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The Move To
It’s hard to think of anything that has characterised the past decade in photography more than the rise of the mirrorless camera. What essentially began as a compact alternative to Four Thirds DSLRs has flourished into a raft of different systems, sp
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Focused Intelligence
When mirrorless cameras first appeared on the scene, their main attraction was their small size, and it was generally assumed they'd never compete with DSLRs for speed and autofocus capability. But with relentless advances in technology, they kept on
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Top Picks
The world’s first mirrorless camera of its kind, the G1 celebrated its tenth birthday late last year. It arrived with a fresh 12.1MP Four Thirds sensor and a new lens mount, although it also maintained compatibility with existing Four Thirds lenses t
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Six Interface Improvements
When customising buttons to suit your needs, you're now shown a diagram of where each is located on the body, rather than just a label. This isn't a new idea – other companies have been doing it for a while – but it's now much easier to visualise exa
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Damien Hirst
When I was commissioned to photograph Damien Hirst in January 1999, he had already been one of the most famous people in the British international contemporary art scene for several years. He first became widely known when his artwork ‘The Physical I
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1901 Fotografi ‘Rodchenko’ strap
The strap and shoulder pad are both hand cut from high-quality, full-grain, Italian leather. Each end of the strap is secured in place using a pair of precisely machined stainless-steel grommets. The shoulder pad is crafted from a single piece of lea
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Home Truths
It wasn't untilJohn Bolloten turned 43 that he first picked up a DSLR. In 2008, looking for a new way to be creative, he bought an entry-level Canon camera and taught himself how to use it. More than a decade on and he's created some incredibly hard-
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Best Buys
● £159 ● ONE OF the first compact flashguns designed specifically for use with mirrorless cameras, the i40 won our Accessory of the Year award in 2015. Even now it still stands out for its combination of high specification, compact s
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Tying The Knot With Mirrorless
Kevin Mullins is a documentary wedding, street and social photographer. He’s been shooting with the Fujifilm X series of cameras since the original Fujifilm FinePix X100 was launched back in 2011. Visit www. When I fir
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Tony Kemplen on the … VP Exakta B
My collection of over 500 cameras is largely unstructured. For nearly 50 years I've picked up cameras on a casual, not to say haphazard, basis, but there are a handful of cameras that I've coveted and actively sought out – the VP Exakta B is one of t
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Young And Strong
Carolyn’s profound and moving project ‘Being Inbetween’ focuses quite literally on that often difficult ‘in between’ ages of 10-12 – a time when you’re not quite yet a teenager or an adult, but you’re also rapidly leaving your childhood behind, and b
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Final Analysis Peter Dench considers...
Photojournalism is ‘look at this.’ Art photography is ‘look at me.’ I’m more of a photojournalism kind of person. Conceptual photography projects seem increasingly popular. I was recently invited to review portfolios at a student Masterclass. I’m not
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News Round-up
Canon has updated the firmware for its EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera. Version 1.2.0 enables eye detection when using the Servo AF or Movie Servo AF settings. Sony already offers a similar feature and Nikon is expected to offer it soon for its Z
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Light Celebrations
‘My first DSLR was a silver-body Canon Rebel XT (Canon EOS 350D) with a kit lens,’ top wedding photographer Anita Cheung reveals with a chuckle. ‘The camera only had a tiny 1in LCD screen at the back! At the time I wasn’t a professional photographer;
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Join the Club
When was the club founded? The Stratford Upon Avon Photographic Society was founded in 1946, and in the early 1980s changed its name to the Stratford Camera Club, and again in the early 2000s to Stratford Photo Group. What does your club offer new
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Dave Heath Dialogues with Solitudes
Dave Heath was born in Philadelphia in1931, but moved to Canada – where he took citizenship – in the 1970s, living there until he died in 2016. At the age of four, he was abandoned by his parents and passed through several foster homes before ending
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Switching To Mirrorless Made Easy By MPB
YOU HAVE probably heard about the advantages of shooting with mirrorless cameras. The image quality is better. An electronic shutter means there’s no vibrations from mirror slap, meaning sharper images at lower shutter speeds. The bodies are more com
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Also Out Now
National Portrait Gallery, London. Visit LOVE him or hate him, there's certainly no doubting the lasting mark Martin Parr has made on the world of photography. The National Portrait Gallery's massive exhibition is a curious beast. Spli
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Fujifilm X-T30
There have been many developments in Fujifilm's X series over the years. One such example has been the expansion of the company's X-T camera portfolio. Back in 2014, there was only the X-T1 to choose from if you fancied a Fujifilm camera that bestowe
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Viewpoint Matt Golowczynski
When mirrorless cameras first arrived, their main sell was simple: here's a camera that works like a DSLR but it's smaller, lighter and more practical. Some models have been small enough to fit in the palm of your hand with a lens attached. But are t
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Focal Points
Users get the choice of selecting between single-point AF for prioritising focus on a single chosen point, Zone AF that’s good for capturing moving subjects in a large AF area, and Wide/Tracking AF for capturing unpredictable movements and subjects t
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Inspired by AP
I wish to concur with the sentiments of Jeff Wilson (Inbox, 16 March). Having tried to take satisfying photographs since circa 1969 and being a reader of AP on and off these past 50 years it was AP that came to my rescue in July 2018. Sadly my wife o
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Bluetooth Connectivity
TO ACTIVATE the X-T30's Bluetooth connectivity you first need to enter the connection settings via the main menu, select ‘Bluetooth settings' and then click on ‘pairing registration'. From here you'll be prompted to load Fujifilm's camera remote app
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