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Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang Assures US Business Leaders Of Beijing's Support
China remains committed to a "healthy, stable and constructive" relationship with the US amid still "chilly" bilateral ties, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang told visiting American business leaders on Saturday. At a meeting with US trade organisatio
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Singapore Airlines Cargo Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Hong Kong After Plane's Fire Alarm System Triggered
A Singapore Airlines cargo flight bound for Shanghai was forced to make an emergency landing in Hong Kong on Friday night after the Boeing 747 aircraft's fire alarm system was triggered. A police spokesman said the fire alarm went off at 10.27pm (10.
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A Portal To China Is Closing, At Least Temporarily, And Researchers Are Nervous
China's top internet portal for academic papers will suspend foreign access to some databases starting next week, sparking concerns among scholars that they will lose not only an important resource for understanding China but also a useful guardrail
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Antony Blinken Says China Will Be Capable Of Invading Taiwan By 2027
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday concurred with a US intelligence chief's assessment that China will be able to invade Taiwan by 2027. "In February, CIA Director [William] Burns said that, as a matter of assessment, China seems to be
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Coronavirus: Hong Kong To Drop Mandatory Tests For Visitors To Public Hospital And Care Homes, Lifting One Of The Few Remaining Rules
Visitors to Hong Kong public hospitals and care homes will no longer be required to undergo rapid antigen tests for Covid-19 from Saturday, after the government said it was lifting one of the last remaining mandatory screening requirements. The gover
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China Evergrande Unveils Restructuring Plan For At Least US$19.15 Billion Of Offshore Debt
Embattled China Evergrande Group has announced a long-awaited restructuring plan to tackle at least US$19.15 billion of offshore debt, including proposals to swap its creditors' debt into shares of some Hong Kong-listed affiliates, such as China Ever
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Fine Or Hold Hong Kong Agencies Criminally Liable To Tackle Job-hopping Among Domestic Workers, Lawmakers Say
Hong Kong lawmakers have called for employment agencies to be fined or held criminally liable to combat job-hopping among domestic helpers, saying a government proposal to issue verbal warnings to firms or revoke their licences lacks a deterrent effe
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What Is The Trade, Investment Relationship Between China And Russia?
President Xi Jinping's ninth visit to Russia as Chinese leader, featuring a meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, is expected to usher in greater economic cooperation between the countries after bilateral trade saw an annual rise of 29.3 p
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Xi Jinping And Vladimir Putin Solidify 'Strategic Partnership Of Coordination' Between China, Russia
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a joint statement on Tuesday, the second day of Xi's visit to Moscow, calling for a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and a commitment by Russia to restart talks aimed at ending t
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Beijing Envoy Warns Dutch Of Retaliation For Chip Curbs: 'China Won't Just Swallow This'
The Netherlands will face consequences if it blocks the export of high-end semiconductor equipment to China, Beijing's envoy to the country has warned. The Hague announced new curbs on the export of chip-making technology this month, in step with the
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How Will China Respond As US Pivots To Bigger Asia-Pacific Presence?
China is expected to shore up its defences to restrict other forces off its coast as the US prepares to expand its military presence in other countries in the region, according to one analyst. Beijing might also try to pressure some Southeast Asian c
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Man Arrested In Hong Kong After Visiting 9 Medical Clinics In 5 Days To Obtain Free Covid-19 Antiviral Drugs By Allegedly Pretending To Have Virus
Hong Kong police have arrested a man who allegedly obtained nine courses of free Covid-19 oral drugs in five days by pretending to be infected with the coronavirus, the second such case involving fraudulent claims for antivirals in weeks. Police on S
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Durian From China? Hainan Gears Up For First Harvest Of Southeast Asia's 'King Of Fruits'
China is gearing up for the harvest of its first domestic durian crop this summer after more than four years of cultivation, although it is not expected to challenge Southeast Asia's stranglehold on sales of the pungent smelling fruit. About 2.45 mil
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US City Tries To Avoid Legal Battle After Cancelling Chinese Corn Mill Project In North Dakota
A month after a multimillion-dollar agriculture project near Grand Forks, North Dakota, was ordered halted over suspicions about its ownership's ties to China, the city is grappling with the prospect of a legal battle against the company. This week,
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US And Other Western Nations Wary Of Xi's Trip To Moscow
Washington and other Western capitals reacted warily on Friday to the announcement of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Russia next week, with the US "deeply concerned" Beijing could try to pose as a peacemaker by promoting an immediate ceasefi
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British Lawmakers Call For Stronger Approach To 'Threat' Posed By Beijing's Rising Influence
A group of British lawmakers have called for the UK government to be more aggressive in confronting Beijing and addressing an ongoing "threat" posed by China's rising influence under President Xi Jinping, particularly on human rights issues. In recen
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China Asks EU To Justify Upcoming Carbon Tax At World Trade Organization
China has asked the European Union to justify its incoming carbon border tax at the World Trade Organization, a move that suggests it may challenge the law at Geneva's trade courts. Beijing's WTO envoy on Wednesday proposed using the Committee on Tra
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China, South Pacific Trade Talks Being Explored, And The Islands Want To Gauge China's 'Appetite'
China and a group of South Pacific island countries could start talks this year toward their first formal trade agreement, according to an official from a regional network of nations. But while such talks could provide a boost to Beijing's offshore e
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Senate Confirms Eric Garcetti As US Ambassador To India After Two-year Delay
After a fraught two years without a full-time American ambassador in New Delhi, a central cog in Washington's strategy to counter China, US President Joe Biden's nominee finally secured approval in a tight vote on the Senate floor on Wednesday. Forme
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US, Britain, Australia Leaders Unveil Plan To Provide Aukus Nuclear Submarines
Australia will purchase up to five conventionally armed, nuclear powered US submarines starting early in the 2030s followed a decade later by production of a new class of "SSN Aukus" nuclear-powered submarines developed in partnership with the US and
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US Bid To 'Outcompete' China Yields Pentagon's Largest-ever Defence Budget
The Pentagon made its largest-ever budget request on Monday, citing China as a "pacing challenge". The 2024 budget called on Congress to provide US$842 billion in defence spending, marking a 3.2 per cent increase over 2023 and a 13.4 per cent increas
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EU Tells Taiwan To Forget About A Bilateral Investment Pact Even As Bloc Seeks More Chips
The European Union has told Taiwan to forget about a bilateral investment agreement, which Taipei insists is still "top of our agenda". The EU has no desire to begin talks over that or any formal deal with the self-governing island, officials said in
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Customs Sting Nets 2 Hong Kong Shop Workers Who Allegedly Tried To Sell American Ginseng For 16 Times Price Expected
Hong Kong customs officers have arrested two workers at a dispensary in the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping and tourist district for allegedly using misleading price tags, with customers paying 16 times more than expected for American ginseng. The pair, aged
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China's 'Two Sessions' 2023: How Debt-saddled Local Governments Underscore Beijing's Moderate GDP Target
China's moderate economic growth target for 2023 sets the tone for more debt-control measures among local governments amid a growing chorus of concerns over default risks and uncertainties surrounding China's economic recovery, according to analysts.
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UN Human Rights Chief Urges China To Address Issues In Tibet, Xinjiang And Hong Kong
The new United Nations human rights chief voiced "grave concerns" on Tuesday over conditions in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, urging Beijing to take "concrete steps" to address its recommendations for the regions. Volker Turk, delivering his Global
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From Trade To Defence, Australia Leans In To India Friendship To Bat Away China Threat
Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese arrived in India on Tuesday with a trade delegation, in a trip analysts say is not just about economic diversification and countering China, but also winning over domestic votes. Albanese is expected to disc
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China Likely On Nato Agenda Over 'Limitless' Russia Partnership, Says Lithuanian Foreign Minister
Lithuania's Asia-Pacific allies may attend this year's Nato summit in Vilnius, where China is likely to be on the agenda because of Beijing's "limitless" alignment with Russia, the Baltic country's foreign minister said on Tuesday. Gabrielius Landsbe
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Chinese Less Willing To Buy South Korean Goods As Trade Group Urges 'Improvement' In Bilateral Relations
The attractiveness of South Korean products in China has declined sharply, a new survey has found, with the proportion of Chinese consumers that have bought Korean products in the past five years declining by more than 30 per cent over the course of
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Husband Of Ex-Hong Kong Lawmaker Who Admitted Subversion Says He Did Not Back Bid By UK Politicians To Win Her Release From Remand
The husband of former Hong Kong opposition lawmaker Claudia Mo Man-ching has said he did not endorse an appeal by more than 50 British politicians to the UK government to press authorities in the Asian financial hub for her release so she could visit
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Taiwan Kicks Off Plan To Advance US$150 Billion Semiconductor Industry With Talent Training, Research Funding
Officials in Taiwan, the world's biggest supplier of chips for the likes of PCs and smartphones, will step up talent training and research funding to advance the country's already giant semiconductor industry, which is under pressure from a labour sh
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