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3 Senior Hong Kong Officials Caught Up In Omicron 'Partygate' Scandal Leave Quarantine Camp Early After Policy Eased
Three senior Hong Kong officials who joined 200 others at an infamous birthday party attended by an Omicron patient earlier this month were allowed to leave a quarantine camp on Monday after the mandatory length of stay was eased. The party escalated
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EU Seeks 'De-escalation' Of Lithuania-China Feud But Takes No Further Action
The European Union's top diplomats hope to de-escalate Lithuania's dispute with China as they also seek to secure a summit meeting with Beijing before the end of March. Following a two-day session of the bloc's 27 foreign ministers in the French port
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China GDP: Economic Growth Tipped To Slow Amid Coronavirus, Property Crackdown And Debt Reduction Campaign
China's economic growth is likely to slow further in the last quarter of 2021 amid fallout from the Evergrande crisis and a resurgence of Covid-19 outbreaks, according to analysts. The world's second largest economy is expected to report its gross do
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China Trade: Exporters Poised To Maintain Short-term Growth Amid Omicron, But Downside Risks Threaten Full 2022 Outlook
China's export machine is expected to keep roaring over the short term due to the global spread of Omicron, but Beijing has warned of increasing downside risks in 2022 after the nation's exporters saw record-high exports last year. Despite geopolitic
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Lithuanians Overwhelmingly Oppose Vilnius' Policy On China, Poll Shows
Just 13 per cent of Lithuanians support Vilnius' hardline policy toward China, according to a government poll that adds to the pressure mounting on its foreign ministry. In a survey conducted by a private company on behalf of the ministry, just 1 per
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South Korea's Supply Chain Reliance On China Leaves It More Exposed Than The US, Japan: Report
South Korea has a higher dependency on China for semi-finished goods and material parts than Japan and the United States, and Seoul must take action to mitigate associated risks, a new report said on Wednesday. Some 29.3 per cent of South Korea's mat
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China Evergrande Switches Headquarters Building In Cost-saving Move As Financial Pressures Mount
Heavily indebted developer China Evergrande Group has moved from its previous headquarters in Shenzhen to its own property, in an attempt to save costs as it battles a financial crisis. The company's logo on the building where it was previously house
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Chinese Foreign Minister Condemns Kazakh Unrest, Vows To Help Fight 'Three Evil Forces'
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has described anti-government protests in Kazakhstan as terrorism and pledged to protect the country against foreign interference, which the Kazakh authorities have blamed for the unrest. China would help the Kazakh g
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Taiwan And Canada To Begin Talks On Foreign Investment Deal, Ministers Announce
Canada and Taiwan will begin talks on a foreign investment arrangement, their governments have announced, in what Taiwan said was a milestone for trade relations as it tries to shore up its ties around the world. Ottawa's international trade minister
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US Will Increase Economic Engagement With Asian Nations, White House Official Says
The United States will step up economic engagement with countries in Asia in 2022, White House Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell said this week. Campbell, a key official shaping the Biden administration's Asia policy, said that Washington would
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Omicron: Pro-Beijing Camp Closes Ranks Over Birthday Party Scandal, Shifts Blame To Cathay Pacific, As Questions Emerge Over Carrie Lam's Political Future
Hong Kong's pro-establishment politicians have closed ranks in defending top officials caught in the scandal over a birthday banquet where they were exposed to at least two coronavirus patients, arguing there is no need for the most high-profile part
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Japan-Australia Defence Deal Could Add Fuel To China-US Rivalry, Analysts Say
A "landmark" defence deal between Japan and Australia could further fuel competition between China and US-led allies and deepen worries that countries in the region may be forced to take sides, Chinese observers warned. The prime ministers of Japan a
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Where Light Pollution Impacts Our Oceans Most: New Global Atlas Highlights Areas Of Concern For Marine Life
People who spend a lifetime in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing might not be able to see the Milky Way with the naked eye during the course of their lives. Light pollution is simply a reality of modern urban life, so much so that some peopl
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US-China Relations: Beijing, Washington Reach Trade Talk 'Stalemate' Despite Expiry Of Phase-one Deal
China and the United States have reached a "stalemate" in the process to resume trade talks despite the expiry of their phase-one trade deal last week, with no clear indication from either Beijing or Washington of when the silence will be broken. A l
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How Long Will China's Zero-Covid Policy Hold Out As Omicron Rages Around The World?
China's no-holds-barred approach should be able to keep the highly transmissible Omicron variant from exploding within its borders, but the country will still need a long-term strategy as Covid-19 looks set to become endemic, analysts have warned. Th
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What Is RCEP, The World's Largest Free Trade Deal That Is Under Way?
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a free-trade agreement between the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) members plus Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. The deal took effect in Australia
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China-Australia Relations: Why China's New Australian Wool Quota Is Not A 'Real Improvement' In Trade Ties
Beijing's decision to raise the import quota for Australian wool next year does not signify a thaw in relations between the two countries, only that China relies on the fibre too much to let it become the "victim of trade tension". Beijing set its 20
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Hong Kong Police Arrest 3 More Workers Over Suspected Abuse At Child Protection Group
Hong Kong police on Wednesday arrested another three workers from a long-established child protection group as two more young victims of abuse were identified. At least 20 children are now believed to have been abused at the Hong Kong Society for the
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Anthony Fauci Says US Life Without Strict Pandemic Controls Could Begin Within Months
Even as the US experiences a strong surge in new cases of Covid-19, America's top infectious disease expert said on Wednesday that a transition to life without strict pandemic controls could begin within "months". Citing studies of the increasingly d
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US Condemns Myanmar Military For Christmas Eve Killings, Seeks End To Arm Sales
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has condemned the Myanmar military's killing of dozens of civilians on Christmas Eve, calling for an end to arms sales to the country's ruling junta and urging a global response to its "atrocities". The Friday att
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Hong Kong Wildlife Officials Put Down 28 Wild Boars Since Start Of Urban Area Kill Policy
Hong Kong authorities have put down 28 wild boars since November and will continue the practice of culling ones in urban areas with a view to protecting the public's safety, according to the head of the city's wildlife department. Leung Siu-fai, dire
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China Sets Out Policies To Stem Fast Yuan Appreciation To Support Exporters Amid Economic Headwinds
China has pledged to keep the yuan exchange rate "basically stable" amid a recent appreciation, as it assembles a set of policies to counter the risks of slowing exports and rising economic headwinds next year. Beijing also called on banks to sign mo
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US President Joe Biden Signs Xinjiang Forced-labour Bill Into Law
US President Joe Biden has signed into law a measure that will effectively ban all imports from China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, a move likely to have significant ramifications for US-China relations and global supply chains alike. In a brie
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Hong Kong Food Truck Scheme To Be Axed As Social Unrest And Coronavirus Pandemic Hammer Tourism
Hong Kong's ailing food truck pilot scheme, originally designed to cater for tourists, has finally been axed by the government. The Tourism Commission said the scheme would end on June 1, 2022, after a "comprehensive evaluation". Most operators have
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Hong Kong No 2 Official Says United States Is 'Plagued' With Social Problems Belying Its Democracy Claims
A top Hong Kong official has fired a fresh salvo at the United States, describing the country as "plagued" with social problems that expose its leadership to be "anti-democracy". Echoing Beijing outrage against Western governments, Chief Secretary Jo
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University Of Hong Kong Covers Pillar Of Shame Sculpture Marking Tiananmen Crackdown, With Removal Believed To Be Under Way
Workers curtained off a sculpture commemorating the victims of the Tiananmen Square crackdown at the University of Hong Kong on Wednesday night and were believed to be dismantling it, two months after campus chiefs ordered its removal. The eight-metr
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Unborn Dinosaur's Position Inside Chinese Egg Fossil Strengthens Link With Birds, Say Scientists
A well-preserved dinosaur egg fossil unearthed in southeastern China shows an unhatched embryo in a tucked posture, a position previously thought to be unique to birds, according to a new study. The rare embryo dating back to 66-72 million years ago
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US Sanctions Five Chinese Officials, Saying Hong Kong Elections Lacked 'Meaningful' Choice
The United States sanctioned five Hong Kong-based Chinese officials on Monday, following Legislative Council elections in the city that the US and the other countries in the "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance condemned as devoid of "any meaningful pol
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US Embargo On Dual-use Exports Leaves Chinese Aviation Firms Vulnerable To Financing Restrictions
As the US expands its sanctions lists, Chinese companies in the aviation sector are facing increasing restrictions on financial services as well as American technology, according to trade lawyers and defence experts. Former US president Donald Trump
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Hong Kong Legislative Council Election: Shake-up In Victorious Pro-Beijing Camp, With Surprise Losers, Big Winners And 'Elite Newcomers'
Hong Kong's pro-establishment parties emerged victorious in Sunday's Legislative Council election, but observers warned that their influence could be diluted with the expansion of the legislature and the entry of lawmakers with mainland Chinese backg
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