals to topple him by hook or by crook - but by no me
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'The Illegal': New Film Shows Dark Side Of American Dream For Indian Immigrants
Hassan Ahmad, an aspiring young filmmaker from New Delhi, had no idea of the difficulties he would face when he decided to leave behind his middle-class life in the Indian capital to chase his "American dream" in the United States. The protagonist of
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Thai-Chinese Family's Rise From Shophouse To Conglomerate Is A Slice Of Bangkok History
In the 1920s, a young Cheng Ni-tiang made several trips from his native Hainan Island to what was then Siam, eventually bringing his family - including firstborn son Hok Seng - to settle in the kingdom. In 1927, he opened a sundries shop in suburban
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Cancer-stricken Filipino Domestic Worker Gets Key Legal Backing From Hong Kong's Equality Watchdog
Advocates and lawyers have hailed the decision by Hong Kong's Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to provide legal support in the court battle of Baby Jane Allas - a domestic worker from the Philippines who lost her job in 2019 after being diagnosed
This Week in Asia6 мин. чтенияCrime & Violence
'It Is Modern-day Slavery': Migrant Workers From Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara Face Trafficking, Abuse
It was around 3am when Antonious Remigius Abi, an ethics professor at the Faculty of Law at Santo Thomas Catholic University in Medan, North Sumatra, was awoken by frantic knocking on his front door. When he opened it, he found six young women carryi
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China's Rich Spent US$54 Billion At Home On Luxury Goods Last Year With Coronavirus Halting Overseas Trips
The coronavirus presented affluent families in China with a new challenge last year: just how were they going to spend some 350 billion yuan (US$54 billion) of disposable income on luxury items like jewellery and watches with overseas travel and shop
This Week in Asia5 мин. чтенияWorld
As American Exceptionalism Falls, Chinese Exceptionalism Rises
Over the past two weeks, the rest of the world has watched aghast as the United States degenerates into its biggest political crisis in recent memory. The implications of the mob attack on the Capitol building, widely seen as the most hallowed temple
This Week in Asia10 мин. чтенияInternational Relations
Does North Korea's Kim Jong-un Have A Nuclear Surprise For President Biden?
As North Korean leader Kim Jong-un vowed to build up a nuclear arsenal and railed against Washington at a rare party congress this week, Park Won-gon, a professor of international relations at Seoul's Handong Global University was struck most by what
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