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2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition
Let’s not beat around the bushings. The Honda Civic Type R LE loses all of 50 pounds compared to a standard Civic Type R Touring, according to Honda. That’s not a lot when a Type R Touring weighs more than 3,100 pounds. Where the weight came from, th
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Reference Mark
When Donald Trump was elected president four years ago, MotorTrend wrote a critical analysis of what the Trump administration would mean for our way of transport. Republican-leaning readers dared me to deliberate this issue in a similarly critical ma
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Animal Conservation
One of the crazier, hard-to-swallow truths of the automotive industry: A whole lot of cars are fed to the Crusher. What’s the Crusher, you ask? It’s a dramatized catch-all phrase to gin up emotions when cars are seemingly destroyed needlessly. The co
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2022 Nissan Frontier
George W. Bush was just finishing up his first term as president of the United States when Nissan last redesigned its Frontier midsize pickup. Nearly 20 years later, the entry-level truck finally sports brand-new bodywork, albeit draped over underpin
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Motor Trend
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The Big Picture
“Designing cars is nothing more than applied futurology,” says Mercedes-Benz chief designer Bruno Sacco. But if the futurology of the ’50s had come true, our streets would be full of atomic-powered cars with joystick controls and radar guidance syste
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Best Tech of CES 2021
A BMS manages the charging and discharging of a battery pack by monitoring its current, voltage, temperature, and state of charge so it can safely be used for thousands of charge/discharge cycles. This monitoring has traditionally been done via coppe
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The Great Stick Shift Conundrum
I feel guilty, and a little bit confused. Some of what I’m about to say will go down like a tungsten catamaran. But hear me out. I’ve just driven a 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S—now fitted with a seven-speed manual gearbox as a no-cost option—and you ca
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Call Of The Wolf
The Wikipedia entry on the first-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen says the truck needed 27 seconds to hit 62 mph. In my case, foot flat on the floor, hustling the long shifter as quickly as I could, I stopped counting after 15, because who cares at that poi
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Virtual CES 2021 sucked as much as Virtual Everything Else did, but compelling news broke regarding lidar and autonomous driving. I’m not dialed in enough to sort lidar hype from heroics, so I connected with Tom Jellicoe, an optics expert at the Tech
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Street-legal Rally
Every so often, Toyota, purveyor of sensible, family-friendly SUVs, minivans, and sedans, builds a car that absolutely blows you away: the 2000GT that made its debut in 1965 and was intended to take on the Jaguar E-Type; the rally-inspired Celica GT-
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Your Say…
I’m not a Lamborghini hater, but I just wasn’t interested in reading about the 2020 BDC winner. The Huracán Evo just doesn’t trip my trigger in photos. I read the rest of the magazine and set it to the side. My bride asked, “Are you done with this?”
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Good vibrations
Until now, the only things Chevrolet had to fear when it looked at its Colorado versus Ford’s Ranger were the Ranger’s brand equity and Ford’s dominance in pickup fleet sales. When it came to the product, the latest Ranger couldn’t touch the Colorado
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Off The Road we go
When it comes to off-roading, Jeep sets the standard, especially at reasonable price levels. Other brands offer all-wheel drive, and a few of them build a seriously capable off-roader or two if you’re willing to pay, but no one builds a trail-ready m
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All Eight Up
Here we were worried about the future of performance at Lexus. The midsize GS sport sedan and its spicy GS F halo flatlined last year, and Lexus seems to have busied itself diluting the F hot-rod division’s name with flash-over-dash F Sport styling p
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2021 Honda Ridgeline
As the result of a more extensive redesign than the typical midcycle refresh, the 2021 Honda Ridgeline’s sheetmetal forward of its windshield is all-new, and it shows. A more prominent, larger grille gives the Ridgeline a bolder look and a more uprig
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Mt Garage
EPA City/Hwy/Comb Fuel Econ 22/30/25 mpg Base Price $41,945 As Tested $44,890 The tricky thing when trying to establish your brand as a player in the luxury stratosphere is pushing yourself past merely premium accoutrement. This is what confronts mar
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2022 Nissan Pathfinder
After a single-year hiatus, the Nissan Pathfinder returns for the 2022 model year. Having shed its predecessor’s jelly-bean shape, the new Pathfinder instead wears rugged bodywork that more closely resembles the look of the larger body-on-frame 2021
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The Driver’s Rolls
The British are famous for understatement, so much so you’d believe it if someone told you it was codified in common law. Rolls-Royce, the most British of automakers, treats understatement with the same reverence it treats the Spirit of Ecstasy that
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Not Giving Up
Times change. And fast. Just seven years ago—the last time we published a midsize sedan Big Test comparison—four-door family car sales were booming. Back then, four midsize sedans made the top 10 best-selling list. In 2020? Only the Toyota Camry made
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2021 Ford F-150 Raptor
We still have to wait a year to see Ford’s full-throated response to the Ram TRX when the special F-150 Raptor R arrives with a powerful V-8. But we’re just as excited to see the latest twin-turbo V-6 Raptor that Ford unveiled recently. You’ll be abl
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Mt Confidential
E-VETTE SUV IS REAL That electric-powered Corvette crossover you all thought you saw lurking in the shadows during design chief Mike Simcoe’s segment of GM’s 2021 CES keynote presentation? It’s for real. To be built on GM’s new Ultium BEV architectur
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Mo ElShenawy
Cruise, a self-driving tech startup, was founded in 2013 and bought by General Motors in 2016. GM remains a majority shareholder, but Cruise operates independently, with 1,600 employees. It is headquartered in San Francisco, where it does much of its
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Rear View
PRICE: $0.50 Back in 1971, we covered automotive safety, specifically focusing on the rise of “The Safety Cars.” These were concept cars produced in collaboration with the Department of Transportation, with the end goal of reducing automotive fatalit
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The Fast And The Furiously Practical
I’ve been waiting my whole career to write this story. See, I love station wagons, and the more powerful, the better. I’ve spent much of my career championing them as the perfect vehicle—some say too much, though I say not nearly enough. Such is my r
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Mt Confidential
UPDATED ’VETTE The C8 Corvette’s somewhat fussy styling was already locked and loaded when Michael Simcoe took over as GM design chief. But sources in Detroit say the midcycle redesign Simcoe had originally planned for 2025 has now been put on the ba
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2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic
It’s pretty easy to dismiss the Maybach GLS 600 as just a gaudy, gussied-up Mercedes GLS. Bathed in pinstriped two-tone paint and festooned with chrome, gill-like vents, and pizza pie–sized wheels, though, this 17-foot, three-ton super-luxury SUV cer
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1,817 Horsepower. 311 Mph. Insanity.
Hennessey has released final photos, specs, and information of its all-new Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar. And although we may have become jaded after the numbers put out by the likes of the Bugatti Chiron, SSC Tuatara, and vehicles hailing from Italy a
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What Might Have Been
Car designers spend a lot of time daydreaming. Sometimes it’s merely sketching on a notepad. Others, it’s creating a full-size scale model. Occasionally, though, an idea turns into a running prototype or makes its way out of the design studio and ont
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Reference Mark
@markrechtin The automotive industry pundits. Analysts. Tech bloggers. Fellow car journalists. They chided, they derided, they scolded. How could MotorTrend have gotten it so wrong? The idea that Apple would outsource the manufacturing of a self-driv
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